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How To Make Dried Orange Slices

    Dried orange slices may be eaten as a snack, used as DIY home decor, added to potpourri, and lots more! This put-up will offer a reason for a way to dry orange slices and what to do with them.

    Drying Orange Slices

    If you think dried orange slices are brilliant for making Christmas garlands or potpourri, assume again!

    They’re versatile — strive to use them as a cocktail garnish, as wreath decor, consuming them dipped in chocolate, and similarly.

    And how much cheaper is it to make your non-public dried orange slices than it’s far to shop for them pre-made at the craft store? It is SO heaps cheaper!

    Plus, any orange can be dried—even tangerines and tangerines!

    In this publication, I’m sharing my favored techniques for drying orange slices in addition to many makes use.

    What types of oranges should be used?

    You can use any form of orange you like! However, you must look for organization oranges to apply simultaneously with making those dehydrated oranges. Firm oranges will slice less difficult and will maintain their form higher.

    Try pretty some oranges for pretty a few sun shades!

    blood oranges – a darkish red indoors
    navel oranges – traditional orange interior

    How to Dry Orange Slices

    Luckily, you have many options for making dried orange slices. You can use the air-dry technique, oven-drying method, or dehydrator method. Each has its pros and cons.

    Orange slices on baking rack earlier than drying in the oven
    For a very one-of-a-kind spin on drying entire oranges, you can see my academic on the way to dry orange pomander balls.

    Air Drying

    The air-dry method requires the fewest gadget. Run a piece of jute or baking wire through the tops of your orange slices, and close them in a fab, dry place.

    Much like drying flowers, you’ll need as much as each week (or greater) for the orange slices to dry in truth. Beyond the time required, you can locate that your slices also can become extra warped with this approach.


    Oven drying is my favored approach for drying citrus. That’s the point of interest of this instructional. This method does require an afternoon at domestic to babysit your orange slices. However, the top-notch is reasonably ordinary.

    It’s also a good deal, much less highly-priced than making funding in a food dehydrator.


    If given the dough to spend on a dehydrator, you’d need to transport this path even as drying oranges. Many models like this one have a temperature adjustment function that facilitates holding nutrients in the fruit.

    Can You Dry Orange Slices For Decoration?

    Absolutely! Orange slices may be implemented in all techniques to enhance particular elements of your private home for Christmas. The simplest way is to pierce them on one element and thread a skinny ribbon via the hollow, tying it up in a bow ready for your adorning a Christmas tree.

    More adventurous thoughts embody threading dozens collectively as one in every of your Christmas garland mind. It’s particularly well worth doing this while wondering about Christmas window decor thoughts because the herbal moderate shines through the translucent fruit, making the slices glow.

    Cut Oranges into Very Thin Slices

    Make it advantageous if you were given a pointy knife, even as reducing your oranges. You’ll want the slices to have the shape of identical thickness so they’ll dry evenly. Thinner is better, so aim for slices approximately 1/four-inch thick.

    A mandolin is a super device to ensures even thickness while reducing fruit. Just slice off one cease of the orange to create a brilliant floor before continuing with the mandolin.

    Drain Excess Moisture Before Baking

    Dab every facet of the orange slices with a paper towel before setting them in the oven. This gives the fruit a head beginning on dehydrating.

    Bake Orange Slices in the Oven at Low Heat

    I examined the oven-drying method at specific temperatures: a hundred 75°F and hundred°F. Either is splendid. However, if you have the time, pass low and slow.

    Raw orange slices on the baking rack

    The orange slices I baked at one hundred seventy five°F had better shade and texture, despite the truth that I did want to exercise a few persistence searching ahead to them to complete. (Cue the Jeopardy tune.)

    It can take up to 6 hours to thoroughly dry your citrus fruit at one hundred seventy five°F, while the slightly better temp takes four hours.

    Applying a baking rack with parchment paper underneath is beneficial to bake the slices more frivolously and prevent the cookie sheet from getting sticky.

    Flip Orange Slices Each Hour

    When baking your oranges, set a timer to recall to turn the slices every hour or so. This allows the oranges to dry frivolously and hold a flat shape near curling.

    Checking the slices every hour will permit you to choose, even as they may be dry sufficient.

    For a Culinary Treat, Add Sugar or Spices

    If you’d like to use your orange slices as a garnish for a cocktail or in a vacation punch, strive to sprinkle on some sugar, cinnamon, and ginger. This will result in a carmelized slice that makes a great cope.

    How to store dried orange slices

    Store dry sliced oranges in an airtight container or bag for at least two years. Please keep them in a fab, dry area to preserve their shelf existence. A glass jar or ziploc bag works nicely for a storage field.

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