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How To Make Sweet Cream Cold Foam

    Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam is one of the favorite toppings for chilled drinks served at Starbucks. Making this delicious cold foam recipe is made up of three ingredients and only a few minutes. It’s that simple!

    This recipe clone shows you how to make homemade vanilla cold foam made of sweet cream. There are only two ingredients to make this creamy cream foam. You can serve the foam as a garnish to cold brew and iced Coffee. It’s a slightly sweet and delicious foam that tastes great but is even more delicious when added to iced drinks.

    This Starbucks cold foam mix blends heavy whipping cream, vanilla syrup, and milk. The most crucial step is to shake the mixture to make the foam. This recipe produces a rich, refreshing foam and light. It makes the perfect drink for any drink. And you can easily make another batch.

    What is vanilla or sweet cream?

    If you know the definition of cold foam, I’ll explain what vanilla sweet cream is.

    Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream is an essential blend of vanilla syrup with 2% milk and heavy cream. The vanilla-flavored cream makes the perfect addition of creamy flavor to the cup of cold Coffee. Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew is a trendy summertime beverage.

    However, if you purchase an alcoholic drink that contains the sweet vanilla flavor, it will not be mixed into the foam.

    You could think of this cream as the thinner vanilla whip cream that has yet to be whipped.

    If you look at the Starbucks menu image, you’ll look at the sweetness of the cream that cascades down the cold Coffee. And there’s no soft layer over it.


    Sweet cream is a mixture of thick cream, milk, and vanilla syrup, which is put into a cold brew to add sweetness and creaminess. It’s not frothed; it’s the coffee creamer.


    Vanilla cold cream is a perfect combination from both sides. The sweet cream’s vanilla sugar and cream syrup is combined with low-fat milk and frothed at high speed, as does cold foam. This creates a delicious, fluffy, and light foam that is slightly sweet with a hint of vanilla flavor with every drink.


    Cold foam: Starbucks creates this drink by whipping and frothing cold nonfat milk at high speed to make a fluffy unsweetened coffee topping.

    Sweet cream: The creamy drink is made by mixing a blend of heavy cream, milk, and vanilla. It is then poured over a cold brew or iced Coffee to create a delicious and smooth.

    Vanilla Sweet Ice Cream This recipe combines the two recipes above. It’s the same recipe as the sweet cream, but it’s whipped with a lot of speed to provide your cold brew or Iced Coffee with a whipping sweet and creamy taste.

    Ingredients You Need

    Heavy cream is the main ingredient in sweet vanilla cream.

    Two percent milk: A small amount of 2% milk is included to ensure that this heavy cream does not become whipped. Instead, it becomes foam. Remember this!

    The paste of Vanilla Bean: There is nothing more satisfying than looking at tiny specs in the paste of vanilla beans. You’ll require 1/2 vanilla bean to make this.

    Simple syrup: Feel free to purchase or make your own.

    Salt: a little salt will bring out the yummy vanilla flavor!


    When Starbucks first developed its sweet, creamy cold foam to serve their cold brews, they could order it for any drink they liked!

    Of course, adding cold drinks to chilled foam is not recommended since it can rapidly melt to make hot beverages. It’s pretty delicious in this Pink Drink and the Strawberry Acai Refresher (I have recipes for both, and you can make them at home! ).

    It is also possible to use it in macchiatos with ice or a latte from any iced coffee you prepare at home! It’s the perfect complement to just about every iced beverage.

    How do I create cold foam made of sweet cream?

    Whip the condensed cream and milk until thick and creamy. It can be done in the blender, using the aid of an immersion blender, or using an electric milk frother.

    Mix in the vanilla extract.

    Serve your Coffee with cold foam, or freeze it throughout the week.

    Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam Calories

    According to the nutritional calculator on the recipe card, there are 262 calories per cup of this sweet vanilla cold foam. Naturally, the amount will differ based on the kind of sweetener you choose to use to sweeten your cup of Coffee. These estimates are only for the cold, sweet foam.

    Do I require a milk frother to make this recipe?

    Don’t worry; scroll to the section “How to make sweet cream cold foam without a milk frother” to find out the options available.

    Does it taste anything like the ones that you get from Starbucks?

    Yes! This original Starbucks recipe is copied, meaning it’ll taste exactly like the cold sweet foam served at Starbucks.

    What is the taste of Starbucks’ sweet cream cold foam taste of?

    A fluffy vanilla cloud! It’s incredibly lightweight and airy. It’s not overly sweet, and you can still taste the vanilla.

    It’s the ideal topping if you don’t want an overly sugary coffee but still need a touch of creamy.

    You’re probably familiar with foam in vanilla or chocolate cream cold coffee, but it’s delicious in hot Coffee too!

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