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how to set up voicemail on a vtech phone

    This article will address any questions you may have regarding – what you can do to create a voicemail on a VTech telephone. If you’re using the VTech phone, you may need to set up an outgoing message on your phone.

    It is entirely possible to make an individual voicemail message for VTech phones. But, of course, you’re aware that VTech has launched various telephones.

    We are still determining what model you’re currently using. Therefore, the best method to determine the Answer to this problem is to study the manual of instruction that came with your phone set.

    By studying the manual, many customers have found the proper method to set the answering message to their VTech phones.

    If you cannot access the instruction manual now, You can take a copy of the instructions manual on VTech’s official website. This way, it’ll be simpler to determine the best solution for your specific VTech phone model more quicker.

    How to Set Voicemail on VTech Phone

    VTech phones are available in various styles. In addition, the method of doing voicemail work on every model will alter. This means that explaining the entire process in one guide is tricky. Therefore we’ll discuss various ways to configure voicemail for VTech phones in this article.

    Set Up Voicemail on Mediacom VTech Mobiles Using the Standard Way

    Enter your phone number and hit the asterisk symbol (*) when you hear the standard greeting.

    Then, listen to the prompts and create your password.

    Create a voicemail greeting. You can select from the voice signature system greeting, personal greeting, and temporary greeting.

    Choose “3” from your keyboard to record your greeting.

    Three additional options will be displayed: 1. – “Personal greeting,” 2 – “Standard greeting,” as well as 3 – “Leave instructions for the caller.”

    To record personal greetings, enter “1”. Record the salute as the sound and press “#.”

    Enter “1” to save the greeting. If you want to play the greeting back, hit “2”. If you’d like to re-record it, press “2”. then hit “3”.

    After that then, press 0 or the asterisk (*)

    Set Up Your VTech Wireless Phone Answering Machine

    After you’ve installed your VTech wireless answering machine, users can leave you voicemails to ensure you keep all crucial details.

    Hit to activate the Menu on the VTech handset.

    Use the upward and downward keys to locate the voicemail choice on the VTech phone.

    Once you have entered the voicemail setup menu, you can choose “access the number.”

    Enter your telephone number to create your voicemail box.

    Pay attention to hear the code that confirms your entry.

    Program your password.

    Utilize the voicemail function on your VTech phone to access your voicemail account.

    Create the voicemail message you want to use.

    The setup of your voicemail box lets people call you even when you’re not available to take the call.

    This is an excellent method for people to provide crucial information even if you’re at work to ensure essential voicemails are left for your answering machines.

    Setting up your greeting messages is essential because when they hear your voice, they’ll know that they’ve contacted the correct person.

    Utilize the Announcement feature: If you own an answering Machine, it is possible to use this method.

    This segment will discuss the “Announcement” function on various VTech handsets. But, first, to clarify that the ‘Announcement’ message is the first thing a customer hears after the answering machine is notified of the call.

    Every VTech phone includes a pre-recorded message as a standard. In addition, you can create your recordings. This will become the voicemail you leave. So, let’s take an understanding of how you can accomplish this.

    Steps to Recording a New Announcement

    When the phone is off, press the Menu button or OK button.

    Afterward, you can use the arrows up and down buttons, scroll to the bottom, and select the “Ans. Machine option.

    Click on the Ok option or the Menu to select it.

    Then go to the bottom of the screen and select the option ‘TAM Settings.

    It is necessary to select the ‘OGM Settings option in the following Menu. If you cannot see it immediately, use the arrow keys for scrolling.

    You can choose between ‘ANS and REC’ or ‘Answer only. Select the one that you like.

    To access the ‘Record Mess’ Menu, click the OK/Menu and Arrow buttons.

    After you press the ‘OK or Menu’ button, the word ‘Recording’ will be displayed on the screen. This means that you can now speak and record your voice message.

    Then, save this recording using Ok as well as Menu.


    You’ve completed the basic steps of checking your phone and creating a voicemail. Vtech phones have the most simple operations and setup procedures. A home phone like the Vtech is an excellent method to handle individual calls and provide your clients with a personalized experience.

    By using your knowledge in the present with the help of this article, you’ll be in a position to access your voicemail from your mobile at any time. It is possible to set up the phone with a fresh one, set the passcode, or even repeatedly listen to the same message. Additionally, you don’t have to fret about missing or important calls being left in the dark. In addition to your own recorded statement, you’ll be able to send out any information you’d like and inform your phone callers whether you’re available when you are available or contact you in the event of an emergency.

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