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how to see someone’s location history on iphone

    iPhone iPhone is a well-loved mobile phone that many individuals in the U.S. prefer over Google’s Android phone. The younger generation is particularly fond of iPhones as they are sleek and quick, allowing them to stay connected.

    In the Piper Sandler semi-annual survey in 2021, 85 percent of U.S. teens own an iPhone, and 88% expect that to be their next smartphone.

    The research also reveals that the modern-day user spends 12 hours weekly using social media. This is enough time for cybercriminals and fraudsters to force their victims into sharing private information or credit card numbers.

    If you wish to protect your loved ones from being fooled by a con artist, You must know all the details about their online activities. You may also be seeking out how to track my friend’s iPhone whereabouts; he has yet to locate it. Then, in this post, you’ll discover methods that have been proven to find the location of an iPhone without the owner’s knowledge.

    How to See Someone’s Location History on Google Maps

    It is easy to discover the history of someone’s location by using Google Maps. Google Maps is an application accessible for both iPhone and Android devices. In essence, the history of an area of an individual can be reviewed and managed effortlessly using Google Maps.

    The data is typically private and is accessible only by the person who owns it. If, however, you can access the target’s Google account login information, you can monitor someone’s history of Location using iPhone using the instructions below.

    Step 1. If you don’t have access to the targeted device, launch the application on your iPhone and click the icon in the upper-right corner that shows your Google account’s logo.

    Step 2: Click “Add another account” from the drop-down menu and enter the user’s Google login information.

    Step 3: From the menu, choose “Your timeline.”

    Why would you want to keep track of someone’s position on your iPhone?

    There are various reasons why you need to know where someone is. There may be no Wi-Fi or cell phone service, and their phone might be off, or the individual might have shut off the services for Location or be lost in unidentified areas.

    How can I view the history of my Location on my iPhone?

    If you’ve lost your phone, make sure you verify your location history after it is found.

    Here are the steps to check the Location of someone’s phone using an iPhone:

    Step 1.) Step 1. Go to Settings and then select Privacy.

    Step 2.) Step 2) Click on Location Services and then choose System Services, which you will see at the bottom.

    Step 3.) Then, choose Before that, select The location history of your mobile phone will be displayed.

    How can I find someone’s Location on my iPhone?

    The most convenient way to find the Location of someone’s iPhone is using this Find My app. But, to utilize this app, you’ll first turn on Start Sharing Location. In addition, your friends have to agree to be tracked by using the app. This article will show you how to accomplish this.

    Although there are apps that can track someone’s position without their permission, Lifewire does not recommend using them, not even for children and relatives. If you intend to track someone’s location, they must be aware that you are planning to, and if they’re adults, you must get their consent before beginning to follow them.

    Launch the app Find Me on your iPhone and tap the People tab.

    If you’ve never tried using Find My for people, you’ll be asked to begin sharing your Location. Select that option.

    Choose a person from your contacts list to communicate your location, and then press Send.

    After the invitation has been issued, you can tap the person’s name to view their information. If you’re not following them, scroll down and click”Ask to Follow Location. A request will be sent, and once the person accepts it, you’ll be able to view their place of residence (as they’ve got the Location turned on).

    What can you do to determine if someone tracked your Location using the inside of your iPhone?

    If someone visits your Location, you’ll receive an arrow-shaped signaling the services of the Location. The arrow will appear when you’ve given someone your location, and they see it. Whenever the hand is visible, the person is likely searching your area. But there needs to be a way to track this.

    How can I find someone’s Whereabouts on My iPhone?

    Sometimes, you’re unable to locate someone’s Location within your iPhone. The most frequent reason is that the person needs to allow their iPhone to reveal their place of residence. If this is the situation, you need help finding them with Find My iPhone. Find My iPhone app.

    They may have also posted their locations to you. However, your iPhone is off. It’s also possible they need internet access via wireless data or Wi-Fi.

    Make use of Google Maps on your iPhone to track your previous Location.

    You can view the historical Location of your Location on Google Maps only if:

    You’ve got Google Maps installed on your iPhone. Google Maps app installed on your iPhone

    You are allowed to allow Google Maps to connect to your place of residence (iPhone Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Google Maps > Always).

    Log into Google Maps using your Google account.

    You must have enabled the feature Location History (Google Maps > Profile picture icon > Your information on the Maps section > Location History > Enable).

    Here’s how to locate your history of Location in Google Maps on your iPhone:

    Start Google Maps and tap your profile photo.

    Enter your data into Maps.

    Click See and remove activity from the Location History.

    You will see the location history of Today along with your travel routes and stops. Tap Today to pick an alternative date, or use the arrows (> and) to navigate to the next dates. You can also see the location history.

    View Location History on the iPhone

    It is essential to configure the iPhone properly to ensure you can use the functions for tracking. These are the steps you must follow to access the history of locations on your iPhone when you have to Find My iPhone turned on.

    You can access your iPhone Location History with Settings for significant location History.

    Open Settings

    Scroll to Privacy and tap

    Tap on Location Services

    There is now a list of apps along with their permissions settings. It is now the moment to determine which apps you’ll permit to see your location and when.

    Scroll down to the bottom and locate System Services

    There is a second list of the system services which use Locations.

    In the following list, look for important locations.

    This will give you a list of important locations. You can look up each of them, and they’ll show when the cell phone was present in the area and provide the map.


    This app is one of the best available for keeping track of a person’s phone without not even knowing. The app has many helpful features, including phone tracking, a porn blocker, GPS tracking, and connecting with social networks. It’s a trusted and user-friendly app that everyone can use.

    Does Eyezy Just Track Locations?

    Eyez is a well-designed piece of software that has helped sort out the kid-monitoring-related issues of so many parents. Yeezy does more than record your child’s Location; in this digital age, it’s essential to protect children against the risks of using social networks. Let’s explore the most important features of Eyezy, which aid in parenting.

    Social Monitoring:

    Eyez lets you track the location of someone via your iPhone and keep track of their social conversations. You can easily find out who and what your child is talking about and help prevent them from getting into trouble. It is also possible to examine their browsing history and search terms to determine whether your child is engaging in adult content or on a prohibited substance.

    It also allows parents to restrict internet access for their children. Install Eyezy, and then you can limit access to websites. This makes it a one-in-all application that aids in your parenting and tracking a person’s location.

    Do I have to turn off the power?

    Be aware that Apple states that this information is kept confidential. If you’re not happy with the list, move to turn the Significant Locations button off. If you’re looking to clear it, Turn the switch on, scroll to the end of the history and then click Clear History.

    This blog post serves more as an infographic than an attack on Apple. Ultimately, we’re responsible for allowing technology to expand and become more a part of our lives as we continue to value its personal advantages over the less beneficial but more private universe.

    Do research yourself to discover which settings are enabled and what you’ve disabled. Learn about the settings you have control over and how they’re working. You control your tech destiny. This is a brief PSA regarding an area of your iPhone that you may need to explore more.

    Can you locate someone’s Location on an iPhone without knowing their Location?

    Using this app, you can track the location of someone else’s iPhone without their knowledge. Find My Friends app.

    What is the best way to determine the location of someone?

    There are several methods to determine where someone is. One way is to use their email or phone address to find them on the map. Another option is to utilize a tracking application that can track their movement.

    How can you check the Location of someone within the iPhone settings?

    To find out where someone is on an iPhone, Open the Settings app and select Privacy. Under Location Services, you’ll see an array of apps that have asked for the ability to access your address. To find out the location of someone, launch your Find My Friends app and choose the person you’re searching for. The Location of the person will be shown on the map.

    Are you able to track the exact location of a mobile phone?

    If you’ve used this Google Maps app on Android or iOS, Log into the account of your Google account and go to Your Location History page; you can also access the settings on your Activity Controls page for your Google account. After that, you’ll be able to see a map that has at least a couple of popular spots that are marked.

    Can you see someone’s Location and history through Google Maps?

    You can follow someone on Google Maps sharing their location with you by accessing the “Location sharing” menu and clicking the person’s name. You can track a colleague, friend, or family member via Google Maps, but that individual must be able to allow location tracking to be enabled specifically for you.


    Tracking someone’s exact Location in the iPhone is a useful security feature; however, it can also be used for more than just security. You can use this feature to find individuals they wish to track in various ways. But, for these techniques to be effective, it’s crucial to establish certain items, so be cautious about following the instructions.

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