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how to remove sim card from iphone

    If you’re selling your old iPhone to trade it in to purchase a new model or even donating it to be repaired, removing your phone’s SIM card is crucial.

    The SIM card — also known as a Subscriber Identity Module card acts as the phone’s ignition keys. SIM cards keep your number and account information. With the card, it’s possible to make or take calls.

    If you plan to set up an entirely new iPhone or ensure that your personal information is not being taken away while your phone is off, then you must remove this SIM card. It’s simple.

    What do you need to get rid of The SIM Card in Your iPhone?

    Working on an iPhone can be more complex than using an Android device. Contrary to Android smartphones and tablet devices, you cannot use a sewing needle, drawing pins, or the commercial edge of a hand to access the phone’s SIM tray. To take out from the SIM card out of your iPhone, it is necessary to utilize the SIM ejector pin included inside the package. Many people who purchase second-hand iPhones take the boxes apart and find the SIM Ejector pin is not there. If you’re considering purchasing old-fashioned Apple products, ensure they have all the necessary accessories.

    What is a SIM Card?

    You take that little piece of plastic out of the tray on the right-hand part of your phone? It’s your SIM card, also known as the Subscriber Identity Module, a smart card found in most mobile phones that connects to your service provider. iPhones use a nano SIM card. “Nano” describes the dimensions of the SIM card in your iPhone. The SIM card has an identification number that belongs to you by itself and stores your personal information, which is, or ought to be, solely yours. SIM cards allow you to switch between mobiles while maintaining your address and plan for data.

    How do you locate your SIM cards and SIM trays in your iPhone?

    When trying to locate the location to purchase SIM cards on your Apple smartphone, there are three options available. There are three options:

    The left-hand side on the iPhone On the left side of the iPhone: All iPhone 12 models.
    On the right-hand edge of the iPhone On the right side of the iPhone: All the other iPhone models, except iPhone 3G, the first iPhone, and the iPhone 3G and 3GS.
    In addition to the iPhone Three other iPhone models.

    Once you’ve identified the best place to look, you can search for tiny pinhead-sized holes on the right side of your iPhone. That’s the SIM tray that holds your card. Once you’ve located this SIM tray, we can change your SIM card.

    Now that you understand what a SIM card is, let’s look at how you can get rid of the SIM card of your iPhone:

    To get rid of your SIM cards from the iPhone 11 and newer models, follow these steps:

    Place a paperclip in the small hole inside the SIM tray for the SIM card.
    Apply a little tension until the SIM tray is released.
    Once it is out then, grab the tray and take off your iPhone SIM card
    Swap on your SIM card
    Re-insert the tray until it is securely inserted into the casing

    As you can observe, iPhone SIM card removal isn’t a big deal, but it’s crucial to be mindful and cautious when you try the process. Be aware that your data is among your most valuable assets. Therefore, you must protect it and take off your SIM card before moving to a new device. Additionally, now you know how to get rid of your SIM Card from iPhones, inform your acquaintances, so they are told.

    Inserting SIM Card

    Turn your iPhone off by holding and pressing the “Sleep/Wake” button until the “slide to power off” switch is displayed, then move the switch from left to right.
    Put the SIM card inside the SIM tray for the card.
    Push the tray’s face upwards into the SIM slot until you can hear it click to lock into place.

    What tools do you need?

    Before inserting a new SIM card in the SIM tray, be sure that 1)) that the device is shut down and) that you’re working with the right tools.

    Beware of sharp or sharp tools when opening the tray. You could end up damaging or scratching the outside, interior, or the tray’s functionality. (It’s not worth the risk).

    The best option is to use it with the SIM tool to eject what was supplied by the iPhone. If you don’t have it anymore, you can use a paper clip or a dull toothpick, and even an earring can be a good substitute.


    • Turn off your mobile by pressing a power button on the side of the ride and the lower volume rocker to the left until you’re prompted by the screen that reads slide to turn off.
    • Find the SIM tray beneath the power button or the rocker for volume. (This procedure will depend on the iPhone type you’re currently using).
    • Make use of your SIM expulsion tool to press down into the tiny groove within the SIM tray until the tray is opened (do be aware that you’ll need to press until the SIM tray comes out ultimately)
    • Get the SIM (Nano-SIM) card, take off any plastic casing, then place the SIM card in the tray.
    • Make sure that your SIM card’s chipset side faces toward your smartphone’s rear. In the same way and alignment, place the card on one edge of the tray. Finally, place the tray back into your iPhone until the tray is secure with the SIM securely placed inside.
    • Turn up your iPhone using the power button. Just wait to be greeted on the home screen.
    • Open the Settings menu on your iPhone. General > then tap About to view the SIM settings. Verify that your SIM is appropriately reading. Please take a second, as getting your phone’s SIM number to connect to the network might take some time.
    • That’s how to install a SIM card on the Apple iPhone!

    What Happens When You Take Out the SIM Card

    A Subscriber Identifier Module card — more frequently referred to as a SIM card — stores your phone number and cellular plan information. It is possible to transfer it from one phone to the next, and the phone number will be shared.

    But this means you cannot make phone texts or calls once you’ve removed your SIM cards from the iPhone. Also, you can’t access mobile data, but you’ll still be able to access Wi-Fi.

    The only thing you have to do is insert a new SIM card linked to a bank account with text messages, calls, or data from cellular to make use of. You can also replace the old SIM card with a brand-new phone and use it instead.

    It doesn’t matter whether it’s an iPhone or Android device. Your SIM card will work the other. However, you must ensure that you’re using an unlocked device and that your SIM card is connected to the network your phone is locked to.

    How do I unlock my SIM card on my iPhone without using the tool?

    You can take out the iPhone SIM without the SIM tool for ejecting it. But you’ll require a substitute, such as a straightened clip to insert through the opening. It’s a no-brainer part.
    Many options include needles, pins, or even a tiny screwdriver tip. But we suggest the paper clip because it’s the least likely to cause damage to your iPhone.

    Do factory resets erase your SIM card?

    Resetting the factory reset will not erase your phone number. It won’t affect your SIM cards in any manner, and all data stored on your sim card will remain intact.

    How can I safely remove the SIM number from the iPhone in a safe manner?

    To replace the SIM card, gently pull out the previous SIM card from the SIM tray and insert the new card in the tray. A tiny notch will indicate where the SIM card will be put. Replace the tray precisely as it was when it was first removed.

    What’s the reason my iPhone says that there’s not a SIM card in my phone?

    If your iPhone shows “No SIM Card,” the device isn’t recognizing your SIM card. The most straightforward solution is to take it off and reset it.

    Does iPhone contain any data on SIM?

    Fortunately, it’s simple. Important note: The iPhone’s SIM card holds only your phone number and information about your account. Your pictures, applications, emails, and settings are saved on the iPhone and must be transferred differently.

    Does the iPhone need to be turned off to remove the SIM card?

    In the ideal scenario, yes, the iPhone must be removed to get rid of the SIM card. This is true regardless of whether users are inserting fresh ones. The iPhone cannot read a brand-new SIM card if it already has one. This means you’ll need to restart it regardless.

    Your iPhone SIM Card Is Now Safely Removed.

    Apple simplifies the removal of the SIM cards removal procedure straightforwardly and offers the ideal device to make it simpler. The disguised SIM tray for SIM cards is easily identified by its tiny hole on your handset’s right or left-hand edge. When you press it gently, the tray opens, allowing you to remove the tray and take out the SIM card.

    Did you manage to take out and then re-insert your SIM card easily? Let us know in the comment section below.

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