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how to make iphone louder

    It’s a common sight when using older iPhones that the Speaker’s quality is relatively low in volume. But, in the last year, Apple has significantly modified its phones to improve their sound quality. Additionally, many new iPhones are loud when speaking to someone on the line or playing Music.

    However, sometimes people want to make the sound of their iPhone louder due to environmental noise issues or desire an extra volume while enjoying Music. Therefore, we offer a step-by-step guide on methods to enhance the sound of your iPhone speakers even more powerfully. Go through the following steps one at a time to find out what works best for you.

    Shut off the volume limiter

    If you find that your iPhone volume is minimal when compared with other devices, you likely have a volume limiter that is activated in your phone. The volume limiter limits the maximum volume on your device, thereby preventing hearing loss when wearing headphones. This limitation is enforced by default in certain areas around the globe based on local laws. Here’s how you can turn off the limiter of volume on your device.

    Start your Settings AppApp on your phone, and tap on ‘Sounds & Haptics.’

    Click on ‘Headphone Safety.’

    You can turn off the toggle that says “Reduce Sounds.” If you want to keep it on, make use of the slider on the bottom to increase the output of your device based on your preferences.

    Allow iPhone EQ to be turned on and set It too Late Night

    If you need clarification as to what Late Night means, it’s an EQ option to enable you to make your iPhone sound loud. To set it up, you must first activate iPhone EQ.

    Please navigate to the Settings AppApp and then open it.

    Scroll down to listen to Music

    Inside Music, tap on the EQ

    The EQ will come with a list of presets

    Go through Late Night and tap on it.

    How to Increase the volume on iPhone by increasing the volume on Spotify

    We’ve looked at ways to increase the volume of your iPhone by using Music. Music app. In the same way, you can increase the volume of your Music using Spotify as a Premium Subscriber.

    Here’s how you can increase the volume of your iPhone through Spotify:

    Launch Spotify. Open the Spotify app.

    Navigate to home on the menu.

    In the top-right corner, choose Settings.

    Scroll down until you can find Playback.

    Next to the Volume setting, Click the Loud option to increase the volume.

    How do I make my iPhone more acoustic during calls?

    As we all know, the two buttons on the sides can alter the volume. They control the sound according to the application your iPhone is currently running. For example, if you’re calling someone via phone, the volume buttons allow you to adjust the volume from more muted to more sibilant or reverse.

    If you’re interested in making your iPhone call volume increase during calls, here are the steps to do it.

    Step 1: Once you receive a call on your mobile, tap the Answer button or connect to someone else.

    Step 2. You can place the iPhone in your palm and press the index of your finger on the volume up button, which will boost the volume before answering the call.

    Step 3. In the following step, use the volume-up button once you have joined the phone. This will raise the volume of your Speaker.

    Step 4: If the sound is quite loud, utilize the volume down button to lower the volume.

    Make Use of a Cup You Can’t Really!

    The final- and most popular- fantastic way to boost the volume on your iPhone, mainly when you are using speakers or its built-in speakers, is to …. place the iPhone in a glass bowl or glass cup. It’s not that difficult. Try it. Set your iPhone into speakerphone mode, and put it in an empty glass bowl or glass cup. The sound waves coming from the Speaker will bounce off the surface of the glass. This amplifies the sound of your iPhone.

    The wall method

    Another method of making your iPhone louder is to set the phone in a place adjacent to a wall. You can then position it at an angle of 45 degrees toward the wall. This will allow the sound to bounce off the wall and make the Music loud.

    Place the phone in the bowl.

    If you’re looking to test various sound-amplifying techniques, remember this one. You’ll need an empty bowl to place your device. This technique has been in use for a long time. If you are placing your mobile phone into the bowl, be aware of the location of the speakers.

    It should be directed towards the downwards direction so that sound waves reflect off the sides and bottom inside the container. This will make the room better and provide more powerful sound. The bowl needs to be empty to create an echo chamber to serve the purpose of amplifying sound.

    Why can’t I hear My Calls on my Phone?

    Hearing the individual on the other end of the phone is possible even if you can’t listen to them. If that’s the case, ensure that the Speaker is turned on. Its icon for the Speaker will become colored green or highlighted if it’s turned on.

    To turn it on, tap the speaker icon and watch it blink. Even if the Speaker is turned off, you will still hear the sound coming through the earpiece.

    What can I tell if My Phone’s Speaker is Damaged?

    To access this diagnostic device To access the diagnostic tool, dial *#7353# from your phone. Select Speaker to examine the Speaker on the outside of your phone. If the phone’s speakers function well, you’ll be able to hear clear Music. Choose Melody to test the Speaker’s internal audio system of your phone.


    Congratulations! You’ve probably fixed your AirPods, and you’re now listening to your Music at the level it was designed to be on.

    The AirPods’ volume issues could be frustrating, but it is only for users who might still need to learn the solution. Therefore, ensure you are prepared with the suggestions we’ve mentioned previously. If you experience AirPods coming up with similar issues, you’ll know exactly what to do and won’t need to be concerned anymore.

    What was your experience? Did you take any action other than the ones we provided in this article? Please share it with us in the comments!

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