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How To Make Hair Bows

    Learn a manner to make hair bows fast and without issue with our smooth step-with resource of-step photo academic!

    Here are some greater hair accent tutorials we count on you’ll revel in – Fabric Flower Headband, Bug Bows, and DIY Baby Headbands.

    DIY Hair Bows

    A little-stated fact about me – I started out as a commercial bow employer decrease returned in 2001, and made hair bows and add-ons for stores and boutiques. I discovered the way to make a primary hair bow from my quality pal’s mom, who used to have her very personal bow commercial organization decrease returned in the ’80s and ’90s. I LOVE making hair bows!

    When my ladies were greater youthful, I used to make matching bows for each outfit in their closet. (It might have been overkill, but it changed into a lot of amusing!)

    There are a million one-of-a-kind styles of hairbows made from a million unique types of ribbon and embellishments. However, I’ve gotten quite a few requests for a step-by-step academic showing the manner to make a clean bow… in order that’s what I’m going to show you today!

    If video tutorials are extra detailed, here is a video I made 1,000,000 years in the past with a very vintage cellular phone. The high quality isn’t top-notch. However, it walks you in a complete manner –

    If pictures are greater your hassle, right here’s an easy educational –


    This manner of creating hair bows is absolutely genuinely considered one of my favorites, and it’s so bendy! In addition to hair bows, you could make them as present toppers to decorate gives, or even make happy birthday playing cards! And birthday party invites!

    They are so clean and lovely you can make masses greater of them than you initially deliberate. Since my little woman no longer like hair clips, she’s lately determined she desires hair ties. However, she’d keep them in her hair only if she favored their loads. Perfect to use, these smooth bows with glitter elastic ties! You can also choose hair clips with those bows.

    How to Make Hair Bows with Ribbon

    Preparing the Base Pieces

    We will want two quantities inches of large satin lace for the easy bow pattern. Measure and decrease out 9 inches and 1-inch portions from the selected satin lace. Use a lighter or candle to barely burn the lessen-edges of the satin portions to secure the edge fibers.

    The Base Folding

    Take the large piece of the prepared satin ribbon and make a loop with it. Simply join the open edges and overlap a cm of each edge.

    Stitching the Open Edges

    Prepare needle and thread. Work a taking walks sew along the overlapped edges of the ribbon loop.

    Keeping the stitched detail in the center, now turn the ribbon loop to the opposite facet. Flatten the center factor and hold the piece even on all sides.

    Create small or maybe accordion folds along the middle part of the ribbon loop. While developing the accordion folds, make certain to preserve the open edges of the ribbon loop aligned.

    Stitch the accordion folded middle with the connected needle and thread. Tie a first-rate knot even as you’re carried out stitching the middle.

    Now, take the small satin ribbon piece. Fold the 1-inch side from every factor. This small folded piece is probably the middle of the ribbon bow that we’re making.

    Nicely wrap the skinny ribbon piece across the center of the bow pattern; this could cowl the middle stitches. Stitch the

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