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How To Setup And Use ProBot On Discord

    ProBot is the latest launch into this multi-purpose Discord bots market, with the top characteristics being auto-moderation and auto-responder. Although many users still prefer MEE6 for managing server functions, ProBot offers more options to personalize and perform processes. We’ll find out the ways you can configure and utilize ProBot for Discord. Discord servers.

    The reason you require Bots for Discord? Bots

    Discord Bots are helpful because they let you perform various tasks by using simple commands. For example, if you’re an administrator of a server or server administrator, you can employ a robot to ban or kick people harassing your server.

    Discord bots can create a chat room, an engaging and productive place for all users. Below are some examples of the most effective discord bots can accomplish:

    • Contribute to or moderate server’s roles ranks.
    • Automate the tedious moderation task, including spam filtering, muting, kicking, banning, etc.
    • Listen to YouTube video music via voice channels.
    • Summarize valuable facts such as game news, weather, etc.
    • Include memes and memes generated by various creators of memes to keep the chat lively and enjoyable!

    The Correct Role is assigned to ProBot.

    Once the process is completed, click Invite. Afterward, you must select which server to connect the Bot. Select the appropriate server. The new window will be displayed in a matter of seconds. The Bot must be granted each of the permissions for it for it to work effectively. Once you have selected Authorize, you should verify that ProBot ProBot is an active member of your Discord server. It is essential to be sure the Bot has the correct roles to work on the server. Log into your server’s settings and choose Roles.

    ProBot needs permission to access the Internet.

    Grant the bot admin access. When you have multiple bots running, We suggest creating an admin role for bots, which will include all the rights an administrator has. You can create a bot into the bot role to ensure it can be used to its fullest extent. Click on the Bot’s right-click, then join it into its bot role.

    ProBot Commands

    Once you have granted the Bot your permission to access your server, follow the button in the description of your Bot to go to the page. Then, you can review all the commands the Bot runs under Commands in your Bot’s Dashboard. It is recommended to bookmark this page so that you can access it quickly—the information. After you have used the Bot for a few minutes, it should observe statistics about the number of users coming and going from the server, the total number of online users, and the number of emails.

    Discord Probot Features

    Below is an overview of the top features of the Probot, a discord channel, offers its members.

    Welcome Bot for Discord

    An automated welcome message can be created to greet all new members who add probiotics to their servers. The welcome messages can be tailored and automated by the owners of servers. Probot is one of the best welcome bots on Discord.

    You can customize your welcome image, including an avatar and greeting to first-time users. In reality, it is an excellent greeting Bot.

    Guard against raids

    Probot can be tasked with being able to detect and analyze any rogue or strange behavior to take swift action against it to a degree. It can be automated to perform certain activities.

    Auto-moderation feature

    Specific user actions can be categorized as unsuitable or illegal actions. Automated action can be planned and enacted against the bad actors.

    Chats in multilingual languages and other functions

    Probot can accommodate over 13 languages in chats and other functions. This expands its reach across a wide range of countries and individuals, which makes it a populous and accessible bot to the masses of users.

    Auto Responder

    This is an additional variation on the auto-moderation option. Furthermore, Autoresponder will caution against the users’ inappropriate words or conversations.

    Always online- nearly 100 100% availability

    The robot is up and running at over 99.99 percent, so one is not required to be concerned about the Bot running out of power. Probot is always available.

    Probot can send embeds to you.

    Embeds can be designed, customized, and sent to different channels. Furthermore, they can be reviewed or edited before being sent to other media.

    Leveling Bot for Discord

    Probot permits its users to increase their level in the area of text as well as voice messages. Probot is an excellent Discord level-up Bot that will enhance the experience of Discord.

    Moderation Bot

    Moderation on Discord servers is much more of a requirement than an option. Moderation is crucial to keep the server’s efficiency and operation. With its helpful moderation functions, ProBot is an excellent bot for controlling and moderating.

    How to Configure and Use ProBot via Discord

    ProBot is an all-purpose discord bot with auto-moderation and auto-responding features; it is the most recent addition to discord bots. Please read our review below to find out more about ProBot. ProBot is simple to set up and to use ProBot by following the steps in the following article to set it up:

    • The first step is to visit the ProBot official ProBot site.
    • Click on the Add to Discord.
    • Select the server you want to connect the Bot, then click Continue.
    • Click on Authorize now.
    • Check I am human. Complete the captcha in case it is required.

    It’s been added successfully to ProBot! If you want greater control over ProBot, You may require commands. In this case, we will use one power to demonstrate. Look up the command list heading to learn more about the ProBot commands.

    • Log into your Discord account and then connect to the server that ProBot has invited you.
    • Click the command to enter and press Enter. In this case, we utilized the profile command to view the user’s profile.

    What is ProBot Dashboard?

    ProBot Dashboard The ProBot Dashboard is where your server’s configuration is in its underlying. The Dashboard offers users a user-friendly interface to control all modules and functions. It is straightforward to get access to your ProBot Dashboard. To access it, you can go through the steps below:

    • To access your account, log on to the ProBot site.
    • Click Login and sign in using your username and password.

    Be aware that if you’ve been logged in to Discord using your computer, go to Dashboard to go to ProBot’s homepage. ProBot homepage.

    That’s all there is to it. You will have the ability to utilize ProBot over all of your servers!


    To join and access the Probot on Discord, Go to the official website and click “Add to Discord” to connect the Bot to the server. Make your selection of the server from the options, give all the permissions required for the Bot, and then confirm the captcha. To use ProBot, you need to use the ProBot, add the commands for the ProBot, choose the person from the list, and hit enter. This article has provided steps to add and utilize the ProBot in Discord. Discord server.

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