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How To Reverse A Video On iPhone

    • Even though iPhones don’t come with built-in reverse features you can download an app from a third party to reverse the video using your iPhone.
    • Reverse Vid is among the user-friendly and free apps which allow users to change videos by merely tapping.
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    Even though the iPhone isn’t able to offer a function that lets users play backwards videos from the device, you can download third-party applications that play backwards-played videos.

    Like, Reverse Vid is one of the few free and easy-to-use apps that allow you to easily reverse the video content using the iPhone as well as iPad.

    Best Free Apps to Reverse Videos on iPhone

    It will surprise you to know that reverse videos on the iPhone provided by these apps are free. Why put off learning more about these no-cost iOS apps, and learn how to reverse videos on an iPhone easily?

    Reverse Vid

    Once you edit and flip the video you will be able to share the video with your contacts as well as on different websites, networks and websites.
    A simple guide to reverse movies on iPhone using the ReverseVideo app:

    Step 1: Install Reverse Wood on your iPhone.

    Search for ReverseWood on the App Store to download and install. ReverseWood requires iOS 12.0 or higher.

    Step 2: Add a video that flips in the app.

    It is possible to choose the option according to your needs.

    Step 3: Adjust the reverse speed.

    There is a possibility to change the reverse playback speed when you click on the slide bar at the bottom of the screen.


    It includes all the basic tools needed to create a movie on your mobile in no time. This allows you to trim footage or split it into multiple parts. A simple guide to reverse movies using iPhone using FilmoraGo:

    Install Filmora on your iPhone.

    Search for Filmora using the search bar in the App Store or click the link to download it.

    Start Filmora and add a video.

    Open the program then follow the on-screen instructions. In the main window, you can click the (+) icon to open your media file. Next, go to the section Video and click on the video you want to reverse.

    How can I reverse the video within iMovie?

    If you’re looking to reverse your video using iMovie The following three steps will allow you to do it effortlessly.

    Step 1: Copy the video into iMovie

    Start the interface in iMovie and let it automatically search for all video files that can be read in your project’s main browser.

    Additionally, you can by hand add the videos, or text clips you would like to add in reverse order, into the panel for project browsing.

    Step 2: Upload the video to iMovie.

    Add your video to the timeline first. you can then select the clip you wish to edit, and then launch it into the inspector for clips. Double-clicking any video in the browser for the project will bring up the clip inspector of the video.

    It is advised to turn off the sound or disconnect the audio files before reversing the video. Below is the procedure for muting audio in the video.

    Step 3: Begin to reverse the video

    Then go to Modify > Rewind. There, you will be able to select the speed of rewind. Three sliders appear on the timeline. Simply drag one of the sliders to alter the speed at which you playback.

    Be aware that reverse-ing the video does not affect the time of the video. If you wish to add the speed effect it is necessary to modify the speed presets of the video to apply this reverse-effect.


    In the end, iMovie is a powerful application for editing videos that comes with an array of functions that allow users to create amazing videos. The reverse of a video on an iPhone by using iMovie can be an easy procedure that is completed with just a few simple steps. If you follow the instructions in this post You can quickly reverse any video that you want to on your iPhone by using iMovie.


    Can I reverse a movie using iMovie to Mac?

    IMovie indeed provides the exact function for both Mac as well as iOS devices.

    Do I have to reverse just an element in the clip?

    You can indeed make use of the split tool to divide your video into two in reverse and only one segment of the video.

    Does iMovie lower the quality of video in reverse mode?

    There is no need to worry, iMovie does not reduce the quality of the video if you reverse the video.

    Do I have the option of adding music to my reversed film in iMovie?

    Sure, iMovie offers a wide selection of ways to add sounds and music to your video.

    Is iMovie available for free? iMovie is a no-cost app that is pre-installed across every iOS device.

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