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how to pair sony speaker to iphone

    Bluetooth can be used to pair an audio device with an iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, or another mobile device. The settings icon allows you to change the pairing mode on your audio device. By tapping on the Settings icon, you can access the settings for your mobile device. To use Bluetooth, click the Bluetooth icon. To access Bluetooth settings, click on the Settings icon. Turn Bluetooth on. Look under OTHER DEVICES to locate the audio device.

    How do I reset my Sony Bluetooth speaker?

    If the speaker does not turn on or can’t be operated, please open the cap and push the RESET button. The speaker is turned off and reset. Once you push the RESET button, the speaker will be turned on.

    Why aren’t Bluetooth Speakers Connecting?

    Setting > System > Advanced > Setup Options will allow you to reset your Android smartphone’s WiFI, Bluetooth, or mobile settings. If you own an iOS device or an iPadOS device, you will need to unpair all your devices. You can do this by selecting the info icon, then choosing to Forget This Device for each device, and then restarting your phone.

    How do you sync your iPhone with your Sony speaker?

    • Set your audio device to Pairing Mode.
    • In the mobile phone’s settings, tap Settings. Tap Bluetooth. – Tap Bluetooth settings. – Turn Bluetooth On.
    • Select the audio gadget from the OTHER DEVICES section.

    Why won’t my Sony Speaker connect to my Iphone?

    If the speaker isn’t charging, plug it into an AC outlet or connect to a computer. A speaker that is not initialized may prevent an iPhone/iPad/iPod from connecting to it. After being deleted from the iPhone/iPad/iPod, you should pair it again.

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