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how to make a tiktok with multiple videos

    The growth of TikTok has been rapid, and its user base is rapidly surpassing different social networks. The possibilities are endless!

    On TikTok, the process of creating videos is easy, which makes it possible for users all across the globe to share entertaining, enjoyable images with a vast global audience. The TikTok app lets creators of all kinds with unique content and marketing creation possibilities.

    If you’re looking to make simple, straightforward TikTok video clips or prefer to combine several clips to create more sophisticated visual effects for your videos, there are many options. With a smartphone with access to the TikTok application, you can create stunning content with just a few easy steps.

    If you’re looking for ways to make professional TikTok videos, You’re in the right spot. We’ve created this simple-to-follow step-by-step guide to help you achieve TikTok success, whether posting videos for the first time or the hundredth.

    How to Make a TikTok With Multiple Videos

    The art of creating a TikTok with videos and photos will be an automatic process within a matter of minutes. We’ll start with videos!


    1. Start your TikTok application and select the plus icon at the lower right of the screen to create an entirely new video.
    2. Hit the flashing red button and start recording your video. Release your thumb from the red button when you close your video. Once you’re prepared for the next part, press the red button and record in the same manner. Repeat this process until you’ve recorded all the clips you’d like. There will be blue lines high up on your display, indicating the number of pins you have and the amount of time allotted to them.
    3. If you’d like to take your videos using your smartphone’s camera, You can do this and then upload them to TikTok using the “Effects” button and then select the “Green Screen Video” option.
    4. After you’ve found all the clips you’d like, you can cut them up and change them using the checkmark in red at the lower right part of your screen and then pressing the “Adjust Clips” on your screen “Adjust Clips” button on the right side of the screen.
    5. After you’ve completed your changes and made adjustments, save the post and finish editing your blog post.

    How to Record Multiple Clips for a TikTok

    Step 1
    Start the TikTok application and click the “+” icon at the lower right of the screen to create the video.

    Step 2
    Click the red button for recording your video, and then release your thumb off the red button when you’re ready to finish the first video. If you’re prepared to record your next video, just hit that red button again and record your video the same way. Continue to do this until you’ve made all the clips you’d like to register.

    Step 3
    When you’ve got all the clips you need for your TikTok, Cut them and arrange them by clicking your “Adjust Clips” button on the right-hand left.

    Step 4
    Once you’re done with the editing process, press saves and tap to finish editing the remainder of the TikTok video. Add stickers and text, apply filters, and much more. Finally, you can publish your clip on TikTok and save it in drafts.

    Can you combine multiple clips using TikTok?

    You can indeed combine several clips on TikTok. One way is to record clips with pauses between them and combine them into one video. Another way to join video clips involves uploading different clips to Editor (on TikTok or using third-party applications) to incorporate them into one. You can also use some circular methods, such as a specific Effect that is available on the create page, to use both recorded and newly recorded content to blend the two into a single unit. Use our tutorial below to discover the best ways to do it.

    How do you make a video that has multiple cuts using TikTok?

    Making a video with several cuts in TikTok depends on the camera settings you’ve selected in the application. If you change the Camera mode instead of the Quick way and specifically use the video mode with a suitable duration, you can create videos using more than time permits.

    How do you create an account on TikTok using multiple videos and Video clips?

    Here are the easy and simple steps to create a TikTok video using just several footages and editing.

    Click the + symbol on the lower right of the screen.
    Make or upload several clips. To upload video clips from the library on your smartphone, click “Upload.” To create multiple clips, press”Red” to begin recording, then press it to stop. Repeat this process for each newly recorded clip you’d like to include in the final video.
    Press the “Next” button when you’re done assembling your footage.
    Create video edits and sync sound. Editing options are available in the right-hand sidebar. To sync audio between clips, click “Adjust Clips,” “Sound Sync,” then click”Auto-sync” or the “Auto-sync” button in the lower-left corner of the screen.
    Write a brief description of the video and some relevant hashtags to your video, and then share your video.

    How can you make your TikTok become a viral sensation?

    Here are some helpful tips for posting your video on TikTok, which will boost the chances of your video being viewed by millions:

    Include popular hashtags in your captions; however, don’t include generic hashtags. Utilize hashtags that define what the video is about rather than just the standard “#FYP.”
    The time of day at which you post isn’t necessary. You must be consistent in posting. TikTok isn’t just a one-and-done game. Try to post frequently, and your content will be more likely to go viral.
    Engage with any person who has commented on your video. If you like their comments, respond to them, and look through their videos if they’ve any.
    Upload your videos to different social networks to boost views and exposure.

    Can it be edited on TikTok post after it has been posted?

    No. You cannot modify the description of a TikTok video after you have published it. You can, however, change the definition of a video after it’s been published.

    If you’ve made a mistake or uploaded the wrong video, you’ll be required to delete it and upload it again. It is essential to save the video files that have been heavily edited before publishing them so that you don’t have to start the whole process by creating over if you make one small error.


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