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How To Make Pie In Minecraft

    There’s an array of food items you can consume in Minecraft to satisfy your cravings whenever you have to do it. If you are a foodie who is not fulfilled by eating beef or pork or any other items that are quick to cook, you can make a more high-quality version of foods to eat, which has greater saturation yields.

    Pumpkin pie may be among the food items they’re looking for.

    How do you create Pumpkin Pie on Minecraft?

    Pumpkin pie is among the top food items available for Minecraft. In this blog, we will tell you how to get the delicious pumpkin pie.

    Method 1 (Crafting)

    • Purchase the pumpkin, egg, and sugar.
    • You can arrange them in any order at a craft table/grid in order in order to create

    Method 2 (Finding)

    • Find a spruce/tega village.
    • Explore the different chests found in the houses.
    • there is a chance that you will get pumpkin pie!

    Method 3 (Trade)

    • The farmer can be trained into an apprentice.
    • It is possible to trade one emerald for four pumpkins.

    Uses of Pumpkin Pie in Minecraft

    Pumpkin Pie is an excellent option for food cravings since it can restore four energy bars after eating.
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    Getting Pumpkin Pies Without Making Them

    Apart from making your pumpkin pie, it is possible to purchase them from Villages. First, you can exchange 1 Emerald for four Pumpkin Pies while dealing with an Apprentice Farmer Villager. For the Bedrock Edition, these Villagers are likely to have a 50% probability of having this option. In the Java Edition, the odds are 66 per cent.

    There is also the possibility of finding pumpkin pie within the chests of Taiga biome villages, with odds of only 10 per cent per chest. In addition, if you’re playing Java Edition, Villagers may drop Pumpkin Pies in exchange for your help when you’ve earned The Hero of the Village status as a consequence of completing a quest.


    Be aware that having enough pumpkin pies can help you when looking for food items. When consumed, this food item will fill eight hunger bars and keep you full for some time when adequately rationed. The ingredients may be problematic to obtain at the beginning of a game. However, you can grow them all and even have farms if you’re smart enough and use the right items. The idea of having farms dedicated to cultivating all the components of a pumpkin pie is at the forefront of your head when you play survival games since it can yield huge dividends to you in the future, should you want it.

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