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How To Hide Specific Steam Games From Friends And Family Sharing

    Various reasons could lead players to block your games on your Steam library from other players. If you’re playing a gaming habit or do not want people to know when your game has been played or played, you may wish to change your Steam account’s privacy preferences.

    Learn how to adjust your settings to ensure that your friends don’t know the games you’re playing or even what’s within the contents of your Steam library.

    Hide Played Steam Games

    If someone views your profile, they will check out the games you’ve played and the length of time. Removing the games played on your profile is possible if you want to prevent your gaming buddies from discovering your gaming desires.

    • Launch Steam.
    • Move the cursor before your username, then select”View my profile.
    • Select Edit Profile.
    • Pick the Privacy settings.
    • Steam will automatically save the updated settings for your profile. Steam will automatically save the edited settings for your profile.

    Hide Steam Games From Your Library

    If you share your computer with someone else, it may be logical to exclude some titles from the Steam library. They might be younger than you, and the games must be more appropriate for their ages.

    You’re embarrassed by playing games, or you’re afraid of your people to know about that game. Start the Steam application and navigate to the library to conceal any game. Select the game you wish to cover, click the Settings icon, and select the Manage tab. Then, Hide this game.

    If you’d like to try the game that has been hidden, visit the View tab and select Games that are hidden. If you want to add the game to your library, go to its settings, then select Manage > Remove from hiding.

    The ability to hide a game is a simple trick. However, more is needed to keep other users from discovering the game. If this happens, it is possible to deinstall a Steam game and install the game later.

    How to Hide Steam Gaming Activity

    Suppose you’d like to extend your privacy to the next level and would like to keep the gaming activities of your other players. It is easy to turn yourself off so that people do not know what games you’re playing.

    Start the Steam application, and then in the menu bar, click Friends.

    Select Offline in the contextual menu.

    What Does Hiding A Game on Steam Do?

    Hiding the game you play on Steam lets you play it on your own with no one else being aware of it. If you make your Steam account secure, it allows you to hide your games from other players. You can then enjoy any sport without fear of judgment or being ridiculed.

    How to View Adult Games on Steam

    If you wish to receive notifications on adult-related games whenever you visit Steam’s store, You can examine the preferences in the settings.

    Launch the Steam app, and tap the username or icon of your account in the upper right-hand corner.

    • Choose Store Preferences within the contextual menu.
    • Check the boxes according to your preferences.
    • Can my Steam friends see my hidden games?

    Hide or Remove Games From Your Steam Library

    Users with access to information about your game on your profile can still check out any achievements and time you’ve played in that game. But, any user accessing your computer cannot access the game through your usual Steam library.

    What can I do to make my Steam account secure?

    Alternatively, you may go to the Privacy Settings for Profile page by hand:

    • In your Steam Profile, Click on the Edit Profile—link under the badge you have displayed.
    • Select the. My Privacy Settings. Tab.
    • Pick your privacy setting (any modifications to your privacy settings will be immediately saved)

    Final Thoughts

    There are three options to cover up your Steam game. If you’re savoring the sexy classics of childhood as well as one of Steam’s newest adult-only games, you might need to consider some protection. Based on the degree of security you’re looking for, our recommended methods will be guaranteed to keep you safe.

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