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how to screenshot on apple watch

    There are many reasons to keep track of what’s going on inside that tiny screen of your Apple Watch. You may want to boast about your most recent activity through social networks. It may be time to note a strange software issue before asking your techie buddy for help.

    Although the Apple Watch allows you to capture screenshots as you would on your iPhone or iPad, the process can be difficult or confusing for new users. It’s the same if you want to share or view the images.

    If you’re only getting comfortable with your Apple Watch, you’ll figure out all you need to be aware of when taking pictures, sharing, and viewing images using the Apple Watch below.

    How to Screenshot on Apple Watch

    Once you’ve turned to the screen recording feature for both iPhone and Apple Watch, you must hit both the Digital Crown and the side button on your watch simultaneously to capture a picture. Be aware that the same photos will be saved to your Photo collection on your iPhone.

    All you must know is how to take screenshots using the Apple Watch. If you’re interested in additional Apple Watch Tips and Tricks, look at our other guides on on How to perform ECG on the Apple Watch and solve Apple Watch Series 8 Stuck on the Apple Logo.

    Set Screenshots to be active for your Apple Watch.

    You can easily enable the capability to take screenshots for Your Apple Watch from the Settings app. In addition, if you don’t want to use it using an Apple Watch, you can use the same procedure for your iPhone’s Watch App in your iPhone and also accomplish it.

    To begin, press the Crown/ Home Button on your Apple Watch to bring it to the app’s screen.

    Next, click on the Settings icon in the grid of apps or in the app list to continue.

    Then scroll to the bottom of the page, the General tile, to proceed.

    After that, go to the page until you reach the screenshots tile. After it is found, go on to the following screen.

    On the next screen, Find the ‘Enable Screenshot’s tile. Tap on the toggle button at the right-hand edge of the tile. This will enable the feature.

    You can do this via your iPhone, too. It’s as easy as going to the Watch app from either the home screen or the App Library and following the steps mentioned above to allow images on the Connected Apple Watch.

    Once you’ve activated the feature of screenshots within the Apple Watch, you will now be able to capture pictures with two clicks and save them on your iPhone.

    To capture a screen using the Apple Watch, first, go to the screen you want using your Apple Watch. After that, click the Crown/ Home Button and the Lock button simultaneously on the Apple Watch to click a photo of that screen. Could you save it to the gallery on your iPhone?

    How to Turn On Screenshot Feature on Apple Watch

    (1) Switch off the Apple Watch and press the Digital Crown button.

    (2) Find the Settings app and then select it.

    (3) Scroll to General, then tap the General option.

    (4) Click the toggle button beside the option to enable Screenshots.

    (5) After enabling, refer to the following steps to take screenshots using Apple Watch.

    How do I enable screenshots in watchOS 8?

    It’s a good thing! To be able to take images for Apple Watch, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist. Apple Watch, you don’t require a doctorate in the sciences of physics or rocket science. It’s a simple process, and we’ll show you how!

    Start Watch on your iPhone. Watch the program from your iPhone.
    Go to the My Watch tab, followed by General.
    Scroll down and select to enable the Enable Screenshots option.

    It’s also possible to enable screen capture direct from your Apple Watch. Here’s how:

    Click Settings on Your Apple Watch.
    Select General, and then Screenshots.
    Check that the Enable Screenshots slider is enabled.

    Take a Screenshot on Your Apple Watch

    Once you have enabled screenshots, you can go on your Apple Watch. To take a picture for your Apple Watch, use two fingers and hold down both the Side button and press the Digital Crown button simultaneously. If you’ve succeeded in taking a screenshot, you’ll be able to see the whole screen flash, and you should hear the sound you’re used to hearing on the iPhone.


    Once you’ve activated the feature, you’ll be able to begin taking a screenshot using the Apple Watch by tapping both the Digital Crown and the side button simultaneously. If your Apple Watch isn’t in Silent mode, it should be able to hear the camera-capturing audio and sense a small vibrating whenever you’re taking the screenshot.

    What should I do if my Apple Watch screenshots are not showing on my iPhone Photos app?

    The screenshots are displayed almost immediately as soon as both Apple Watch and iPhone are connected. If they’re not connected due to physical distance or Bluetooth is disabled on either device, the images aren’t transferred to your iPhone. However, if you enable Bluetooth on both devices, The Apple Watch screenshots will show immediately on your iPhone Photos app.

    It is only when you switch off Bluetooth via the Settings app that the Apple Watch and iPhone disconnect. If you press the Bluetooth icon on the iPhone Control Center, the Apple Watch isn’t disconnected. Doing this will stop your iPhone from looking for brand-new Bluetooth devices until the next morning.

    Keep Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on both devices to ensure the fastest sync of your screenshots between the Apple Watch and iPhone.

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