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How To Pin Someone Else’s Tweet On iPhone

    Twitter allows you to add any tweets you have at the top of your page on your profile. Find the tweet you’d like to pin, then click an arrow at the right-hand side of the tweet, and then click pin onto your account. That’s all there is to it. For the next few days, your tweet will be the first thing users can see in the profile of your Twitter profile.

    It’s only sometimes the case that we’re looking to save our tweets. It could be that we like someone else’s vision or a trend we’d like to save on our profile. It’s not surprising that Twitter has no such capabilities on its own. Therefore, people resort to tricks, for example, retweeting it using comments and then pinning it to their profiles. However, there’s an alternative method where you can pin directly their tweets on your profile. This is how to accomplish it.

    Why should you pin tweets to Your Account?

    When you pin tweets to Twitter, the tweet appears at the beginning of your account. Therefore, anyone who browses your profile on Twitter will view the tweet you have pinned. The ability to pin any tweet at the top of your profile on Twitter for different reasons. There are a few reasons why you should pin a tweet on your Twitter account:

    • You can highlight tweets to your followers on your profile.
    • Notify people of particular notifications.
    • Send essential details to your followers.
    • Promote special offers and discounts.
    • Promote affiliate links.
    • Earn cash with banners that are paid GIFs, videos, and banners.
    • Connect with more people through your account and on tweets.
    • Get more visitors and users.

    How do you pin your tweets to your timeline?

    First step: scroll until you click the option with three dots in the upper left corner of your Tweet.

    Step 2: Select “Pin” to the profile.

    Step 3: Press the pin.

    Twitter shows your Tweet that you have pinned in the upper right corner of the page of your account.

    Benefits of Pinning Someone Else’s Tweet

    You may gain a variety of advantages when you pin someone else’s tweets to your profile:

    • Pinning a tweet that has a large number of followers can drive people to your website.
    • This makes it simpler for the people visiting your profile to identify your opinions on a specific subject.
    • It increases the chance of user engagement. It lets you quickly check your profile and make money from your profile earlier.

    The other tweets you post may be delayed in the timeline. However, a tweet that has been pinned will remain in the first position. If you then promote repeatedly, you’re bound to have consistent results, while an average tweet limits the reach after you have enabled the tweet once or twice.

    How to Pin Someone’s Twitter

    However, Twitter doesn’t allow you to save tweets from other users in the same way as you scroll through your feed. First, you must add the tweet to your timeline.

    The procedure is as follows:

    • Start the Twitter app for your mobile or visit Twitter on your web browser and sign in to your account.
    • It would help if you found the tweet that you would like to pin on your profile. It is possible to browse the feed, or you can use the search feature.
    • Press on the “Retweet” button that is located at the end of the tweet that you want to save.
    • It is recommended to select “Quote Tweet” instead of the “Quote Tweet” option and credit the original account to avoid copyright issues. Tap to Quote Tweet
    • Click on the “Retweet” button in the upper right-hand corner.
    • Then, visit your account on Twitter and look for the tweet.
    • Touch the three dots icon located in the upper right part of the tweet.
    • Select to select the “Pin on profile” option in the menu options menu.

    That’s all there is to it! Your tweet will show up in the form of a post pinned to your account. The public or other Twitter users may comment on the tweet. If you’d like that, you could extend it as a thread, adding additional information about the topic.

    How to pin Tweets to Mobile (Android and iPhone)

    • Open the Twitter app to sign in to your Twitter account if you still need to.
    • Select the menu icon located in the upper-left right-hand corner of the screen.
    • Then, from the menu of choices, choose “Profile” from the menu in the middle.
    • Choose the tweet that you wish to save to your profile. It may be necessary to scroll for several minutes when you are a frequent tweeter.

    add a tweet on your account on Android or iPhone mobile apps

    • Select the three vertical dots on the right of the tweet that you would like to pin.
    • On the next page, from the options, Choose “Pin into Profile” and then click “PIN” for confirmation. Your tweet is now up to the uppermost part of your page.

    How Do You Pin Someone Else’s Tweet by Retweeting?

    Find out how you can pin a tweet of someone else’s through retweeting:

    • The first step is to have to sign into your Twitter account. Then, you need to launch the Twitter application.
    • Search or scroll down until you find the tweet that you’re looking for to pin.
    • The user must tap on the Tweet you want to retweet and select the option to ‘Retweet.’
    • You must choose the “Quote Tweet.”
    • The message you would like to see appear at the top of your list should be included.
    • When you’ve typed in the information you’d like to incorporate, click the Retweet button.
    • Visit your profile right now and search for tweets that were shared and retweeted. Select more choices, then from the menu, select “Pin to profile.”

    Then, you can select the pin option, and the tweet will be added to your account.

    How do you unpin a tweet inside the Twitter Space?

    After a tweet is pinged to the top of a Space, the tweet can then be removed by the host, co-host, or speaker — the person who takes down the tweet doesn’t have to be the one who initially pinned the tweet.

    • Within the Space window, search for the tweet you’d like to de-pin. There may be a need to swipe it to the right or left if you have several tweets pinned.
    • Press the X on the right side of your tweet.
    • Then, in the pop-up window, you can confirm that you’d like to remove it with a tap Remove.

    Final thoughts

    This article should give an entire explanation of how to pin tweets.

    Are you still unsure?

    Explore the FAQ section and then share your ideas in the comment section below.


    Do you receive a message if you pin your tweet?

    It’s based on what notifications preferences are active. The users will only be notified of the tweets they pin if they are enabling this feature in the notification section within the settings.

    Are tweets pinned appearing on the feed?

    No. When you pin a tweet, it will not refresh the position on the feed. This only alters the tweet’s appearance in your profile on Twitter.

    You can pin tweets by using the embed tweet function.

    Yes. If you embed tweets, you will see two different representations of the tweet: its source code as well as its web address. Copy and paste the link into your newly created tweet. When you post the tweet, it will appear the same as if you’d retweeted.

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