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How To Make Zoom Better Using Its Best Apps

    Zoom is becoming an increasingly popular tool for video conferencing for all kinds of organizations. But there are times when you may need more than the necessary Zoom functions to maximize the performance of your online meetings. Here are the top Zoom tools and integrations.
    Zoom apps are feature-rich, enhancing real-time collaboration to improve overall performance. Zoom applications are designed to take your virtual meetings to higher levels. With a wide range of Zoom applications and integrations, choose which one best suits your needs. Can be difficult
    We’re here to help you save time and effort by compiling a comprehensive list of feature-rich Zoom applications. This comprehensive review will discuss the most effective Zoom applications for optimizing remote meetings. We will also dive into their incredible features and learn the characteristics that set them apart.

    What are Zoom Apps?

    Zoom Apps are innovative and user-friendly in-meeting/in-product applications that seamlessly integrate with the Zoom platform. Apps allow participants to enhance the virtual meeting experience by using multiple third-party applications directly from their Zoom user interface for meetings.
    If you want to add the Zoom app to your meetings, explore the Zoom app marketplace. Zoom App Marketplace. It is a web-based platform that allows users to discover and add a wide range of Zoom applications and integrations with third-party companies.
    Only apps that have gone through Zoom’s rigorous approval process can be listed on the market. It’s a web-based platform that lets users discover and include a wide range of Zoom applications and integrations with third-party companies.

    Only apps that have been through the rigorous approval process of Zoom can be listed in the marketplace. This ensures trust and safety for the users.

    Key Zoom features include:

    • Make video calls, conferences, and webcasts
    • Make use of breakout rooms to further discussions
    • The ability to screen share
    • A direct message system is accessible in meetings.
    • Virtual backgrounds. These can be those that Zoom offers or those created by the user
    • Precise and high-quality video with crisp audio
    • Flexible video conferencing capability

    Best Apps to Make Zoom Meeting Experience Better

    This is a listing of the most effective and most effective Zoom extensions which you can utilize to boost the quality of your Zoom experience.


    As the title suggests, SurveyMonkey is one of the top apps allowing you to create polls in gatherings to improve Zoom’s effectiveness.

    It’s a great tool that helps you quickly decide during the call.
    It also allows you to make your meetings more interactive and allows everyone to participate in making decisions.


    Fine, we’re biased. Even if we had not developed it, we’d have the software. Adding Lucidspark to Zoom is an ideal solution: the ease of video-based calls and the planning, organization, and interactions of in-person meetings.

    What you’ll receive:

    • A virtual whiteboard that can increase participation
    • Breakout boards
    • Timebox-related activities
    • Notes
    • In-app voting
    • Collaboration color-coded

    Google Calendar notifications

    Google Calendar for Zoom The Google Calendar app for Zoom helps you remember the next meeting. It will notify you when an event has been changed and count until your next appointment.

    Also included:

    • Each week, we will provide you with a summary of your activities
    • Subscribe to Google Calendar notifications on any channels you choose within the Zoom app.
    • Reminders that can be customized to your preferences, as well as alerts


    We spend most of our day on Gmail, So it’s unsurprising that we suggest using the Gmail Zoom extension. Installing this extension allows you to schedule and start Zoom calls from within Gmail. The Zoom widget is available within the Gmail Web interface.

    Additionally, you’ll receive:

    • The participants of your email will be automatically added to sessions
    • You can customize Zoom meeting times within Gmail


    Follow your (email) flow and add Mailchimp to the Zoom interface. The service will notify you of the performance of your campaign. However, to make your new Zoom/Mailchimp integration shine, you’ll require…

    Google Drive

    You’re already using Google Drive to store just about anything, right? Google Drive for Zoom allows you to utilize the most well-known cloud storage service for recording and saving your meetings. When you download, your transcriptions and recordings are saved automatically within the Zoom Recording Folder.

    It is also possible to:

    • Select to automatically delete the recorded from the Zoom cloud once the file is moved to the Google drive
    • Access is granted to those who were unable to attend the event or want to revisit and view it again.

    Utilize Zoom with Trello

    • Add Trello to Zoom
    • Keep track of the progress of your work in the Zoom channel
    • Include comments and cards on your board using Zoom
    • The details of the board are viewable in Zoom.
    • Integration of Trello and Range.


    Businesses that require an online platform for sharing code need to look as far as GitHub. The app allows developers to use Git, the Git Version Control system, to keep track of the code and path and manage modifications in their code. GitHub lets users join in on code projects and view previous versions of their codes from earlier periods- an essential feature in any project.

    Utilize Github in conjunction with Zoom.

    • Add Github to Zoom
    • Receive updates on repos from your Zoom channels.
    • Receive notifications about important events, including creating new comments, commits, or commits that are pushed into your repository.
    • Get notifications about issues and pull requests.
    • Connect GitHub to Range.


    Jira is a flexible project management software designed for teams working on software development. As with other tools to manage projects, Jira offers scrum and Kanban boards for tracking the progress of projects.

    Make use of JIRA using Zoom.

    JIRA offers a variety of apps that are compatible with Zoom. This includes the JIRA notifications application for Zoom chat, the service desk app that allows you to close tickets quickly, and a customized application that will enable you to receive messages via the JIRA server and then transfer them to Zoom.

    • Add JIRA to Zoom.
    • Connect Jira and Range.


    Zapier allows users to automatize work within apps without having to write codes. Select a trigger, and then plan an automated response known as “zap.” Zaps can include up to 100 different actions. Through automation, your employees can focus on converting leads, gaining customers, and being confident that it’s running as a background.

    Make use of Zapier using Zoom.

    • Create Zaps that act whenever the next webinar, meeting, or webinar is scheduled or when the recording for a new session is completed.
    • Add users automatically to webinars when an action has been completed.


    Miro is a web-based platform for collaborative whiteboards that works with Zoom to provide users with an interactive platform for brainstorming or planning thoughts. Miro is an excellent app for students at college engaged in group work as well as participating in online education tasks.

    Gong for Zoom Meetings

    One of the top tools for sales training is available through Zoom; Gong for Zoom Meetings could be a potent tool for you.

    • It automatically tracks the scheduled meeting and then analyzes it to assist you.
    • It also offers the timeline of your complete customer conversations, which helps to keep track of your documents.
    • Find additional apps to improve Zoom by utilizing its top extensions.

    Virtual backgrounds

    This is a necessity. We’re all acquainted with the fun backgrounds used by our coworkers. However, the virtual grounds do much more than have the appearance of you as the captain of your Enterprise.

    Now, you can:

    • Make any photo you like to make a background for
    • blur your background (either slightly blurry or blurry)
    • Browse the Unsplash library using a particular keyword to find an exact photo.
    • Automatically load your background before the start of every Zoom conference.

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