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How to Remove Background Noise on Discord

    A high-quality audio experience is essential for any material creator streaming, podcaster, or streamer. One of the most significant issues faced by beginners is background audio. This could sabotage the quality of your material and can distract listeners. There are more expensive, better quality, high-end microphones that can better filter out background noise. However, specific methods and devices are available to make background noise quickly without spending a fortune.

    Nothing can be more frustrating than being constantly interrupted by unwanted sounds in a video or audio conference. If you often use Discord to chat with your players, you’ll know how vital it is to remain connected to steady calls. Background noise could disrupt your stream, and finding out how to eliminate these from Discord is an absolute lifesaver. We’ll show you how in the video below!

    What is Discord Noise Suppression?

    Discord’s noise cancellation uses machine learning to filter out background noises in voice chats. It can block out noisy dogs, loud keyboards, and many other sounds that aren’t voiced by humans.

    The goal is to eliminate distracting elements so that you and the other people on the call can be heard clearly. Discord’s noise reduction feature works with the audio coming in and going out.

    What’s background noise?

    Let’s begin by discussing background noise in the video. Background noise can refer to unwelcome ambient sounds present within the video’s audio. It might be a buzzing sound, a hum, or an extremely high-pitched noise.

    Many different kinds of background noise

    It’s true; background noise is classified into several categories:

    Broadband noise/wideband noise refers to background noise produced across many frequencies.

    Noise in the narrowband range is the reverse of broadband noise. It occurs within a restricted frequency range.

    “impulse noise” refers to noises that make sounds like crackles and pops. Pops are a result of plosive sounds like ‘p’s from speech. While crackles generally result from electrical devices.

    The irregular noise can be background noise, which is particular to the location. This can be caused by weather or something similar to the sound of your AC unit or the fan.

    How do you enable noise suppression in Discord?

    Notice: Noise suppression is available only to those together on a desktop. Support for mobile devices is anticipated to come soon in the latter phases of the Beta program.

    Step 1: Start the Discord app, then go to Settings.

    Step 2: Select “Voice and Video” in the left-hand sidebar of the window for settings.

    Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the page, and you’ll see The noise Suppression (BETA) opportunity under Advanced options. Just turn the switch on noise suppression for the audio and video conversations you make using Discord.

    Discord now works to block background noise in the voice feed. This will allow your listeners and callers to listen better without being interrupted by background noise, including music from your keyboard.

    The desirable techniques to minimize background noise

    Sometimes, your audio recording is likely to be accompanied by background noise, especially when recording at home. You might have let the air conditioner run or the windows opened, and you’re hearing the wind.

    Thanks to tools like Descript, which allows you to reduce noise, there’s no need to worry when recording. By combining noise reduction techniques like Studio Sound, you can create clean podcast audio in a matter of minutes.

    Descript is much more than an application to remove background noise. It’s an entire edit suite for video and audio which allows you to:

    You can add background music and well-qualified voiceovers to audio music

    Transcribing as you talk allows you to tidy your podcast in real-time.

    Automatically remove filler words like “um” and “like.”

    Create custom sound effects on your computer to personalize your project.

    Record remote in 4K (perfect to have guests join your program)

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