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How to Make Your Samsung Watch More Google-y?

    Samsung Galaxy watches might be the most reliable smartwatches for Android phones. They’re certainly Samsung and may not be your style. There are various ways to make a Samsung watch appear more like Pixel Watch. Pixel Watch.

    Fortunately, it appears that the times Samsung watches cannot access Google apps or the Play Store is over. The first time this happened was in Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 in 2021. The eyes still have many Samsung applications preloaded and One UI skin. Let’s fix this.

    How do you get Google Assistant on your Galaxy Watch today?

    There’s no software update to coincide with the launch of Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch 4. Instead, your watch will automatically update itself to Google Assistant without you having to do anything.

    The easiest method to determine whether your device has installed the app is by checking your list of apps. I was able to find Assistant installed and put it near the bottom of my list of apps.

    If you can see Google Assistant, tap on it to initiate the process of setting it up. If you do not recognize Google Assistant, visit this Google Assistant listing on the Play Store and click on the Install button, and then choose your device from the list of compatible devices.

    If you have Google Assistant installed, you’ll be required to complete the setup procedure before you can start using it. Launch the Google Assistant App on your wrist and click Start to get started. After that, you’ll be asked to finish the setup process on the phone that your watch is linked to.

    How to Set Up Google Assistant on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

    Once you have the Assistant application installed and up-to-date, it is possible to create it.

    Launch your Google Assistant app on your Galaxy Watch.

    Tap Start to begin making the voice assistant available on your device.
    Utilize the Open on your phone to activate the option to start Google Assistant on your phone.
    This app can be opened on your smartphone and synced with the watch.
    If you are prompted that you’re driven, click Activate to continue the process of setting up.

    • If you’re looking to quickly start Assistant through a simple “Hey Google” when the watch is in standby mode, tap Next. If not, choose the option “No, thank you.
    • Continue to agree to these terms and conditions. Voice Match terms and conditions.
    • Give your voice assistant access to your messages, contacts, and calendars by choosing the option to turn it on.
    • You can also configure the home button in Your Galaxy Watch to trigger the voice assistant. Tap to activate it from this page.
    • Complete this setup procedure by pressing Done.

    Suppose you encounter an error message that Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch 4 is not compatible with the language of your area. In that case, It is possible to change your language from English (US) to get it working. This is because Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch is only compatible with a small number of languages. However, on Android mobiles, it can support various languages.

    After you have Assistant configured, you can use it to control the smart devices in your home, create reminders, monitor the weather, regulate music playback, and so on directly at your fingertips. Google Assistant can help you in many ways, thanks to its extensive feature set.

    Connect Samsung Health Data with Google Fit

    One of the most impressive characteristics of the Samsung smartwatch is fitness monitoring. It can track everyday actions, but it features an automatic workout detector, heart rate monitoring track sleep, and more. Samsung Health is just an excellent fitness app.

    It is free to install Google Fit on your Samsung watch via the Play Store However, and it’s possible that you don’t want to. Samsung Health is more deeply integrated into the sensors on the clock. This means that it will allow you access to more information and may be more accurate.

    But, if you’ve used Google Fit for a while or like how it arranges your data, you could connect to it through Samsung Health. All you require is a simple app named “Health Sync.” You can connect to Fitbit If you’d like to.

    Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch 4 Is Not Perfect

    Although Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch 4 is handy, the experience on the first launch is somewhat shaky. There are disconnection issues, or the watch may not be able to connect to your smartphone. Because of these issues, you might consider rethinking using Google Assistant on your Galaxy Watch 4 when stability is the main issue.

    If none of these is an issue for you, then having Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch 4 is much more beneficial than relying upon Bixby Samsung’s voice-activated Assistant.

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