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How To Make Puffed Rice

    We have come to buy the rice in supermarkets already packaged, but what if we cooked some delicious puffed grains ourselves at home? It is a great option to enjoy at breakfast time to provide us with an energy boost and a moderate amount of calories, and it is perfect for preparing alternative readings or an alternative to bread, in the form in the form of rice cakes. Puffed rice is more adaptable than we realize, and most of all, it’s very easy to make. It is true that the home-cooked recipe for puffed rice is not among the most efficient; however, the pleasure that comes from making something yourself is unbeatable. Let’s look step-by-step at how to make it happen by fastening your apron. It’s simple.

    What Is Puffed Rice?

    It’s also known as popping rice. It’s prepared by cooking rice in a normal way and baking it. In areas where puffed rice can be readily available, such as India, many people will not create rice at home. It is usually bought from the supermarket. However, I’ll show you how to make your own puffed rice using rice bags available for low prices.
    It is possible to use the Puffed Rice as a snack or incorporate it into many recipes. There are only just a few ingredients and a couple of minutes to prepare puffed rice.


    • Jasmine Rice
    • Oil to fry


    Cook rice according to the package instructions. Transfer the rice onto a parchment-lined baking sheet.
    Bake at 250°F for up or 2.5 hours or so until the water has evaporated. Allow cooling completely.
    Add 2 inches of olive oil to an enormous saucepan. Heat on medium-high until the temperature gets to 425 degF. Add some cooked rice. The rice will begin puffing instantly if the oil is sufficiently hot.
    In batches, slowly add about a cup of rice to the hot oil and fry briefly until the rice is puffed.

    How to Make Puffed Rice in Microwave

    You can also create puffed rice in the microwave. I’ll teach you how to do it. But, it is important to know that you’ll have to use rice that is already puffed for it to be cooked using the microwave.

    It’s not possible to take uncooked raw rice or cooked rice and heat it at the stove in order to puff it up. It won’t work since the microwave isn’t that great at getting rid of moisture. It must be baked to expand.

    You can make puffy rice that you microwave is mixed it up with marshmallows to create an incredibly sweet and sticky treat. You can also add butter and cook it in a microwave-safe dish for around two minutes. You’ll have what’s known as crispy rice snacks or rice crisps. Cut them into any shape you like and serve them chilled or warm.

    The marshmallows and butter help ensure that the rice stays together, and they sweeten the dish to ensure that you don’t have to add any additional seasonings If you don’t need to.

    Perfect Pairings

    Alongside placing Puffed Rice on top of your preferred milk, be creative and add it as an ingredient or as a garnish for various dishes, such as an Arroz con Leche that is creamy.

    Sweet, You can get your chocolate fix by making these Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars. The Puffed Rice helps balance the richness of the bars and provides a satisfying crunch. If you’ve got the cereal in your fridge and don’t consider the refrigerant, the process will take only about a minute!

    Savory: Instead of breadcrumbs, add some of this crisp deliciousness on top of our creamy Mac with Cheese. Alternately, substitute the crunchy peanuts and the crispy fried onions for Puffed Rice for your stirring-fry dish, as for this delicious Pad Thai Fried Rice with Japanese Omelet. Looking for ideas to prepare for Taco Tuesday? Try these tacos and dorados.

    A Balanced Breakfast

    It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for lighter food, such as these Puffed Rice Cereals, or you’re looking for a brunch buffet; begin your day with a delicious breakfast! This delicious twist to the rejuvenating “Nature’s Cereal” will leave you feeling refreshed to face whatever the morning holds for you. If you’re looking for something that has some protein, make our delicious Turmeric Breakfast Rice Bowl together in a matter of minutes!

    If you’re looking for a dish that’s perfect for brunch on Sunday, this spicy Omelet loaded with Mexican Rice and Chorizo is one to be noted. For a different take, you can try a leftover Mexican rice and beans recipe or even a Spanish paella filling.

    Recipes and tips

    • The most suitable type of rice to make delicious puffy rice is basmati which is a long-grain white rice. In order to cook it correctly, you need to take into consideration the same amounts of rice and water: thus, for example, 1 cup of water to each cup of rice.
    • In the form of a cup of milk or in more elaborate recipes, the rice puffed can help to bring delicious meals to the table. For an exquisite and delicious dessert, you can make the recipe for the soft mars cake, which is a concentration of sweetness.
    • Are you in search of an easy and healthy snack that you can make at home and take to work? Try these chocolate and rice bars. They are easy and quick to prepare.


    The cooked rice must be cool and dry, and hard before making it available to cook in the frying pan.
    You can use any flavoring you’d like, regardless of whether you like something tart, sweet, or savory.


    Puffed rice that is versatile adds a crunch to any recipe for granola bars.
    Stir-fries, salads, and snacks are made more flavorful when they are topped with puffed rice.
    Change out the breadcrumbs in the next plate of cheese and mac.
    Mix it with your favorite vegetables and Chutney.
    Sometimes it is simpler simply adding milk.


    Puffed rice has a winning combination of lots of protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals. In addition, it’s low in calories, and the bowl of puffed rooibos will give you energy without overdoing your diet.


    Yes! The fiber and complex carbohydrates will make you feel fuller for longer. This means that you’ll not be tempted to eat high-fat or high-sugar snacks. You’re now ready to shed that extra weight and fit in your favorite pair of jeans.

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