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how to make a post shareable on facebook

    There’s a tool responsible for making sure relevant people see your Facebook posts, and that tool is called an audience selector. The audience selector determines who can see your status updates and photos before and after you publish them. It also controls certain details on your profile that you may prefer to keep private, like an email address.

    You can utilize the audience selector tool to decide who will see and share individual posts via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. However, be aware that you aren’t able to alter the people who see any posts you share on your friends and family’s timelines because it is up to them.

    Learn ways to make your blog posts easily shareable after posting them. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to learn the steps before you click the send button…

    How to Enable the Share Button on a Facebook Post

    The steps to alter the target audience for a blog post can be followed for the desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook) and smartphones (iPhone, iPad, and Android phones).

    Begin the process by clicking Facebook and searching for the Post you wish to share.

    On the top-right side of the Post on Facebook, Click the three dots.

    In the menu that appears after you click on three dots, choose “Edit Audience.”

    There will be a “Select Audience” window. At the top, you’ll see a drop-down menu that says “Public.”

    Now you’re ready. Your followers and friends can get a Share button under your Post. Click the Share button and share your blog post wherever they’d like. Enjoy sharing!

    How do you make all future posts easily shareable on Facebook?

    Are you not sure if you would like to make them “Public” one by one? It is possible to put all your subsequent content on “Public.” This way, all future posts will be available for sharing. We’ll give you an easy-to-follow plan, including images.

    Find your profile at the top of the right.

    Click on “Settings & Privacy.”

    Click on “Settings.”

    To the left, you’ll see an option. Select”Privacy” on the left “Privacy” tab. (1)
    You can then review your activities. This is where you can see who can see your next posts. If you would like all of the world to be able to view it, you can add “Public,” as shown on the image. (2)

    You can use these if you’re looking to use an alternative method. When you click on “Friends,” all of your friends will be able to see your posts; when you click “Friends except,” you can select which friends will not be allowed to view all your posts.

    How to Make a Post Shareable on the Facebook App

    The Facebook app has many similarities with its web-based version and identical security settings. To change the security settings for your Post in the mobile application, follow these steps:

    On the Facebook home screen, tap the ‘What’s on your mind?’.

    Below your profile’s name, tap the Security icon to alter the settings. The options are similar to the options on your desktop above. Choose Public.

    After that, you can continue your message.

    Tap the Post on the upper left corner to show this message to your walls.

    Suppose you keep the post public again in the future. Tap the three dots and select Edit Privacy. After that, choose Friends or any other options that are not public. The Post will be deleted for all who shared the Post.

    How to make a post on Facebook shareable without making it public

    Do you want to make your article shareable but keep it private? Facebook can also allow you to select specific people, groups, or all friends, except particular people.

    To make a Facebook post shareable without being made public, visit the privacy settings list and choose the option you want from Friends other than Specific friends or Custom. You can then select who can view the Post. Your Post will then be shared with the people you have chosen but not making it public.

    Why why can’t I share a post of someone else’s?

    If you’re trying to share a blog post from another account, and it isn’t appearing to be working, the second user might have changed its sharing preferences.

    If a post isn’t made public and is not set with”Public” or the “Public” audience visibility option, It is not visible to every user of the site. If you cannot publish a post of someone else’s, they have likely changed their privacy settings.

    Tips to Make Your Posts More Visible

    After you’ve learned about how you can make your content shareable, it’s important to understand how to make them more visible. If you’d like your content to be shared, you’d like them to be seen by the most people possible. This is why we offer you tips to increase your reach and engagement on Facebook.

    Posting Time

    A very crucial aspect is to post when it is appropriate. If you are trying to get your message out to the maximum number of people possible, you must make sure you post at a time when your followers are likely to be active on Facebook. Generally, it’s after 6 or 7 in the evening on days when it is not a weekday. Most people would be home, so it’s the ideal time to take an interest in Facebook. Another great time to visit Facebook during the week is at noon. After lunch, when people are on their lunch break, they attempt to unwind before returning to work. Saturday evening isn’t the best time to write for weekends as many people have plans for Saturday evenings. Sunday mornings are a better time for posting also. Any time other than the morning hours would be ideal for Sunday posting.

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