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How To Remove Developer Options Android?

    The first and most important step is to turn on the developer mode on your android device so that it can access the root privilege. Android developer mode doesn’t have any access to root privilege. However, it does provide an additional set of access rights that are not accessible to the general public. Anyone with an android device can turn on the developer option with ease. However, it’s an area that is more technical on Android devices and requires an understanding of the development process and modifications. This is why it’s described as a developer option, and hidden from normal users.

    In this article instead of discussing the details of the developer options and their usage in general, we will discuss the steps to shut off developer mode if it was activated by accident and we will also look into how to turn on the developer options in Android should you need these at any time. The Developer Mode on Android devices is not enabled by default and will be activated only when you manually enable it.

    How can I turn off the developer option on Android?

    To turn off developer options for Android Go into Settings > Developer Options, then turn off the switch.

    How can I eliminate the developer choices?

    Developer options are disabled by default on many Android devices. To remove them, launch the Settings app and scroll to the lowest. Click on About phone, and then locate the field for the Build number. Tap it seven times to activate Developer options.

    Why should you turn on Developer Options on Android?

    Developer Options is a collection of settings and tools created to aid app developers in enhancing their products and identifying the causes of their errors. For instance, the Pointer location option gives an exact reading of input from the user. Although this is fantastic for developers who need to know the location of touch and movements the overlay isn’t suitable for regular computing.

    If you’re willing to play around with your computer there are some great options for advanced users. It is possible to take a closer analysis of CPU and RAM processes, block background processes, put apps to switch to split-screen mode, have advanced reboot options available that make or conceal notches as well as speed up and slow down animated videos, and much more. The ability to enable Developer Options is important for users who enjoy creating custom ROMs and rooting.

    Make Developer Options available

    To enable the Developer option on your device, follow the below steps:

    Click on the Settings menu on your Android device.
    Scroll down, then click on About.
    The next step is to go for Software Information>> More.
    Click on Build Number 7-8 times until you receive an announcement “You are now an official developer”.

    Watch the video below to learn the steps to turn on Developer Options on any Android device. (Note that we’ve utilized Samsung’s Galaxy S10 for this purpose however it’s applicable on every Android gadget.)

    Show Developer Options Hidden on Android

    In any case, if you’re still looking to hide or remove Developer options from Your Android device, we’ve put together some suggestions to disguise the option for the next time.

    Start Settings on your smartphone.
    Scroll down to Apps/Applications, and tap it.
    After that, swipe from left to right until you can see an overview of ALL apps.
    Locate the Settings app, then open it.
    Tap the Clear Data button.
    Go and go back into Settings. Developer options shouldn’t appear in the Settings section anymore.

    How do I disable Developer options?

    If you are not making the need for USB debugging and you want to deactivate this feature along with other developer options, turn off the Developer options switch. The process of disabling Developer options is simple and can be done through the Settings tab and then by selecting Developer options.

    Based on the model of your device’s Android OS version and manufacturer’s name, you can navigate to the Developer menu using the steps above.
    Turn off the toggle button in Options for Developers.

    When you turn off (or remove) the Developer option, then you won’t access this feature via Settings. If the decision is changed and you’d like to enable them again and go back to their original state then you can do it using the steps described in the previous paragraph.

    Perform the Factory Reset

    If the above method did not work, then you’re likely to correct when I say that you’re running the Samsung S model. If you’re desperate to eliminate your Developer Options, a factory reset of your data is the only choice.

    Be aware that following this process will erase all private and application data not stored within the SD card. This includes contact information, images video, music, and all other kinds of files. Before you begin the entire process, I would suggest making an archive to prevent data loss. This is what you must do:

    Open Settings > Advanced Settings and then Backup and Reset. For Samsung as well as other Android versions, the proper route to follow is Settings > Additional (General) and then Backup and Reset.
    Check that the box that says Backup my data is checked.
    Click to turn on Factory to reset your data.

    • Click on Reset device, and confirm the reset as you are asked.
    • Allow the process to finish. The entire procedure shouldn’t last longer than 10 mins. Your Android device may be restarted after the process is completed.
    • Once the device has been initialized after rebooting, open Settings and scrolls down to the bottom. Developer options are obscured.

    What are the options for Developer Options?

    Your phone can be improved in effectiveness in many ways when you can make use of the developer options. Here are some of the tasks you can accomplish using the developer options:

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