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How To Make Black Icing

    A simple black icing that isn’t grey and doesn’t stain your teeth. It’s made from simple ingredients. This dark, deep buttercream frosting is rich and smooth and made from cocoa powder in black. It’s ideal for pipe piping.

    The black frosting is known for being a bit tasteless, which is very disappointing. It’s a striking impression and is extremely useful in decorating cakes, especially for Halloween. But I’ve found ways to disguise the metallic black taste, and the solution is to use black cocoa powder. It can help to increase the shade from gray to black and disguise the unpleasant taste by blending it with chocolate. Everyone in the baking industry was thrilled! It was at least what I did. It is equally difficult to create the perfect red frosting as black, and I’m here to assist you in this foolproof How to Make Red Frosting” Red Velvet” recipe.

    What You’ll Be Needing

    There are many ways to create the black color of food. Here’s how:


    With ultra-concentrated colors that are squeezed into bottles, The Color Right system will give you a deep dark black shade without compromising quality or consistency. Its basic Black color is offered in the entire Color Right collection but can be purchased separately.

    • Light Gray: 1 Cup of white buttercream frosting plus five drops of colored
    • Medium Gray: 1 Cup of white buttercream frosting plus 10 drops of colored
    • Dark Gray: 1 Cup of white buttercream frosting and 20 drops of colored
    • The black: 1 cup of white buttercream frosting plus 100 drops of color

    For a simpler and quicker solution, you can use this chocolate buttercream recipe as the base instead of white buttercream.

    2 cups chocolate buttercream and 30 drops of coloring

    Icing COLORS

    Icing colors can be a fantastic method to color your buttercream. Make sure to make use of a clean spoon or toothpick to color the frosting.

    • Dark Gray: 1 cup of white buttercream frosting plus 1/8 teaspoon of colored
    • Medium Gray: 1/4 cup of white buttercream frosting and 1 teaspoon of color
    • Dark Gray: 1 Cup of white buttercream frosting and 1 teaspoon of colored

    To make the black frosting by using icing colors, we recommend that you use our chocolate buttercream recipe as the base instead of white buttercream. Simply add Black Icing Color to the chocolate frosting using either a knife or toothpick. Continue adding until you achieve your desired shade.

    Natural Food Color

    Start with white icing. Then include natural ingredients to create that desired dark shade.–This won’t work with each recipe because certain ingredients affect the taste and texture. Below are elements that can create the black color when used in recipes:

    • Squid Ink is not suitable for desserts due to its salty flavor. Use it in doughs, varieties of pasta, or rice dishes. Use small amounts to ensure you don’t add too much flavor to your dish with the addition of salt.
    • Cocoa Powder Cocoa Powder: Use a cocoa powder that is labeled by the designation “black” or “ultra Dutch processed” for darker color in batters.
    • Activated Charcoal: Health reactions to this ingredient can vary, so be aware of the possible adverse effects prior to incorporating it into batters or other dry ingredients.

    How do I make a simple, homemade BLACK ICING RECIPE WITH SCRATCH, NOT GRAY?

    • Mix ingredients, including butter and shortening, followed by vanilla extract and cocoa powder, followed by powdered sugar and heavy cream, one at a.
    • Add black food coloring. Mix until evenly dispersed.
    • Transfer the icing- about 1/2 cup into the bowl.
    • You can add black coloring until the color becomes darker.
    • Heating the microwave until the mixture is runny and then mix.
    • Mix frostings- until you have a uniform black hue all over.
    • Cover and chill for 2 to 5 days.
    • Cool to room temperature. Pipe on cupcakes and cakes.


    It’s much easier to accomplish this rather than start with pure white buttercream since the buttercream base already has a dark brown. It can be made darker and more black by adding 1-2 tablespoons of cocoa powder in black and some squirts of food color that are black. Let it sit for a couple of days in the refrigerator to allow the color to develop more.

    Why does my frosted food taste Bad and BITTER? What can I do to fix this?

    Because we’re using a cocoa powder that is black, There is no necessity to add any food coloring, and it instantly reduces bitterness. To disguise any remaining bitterness, you can add more high-quality extracts.

    Tips and techniques

    Utilize black gel food coloringAvoid using colored liquids. It’s not as concentrated and does not offer the vivid color we’d like.

    • How do you repair a thin, runny icing? This usually means that you have excess liquid in the icing. Be sure to apply the heavy cream one tablespoon at a time instead of adding it all at a time. You may also add more powdered sugar to thicken the icing, but this will increase the sweetness. Another option is to chill the icing when it’s simply too hot, and this is the cause of the thick texture. It is important that you operate in a cool area to avoid this.
    • How do you fix thick icing? The icing might be too cold and must be brought back to the temperature of the room to become pipeable or require more liquid. Mix 1 tablespoon of heavy cream, and stir to see if it helps make it more manageable. If not, then include the remaining Tbsp of cream heavy, and mix once more till the consistency you want has been achieved.
    • You can also add other extracts, such as coffee, almonds, maple, or even bourbon.
    • Make sure to check the icing the next day and check if it’s been darkened according to your preference. If not, heat just a bit with a microwave. Mix, and chill once more. You could also add more cocoa powder in black or some dark food coloring.
    • The butter should be at room temperature. Because if it’s too warm or melting, the icing will break apart, appear grainy and be too liquidy to pipe. If it’s cold, it won’t mix well with other ingredients and will be lumpy instead of smooth.
    • Use butter that is not salted to stop the frosting from becoming too salty.
    • You can use both shortening and butter. Butter adds flavor and richness, while shortening provides stability. Both are required.

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