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how to make a live wallpaper with multiple pictures

    The default feature for your iPhone’s free live wallpaper isn’t available. Just download the wallpaper and save it to your device.

    There are only a few steps to creating your wallpaper. Create your iPhone’s Lock screen with just a few simple steps. A live wallpaper can be created from images you have taken from different albums. The iPhone can be set as wallpaper by selecting images from an album.

    To make a live video wallpaper, you must use the VideoToLive app.

    These tools can be used to take live photos of the video.

    How do I place multiple photos on my lock screen display?

    There are many options for putting multiple pictures on your iPhone lock screen. These can be done using apps or setting up your default lock screen. You can also set up a slideshow of images that will play when you unlock your iPhone. You can set the duration for each image or play music while it plays. You can also customize the lock screen theme of your iPhone.

    Once you have selected the photo you wish to use for your iPhone’s Lock Screen, you can add it directly to your iPhone. You can choose between static and dynamic photos or preset wallpapers. Zooming in on images will allow you to view them better. You can also modify the order of the photos in this menu to make them appear on both your home and lock screens. Using the Settings app, you can also modify the order in which your lock screen appears.

    How can I insert multiple photos into my Lock Screen screen?

    iOS devices allow multiple images to be placed on your Lock Screen. To do so:

    1. Open the Photos app.
    2. Select the pictures that you want to use.
    3. Tap the Share option and choose the Add to Lock Screen option.

    How can you make a slideshow of live wallpapers on your iPhone?

    First, create a photo album for your iPhone to create a live wallpaper slideshow. You can then select the photos that will be used in your slideshow. Open the Settings app and click Wallpapers & Brightness. Click on the Live Wallpapers tab and choose your album. Next, you can select one of our slideshow options.


    Activate Google Play Store. Android phones all come preloaded with the app. The icon, a triangle-shaped symbol, can be identified as the Google Play Store. You must click the Google Play Logo to access the Google Play store.

    Add a live wallpaper App to your phone: To access the Google Play Store application’s search bar, click on the magnifying lens icon. Search for “Live background” and tap the magnifying glass icon to download your choice app. Apps that have received many positive reviews signify that users enjoyed their experience.

    Start the app, then choose the Gallery tab. Click the back button to exit Google Play Store. Then select the Live Wallpaper app you just downloaded. You can view the Live images you can use as wallpaper by selecting the gallery option.

    Choose the GIF/Live image you wish to use for your background. You can scroll through all GIFs or Live photos until something appeals to you. You can tap on any photo to select the one you want.

    Click the box if you like the wallpaper. A green checkmark, or “set home screen” button, will appear on your app. After that, tap the button to enjoy your new wallpaper.

    How to create an iPhone wallpaper that is life

    iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, and later models allow you to make a wallpaper live on your iPhone directly without downloading an application. The iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, and later models (except the iPhone SE) can take Live Photos. Live Photos are short video clips that allow you to edit and select the perfect frame to fit your photo. You can use them as live wallpaper. You can do this in iOS 13 as well as iOS 14.

    Step 1 – Go to Settings > Wallpaper

    Step 2: Tap Choose a New Wallpaper. Scroll down, and tap Live Photos.

    Step 4 – Tap Set. You can choose to either set the lock screen or set both. Set Home Screen does not matter as the wallpaper won’t move from the Home screen.

    How to Combine Multiple Live Images into a Video

    Everybody wants to transform still images into incredible videos. If we are given a chance to do so, we want it to be seized immediately.

    Here are the steps for combining multiple life photos into a video. Now, let’s do it!

    Step 1

    You can access the photos app from your phone.

    Step 2

    You can then go to your photo gallery by scrolling to the bottom under the media types section to view all your Live Photos in one place. Click on the category of live photos to view your entire collection.

    Step 3

    Press Select in the top right corner. Click on all Live Photos you wish to include in your video.

    Step 4

    You can then click the share button at the left-bottom of your screen. Next, select Save As Video from the available options.

    Step 5

    Share your live photos with your family and friends to enjoy the video together.

    How can I get an animated wallpaper as my lock screen wallpaper?

    It is simple to make an animated wallpaper for your lock screen. You must create your desired photo or design and add animated effects/stickers to your wallpaper.

    How do you make your lock screen?

    First, download YouCamPerfect to your smartphone.

    Start the app and create your lock screen wallpaper using many editing options.

    After creating your lock screen, go to your phone settings and modify it.

    Get ready

    Live wallpapers include wallpapers with moving backgrounds. A video or live photo can be used to create your live wallpaper. It can make the iPhone screen more exciting than static wallpapers. This article will discuss two methods to create an iPhone live wallpaper. The Live Wallpaper 3D app makes a better choice for iPhone than the built-in option.

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