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How to See Dislikes on YouTube

    YouTube employs several metrics for evaluating a video’s performance, including the number of comments, like/Dislike ratio, and retention rates. The ratio of likes to dislikes is important because it reflects viewers’ overall opinions on a certain video. The ratio is determined by the number of people who like and dislike the YouTube video.

    The number of likes and dislikes was publically visible to everyone on the site. It was a crucial aspect because it allowed users to quickly determine if a particular video was useful. This saved enough time as viewers didn’t need to scroll through comments to determine the content. But, on November 20, 2021, YouTube did not reveal the amount of dislikes from the public. The community is fortunate to have created a tool that allows you to see the amount of people who dislike YouTube. Below are directions on how to determine the number of likes and dislikes for every video.

    Why Can’t I see Dislikes on YouTube?

    Then, in November 2021, YouTube eliminated the “public-dislike” count from its content. In other words, you will not be able to check the count of people who disliked every YouTube video, even though the number remains tracked on the backend. There’s still a way to give a thumbs down to disliking a video to notify the YouTube algorithm of the material you did not like. You can, however, look at the likes as well as view the videos you liked.

    The reason why YouTube does not reveal dislikes is because it was experiencing a rise in the number of creators getting unfairly targeted through dislikes. YouTube stated. YouTube Director of Marketing Susan Wojcicki acknowledged that the response to the removal of dislikes was a controversial issue. Wojcicki declares that judging an individual video based on their dislikes wasn’t a reliable approach to deciding which to view, and that’s the reason YouTube did not display these on its homepage or results from searches, results, or the up Next screens.

    Where Can You Get The Return YouTube Dislikes Chrome Extension?

    If you’re interested in installing the “Return YouTube Dislike” Chrome extension to see YouTube dislikes in a new way, head over to the Google Chrome Web Store. This is where you’ll discover an extension called the Return YouTube Dislikes extension, along with various other Chrome extensions you could wish to install.

    This is what you should accomplish:

    Check out the Chrome Web Store website and conduct a search on “Return YouTube Dislike.” The extension should be discovered quickly. Then, it’s a matter of selecting “Add to Chrome.”

    When you install an extension called the “Return YouTube Dislike,” it will allow you to observe the number of dislikes on YouTube videos, just as it did before they eliminated this feature.

    For Android users:

    Kiwi Browser web browser lets you install extensions such as “Return YouTube Dislike,” which shows estimated counts of dislike depending on various variables.

    Chrome Extensions Return YouTube Dislike is also available for Chrome Naturally. The popular extension is installed through Google’s Chrome Web Store.

    Other Extensions: Optional extensions such as “Revive Dislike” and “Dislike Bar” can be found as YouTube dislike extensions.

    It is possible to use user scripts to run on Android devices as well. You can install “Tampermonkey” and add the “Return YouTybe Dislike” script. As with that of the YouTube dislike plugin, this provides estimated counts of dislike.

    How To See Dislikes On YouTube?

    To See Dislikes Using Mobile

    Below is how to see the dislikes you have on YouTube: YouTube together the mobile phone:

    Launch YouTube Studio. Open YouTube Studio and sign in to your YouTube account.

    Press the material on the right.

    Select the movie you wish to check the dislike percentages for.

    At the bottom of the video, click “Analytics”.

    Go to “Engagement Page.”

    There are a variety of metrics available, such as likes and dislikes.

    Click on it and you can check the number of people who dislike it.

    Not a Completely Accurate Tally of Dislikes

    The extension operates together with data cached that was retrieved prior to the time YouTube removed access to the dislike function of its API and then extrapolated the behavior of users. That means the number of users who do not like a video might not be exact; however, the proportion should be fairly accurate.

    Every user of the extension is able to contribute information to benefit to determine the percentage, which implies that the creator of the extension gathers data about the movies you are watching. Only material creators have access to the “true” number of likes and dislikes they receive for their content. The plan is to let creators communicate this information to the extension in the near future.

    The accuracy of the data depends longer-term on the number of users who use and share their information. The Tech YouTube channel LinusTechTips compared its own data against the counts provided by the extension and found that they were generally accurate.

    It’s as accurate as one can get when extrapolating numbers that are based on the behavior of users and historical information. It could benefit to avoid scams or incorrect guidelines. This is among the most common concerns raised by people who opposed the decision of YouTube to deactivate the ratio initially.

    Impact of YouTube Dislike Removal

    A lack of transparency in feedback: The feedback could be clearer for creators who don’t have the number of dislikes on their videos. The creators don’t get a genuine reaction to their material. It could hinder material growth.

    Viewer Experience: Like and disliking numbers help viewers understand the video’s quality and relevance. By hiding the negatives, it becomes difficult to avoid quality videos that aren’t worth the effort.

    About Content Creators YouTube has taken this crucial step to stop hate attacks on material creators that could affect their mental health. It aims to provide a positive atmosphere for creators. Content creators will receive direct feedback from the comments. They also have to use analytics to determine viewers’ preferences and how their videos perform.

    How come I can’t see likes on YouTube?

    In November 2021, YouTube declared that the number of dislikes was no longer publicly available to avoid attacks by dislike. However, the dislike button remains available, and users can click it to change their homepage feed. However, only the creators will be able to view the number of dislikes they have received.

    If I do not like a particular video posted on YouTube, does the creator be the message?

    No. The creators won’t be able to view your profile or username in the event that you don’t like a video. This will be only counted in the metric of dislike.

    What do I need to know about what my viewers don’t like about my videos?

    If you are a material creator, you will observe how many shares and dislikes you’ve received for your videos. Visit YouTube Studio and click on the material tab. In the upper right corner, there will be a like-to ratio of dislike. If you hover over that number, exactly the number of dislikes and likes will appear.

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