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How To Make Clotted Cream

    Clotted Cream is deliciously creamy and the essential partner to a batch of British scones. You don’t have to visit England to experience your tea-time treats despite the fact that, because of the fact it’s so smooth to make at domestic! 

    Clotted Cream is an essential associate with British scones, and it’s so easy to make at domestic. 

    What Is Clotted Cream?

    Clotted cream is a staple on British tea-time tables. You’ll locate it served in a chunk dish proper alongside your scones (or, very traditionally, Cornish’ splits’, a form of yeast bun).

    It is a thick, creamy, white spread with the consistency of softened cream cheese. It is ever so barely sweet, but especially actually, especially creamy like a wonderful, unsalted butter.

    What Does Clotted Cream Taste Like?

    Clotted cream has a rich taste that tastes just like butter. When it is made nicely, it’s thick and creamy with a silky texture.

    How to Make Clotted Cream

    You’ll discover the entire, step-by way of the usage of-step recipe below – however, here’s a quick evaluation of what you can count on when you make clotted cream at home:

    • Pour the cream right into a baking dish and bake for 12 hours.
    • Chill for a single day.
    • Separate the liquid and cream.
    • Pack the clotted cream into a canning jar. Refrigerate for as many as five days.

    Notes from Chef John:

    · This recipe works top-notch with exceptional first-rate cream, preferably from grass-fed cows with a fat content material fabric of 36% to 40%. Avoid some detail that says “pretty-pasteurized” because it has been warm temperature-treated, and you couldn’t get equal outcomes.

    · Most modern ovens flow down as low as one hundred seventy-five to one hundred eighty stages F (80 levels C), satisfactory for this approach. A temperature of two hundred levels F (ninety-five levels C) will be artwork; however, check after 10 hours and see how topics look.


    • Always use excessive fat cream. 33% minimal.
    • Take care no longer to burn the cream by way of manner of whisking regularly and microwaving in bursts until accomplished.
    • Allow your clotted cream to set in the refrigerator in advance of serving.
    • Do now not throw out the pores and skin that paperwork on the pinnacle of the cream. It’s delicious and must be eaten with the rest of the cream.

    Extended clotted cream close in the refrigerator?

    Kept within the fridge in an airtight field, it’ll last for as plenty as seven days. Once opened, use the inner three days.

    Can I freeze clotted cream?

    I wouldn’t endorse it. Like most dairy merchandise, clotted cream doesn’t truthful nicely in the freezer. The texture is impaired; it will become crumbly and doesn’t have the same creamy experience in the mouth.

    What to Do with Clotted Cream?

    Here are some exceptional uses for clotted cream. Besides the normal scones and clotted cream pairing, it’s excellent slathered on…

    • desserts
    • crumpets
    • brief bread
    • cornbread
    • Irish soda bread
    • rolls
    • pancakes
    • waffles
    • french toast
    • treacle tart
    • German Stollen bread
    • You can also use clotted cream in…
    • fudge
    • ice cream
    • caramel sauce
    • chocolate cakes

    However, it’s far more regular to freeze clotted cream, and it may art work well for baking. Freeze smooth clotted cream for up to 3 months in a hermetic field.

    How to serve Homemade Clotted Cream

    Serve with freshly baked scones and jam, and a pot of tea.

    However, clotted cream isn’t best for a day tea. It’s quality with a pudding or dessert. We love a dollop of clotted cream with our Nectarine Frangipane Tart or an apple pie or fall apart. Oh, I nearly forgot – sticky toffee pudding too!

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