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How to Mount Your Smart Cameras Without Drilling?

    Security cameras are essential to every household. However, there’s a right appropriate time and location for everything. This guide will demonstrate how to set up security cameras outdoors without drilling or using screws.

    Installing security cameras without screws will eliminate many problems for homeowners and customers who have to change their cameras’ locations regularly. What I mean is when you want to change the location of your camera, then you’ll need to remove all screws and install the camera in the new location, which is lengthy and labor-intensive.

    Therefore, mounting a security camera with no screws permits you to transfer the camera’s front door to the rear entrance or even mount it in an office, garage, or backyard.

    Based on the type of surface the camera is set depending on the surface you set it on, there are many ways to set up the security camera without screws today.

    Why Avoid Drilling?

    Even though drilling a secure mount for your security camera can be the most reliable method in terms of security and stability, it is understandable why you may not be tempted to drill holes and put anchors into your home.

    The primary reason is that you’re renting, and it’s against your rental agreement (or, at the very least, places your deposit at risk) to cut into anything within or outside of your home.

    No-Drill Video Doorbell Mounts Are Perfect for Renters
    Patching up drywall can be a good thing, but the majority of landlords would be hesitant at you making a lot of holes into the siding. This is the reason why no-drill doorbells are very sought-after.

    However, even if you have an item, perhaps you do not wish to drill-mount items for the same reason that if your aluminum siding is still well, Why ruin a great item by drilling holes into it? This is the same with excellent wooden work or bricks. Perhaps you do not want to commit to a specific area for your camera. Many mounting options you’ll find below aren’t just drill-free but also very easy to relocate to a new spot.

    How to Mount Security Camera Without Screws?

    There are many good reasons to install an alarm camera with screws. For instance, you do not want to disrupt the beautiful interior of your home, or you reside in a rental property, or the tenant isn’t too at ease with drilling holes into the walls.

    Whatever the reason, it is essential to discover a way to create the best of both worlds for your security camera’s needs and worries about the security camera’s security.

    What do you think? There’s an answer! And it will meet all your security requirements without drilling holes into the walls of your home. However, you need to organize the following list of tools, devices and other accessories used throughout the entire procedure.

    • The security camera is required to be installed.
    • Attaching the camera to your wall requires a detachable adhesive strip, double-sided industrial tape, or suction cups.
    • To address the issue of wiring long distances, you can use Ethernet cat cables and Ethernet extension cables.
    • Power adaptors

    Outdoor Security Camera Installation Without Drilling

    The bar’s width is the same as the width of the soffit. Therefore there’s no problem when drilling holes or drilling screws. The birdhouse mount won’t function due to the type of screws used. Instead, opt for 3M removable strips to install security cameras that do not require screws or drilling.

    For mounting your security camera onto vinyl siding that doesn’t require drilling holes, you can use these hooks to mount the camera. Make sure you purchase the model that has already-drilled screw holes and drills holes into your plywood for mounting screws.

    The most effective method to set up an outdoor camera is to drill holes and fix them using screws. Make holes following the design of the camera. Use double-sided tape from 3M or gasket adhesive to fix the base to the wall using screws.

    Installing Security Cameras on Ceiling

    If you plan to mount security cameras on your ceiling and not drill a hole for a permanent installation, you should purchase the best quality adhesive. The adhesive must be able to support the camera’s weight in any possible weather. Therefore, be sure to buy adhesive and choose a top-quality product.

    You could directly glue your camera onto the ceiling. However, it’s more effective if you attach the camera to a base material, then glue its base onto the ceiling. When you do this, you’ll have a larger surface on which to apply glue, and the result will be more secure.

    • Create a base material from thin plywood that measures around 8 inches * 8 inches. Paint it in the same color as your ceiling.
    • The base material should be drilled according to the camera hole arrangement, then place the camera on the material base.
    • Use glue and 3M double-sided tapes to the other side of your base material’s surface and then fix it onto the ceiling.

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