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how to remove activation lock on apple watch

    When the display on your Apple Watch displays that this Apple Watch is linked to an Apple ID message, that is a sign that Find My is enabled on it, and the activation lock will be activated at some time. This guide explains what the Apple Watch activation lock is and how you can get around it using various methods.

    When your Apple Watch doesn’t pass the lock screen for activation, It is likely that it is locked and has to be unlocked before you can use it. It might be a bit surprising to find this locking on your gadget, particularly in the case of the first time you’ve used it. There isn’t anything to worry about, as the lock can be deactivated using various methods.

    The next article will explain what activation locks on the Apple Watch means and the ways you can apply to take this lock off your Watch. If you’ve already unlocked the activation lock previously or still need to, you’ll discover the steps to be simple to follow.

    What Is Activation Lock Apple Watch

    The activation lock on the Apple Watch works just like it is on the iOS device. When you or someone else activate Find My Apple Watch on the Watch, and then You reset your Watch, it will be sporting the Activation Lock started on it.

    You cannot access the Watch at this point since it will not permit you to utilize all of its functions. First, you must remove the Apple Watch activation lock without the previous owner to be allowed to use it. How do you bypass Activation Lock on Apple Watch?

    Ask the Previous Owner to Follow These Steps to Unlock the Apple Watch

    To eliminate Activation Lock on an Apple watch that the previous owner previously owned, follow these steps:

    Step 1. Open your web browser and then go to your iCloud website. Log into Your iCloud account.

    Step 2. You’ll now see several options on the screen. Select the one that says Find iPhone to view and gain access to the settings of the unlocked Apple Watch.

    Step 3. Step 3. Click All Devices at the top and select the Apple Watch from the list.

    Step 4. Select the Erase Apple Watch option on the screen that appears, followed by removing the account.

    The Apple Watch will be wiped off and taken from the account that originally owned it. It will then be linked with your Apple ID.

    How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone

    Like the Apple Watch, even the iPhone may get stuck at the screen for activation of iCloud. This is usually the case after you’ve purchased a used iPhone or performed the factory reset, but you need help remembering your iCloud login details. If that’s the case, you can try Ecolab’s UnlockGo, a completely functioning local removal program that will assist you in removing various iPhone locks. If you’ve lost your iPhone or iPad’s password to unlock the screen or wish to remove the iCloud activation screen, use Ecolab UnlockGo to accomplish your task.

    In addition to getting rid of an iCloud activation lock and screen passcode, you could also use Ecolab’s UnlockGo feature to disable “Find My Device” on an iPhone or iPad, even if you do not know the password. This feature, exclusive to iToolab, allows users to remotely shut off “Find My” before selling their devices.

    Here’s how to bypass the iCloud activation lock on an iPhone using IToolab UnlockGo.

    Step 1. Install and run Ecolab UnlockGo onto your computer and select “Remove iCloud Activation Lock” on the main screen.

    Step 2. Attach your iPhone to the computer, and select “Start” to proceed further.

    Step 3. On the next screen, you’ll be required to install”Jailbreak,” the “Jailbreak” tool for your device. Click “Start” to initiate the download process.

    Step 4. When the process is completed, select “Jailbreak” and follow the instructions to set your device into DFU mode. Give it a few seconds before letting iToolab hack your gadget.

    Step 5. Then, confirm your device’s details and select “Remove” to remove the lock for activation of iCloud from your device.

    Step 6. When your iCloud activation security lock has been removed, you’ll get confirmation messages on the screen.

    Things About Apple Watch Activation Lock Bypass You Should Know

    This article will cover the fundamentals you should be aware of about Apple Watch iCloud unlock.

    1.1 Never Trust an Apple Watch iCloud Unlock Free Service/Software?

    Do not use a no-cost Apple Watch software or service for removing iCloud is not the best option and can cause you to be a fraud or have your PC affected.

    Although the creators of these services might be, could you not believe them? Apart from the possibility of being scammed, even if you stumble across free services and it does function, the experience for users is not pleasant.

    Because these tools are free and rely on advertising and sponsorships, you’ll find that their website is saturated with ads, and to access specific features, you may need to view ads on the video.

    Bottom line: one can be trusted with a no-cost Apple Watch iCloud activation lock removal service.

    1.2 Things to Do before unlocking your Apple Watch

    Whatever method you choose, It’s essential to verify the status of your iCloud account on the Apple Watch.


    There is no method for unlocking an Apple Watch that is blocked (reported as stolen or lost) by the previous owner.

    It would help if you verified the status of your iCloud account on Apple Watch using a 100 100% exact Apple watch iCloud checker before unlocking.

    If the status of iCloud appears to be “Clean,” as the following photo shows, then your Apple watch can be unlocked without difficulty!

    It’s important to note that many iCloud checkers can generate IMEI/SN reports from an old database, and the accuracy of these tools is typically less than 80 percent. Making sure you choose a 100% reliable ICloud checker will significantly reduce time and cost.

    How do I remove the activation lock that the owner did not previously own?

    If you cannot take your Activation Lock off the Apple Watch, there’s no proper Apple ID or password. If you cannot keep track of your password, you may reset it by following these steps. Below is the procedure to remove an activation lock without a prior owner.

    There are various methods to obtain one if you’re being asked for verification codes.

    Tap Allow your iPhone to let the computer know you trust it.

    On your iPhone, goes to Settings > General > Reset Remove All Content and Settings. This will erase all iPhone data and restore it to factory settings.

    Select the option to Restore using iCloud Backup during setup. If you are asked, you must fill in the iCloud credentials. Select the most current version of your Backup to be restored to your device.

    How do you reset your Apple Watch Series 3?

    Resetting to reset the Series 3 device is also easy:

    Step 1. You must hold the smartwatch’s Digital Crown for a few minutes.

    Step 2. The screen will display the Restart Setup option with two buttons.

    Step 3. Choose the button ‘Reset’ and then click it.

    Step 4. Wait patiently to allow Your Apple Watch to reset.

    Are you looking to upgrade?

    Are you wearing an older version of the Apple Watch, like the Apple Watch Series 6 or Apple Watch SE, and looking to upgrade? Read the review on Apple Watch Series 7 to find out if it’s worth upgrading today, or wait until the highly anticipated Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE 2.

    If you’re shopping for a brand new Apple Watch, outfit it with one of the top Apple Watch bands to personalize your Watch and make it your individual.

    Is there a solution to deleting Apple ID without having a password?

    Apple ID can be linked with the device of your iPhone via Apple Server and is only removed after entering the proper Apple ID and a valid password. According to our study, some tools will switch off Find My Device and then erase the device to get rid of Apple ID without a password. If you require the device, you can look it up on Google and test it.

    How to Enable Activation Lock on my Apple Watch?

    To activate the security on the Apple Watch, you need first pair the Apple Watch with your iPhone. After that, you can turn off your phone’s Find My iPhone feature on your phone. This way, the Apple Watch activation locks will be enabled simultaneously.

    Here’s how you can set up Find My iPhone: Open Settings app > tap your name > Find Me> On Find My iPhone.

    Does turning off “Find My iPhone” Disable the Activation Lock?

    If Find My iPhone is turned off on an iOS device, the iCloud activation lock will be removed. Switching off Find My iPhone is the most effective method to turn off the activation lock with the original password for the iCloud account. This is the way that activation lock removal programs such as Salvador function.

    The Bottom Line

    You’ve learned how to get around Activation Lock on Apple devices. As you will see, it’s simple to accomplish this If you remember your Apple username and password. This is the case for any changes you intend to make to your device. If you cannot remember your Apple ID and password, you must seek assistance from EaseUS MobiUnlock.

    With EaseUS MobiUnlock running on your device, you don’t have to worry about locking from your device. Therefore, don’t hesitate to install MobiUnlock installed on your PC.

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