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how to hide messages on iphone lock screen

    There are many ways to keep messages off your iPhone. If you’d like to protect your messages, Learn how to disable the preview of notes, which allows you to see an alert for text messages on the Lock screen, but it won’t show any portion of what the statement reads. There’s also the option of removing messages on the Screen Lock completely.

    iPhone messages preview feature is an option we can easily enable or turn off through the settings on iPhone. If you’re looking to hide only some of your messages in text on iPhone, you can make a message using invisible ink when using iOS 10. This is an excellent method to keep your message private and still allow previews of notes on the Lock screen. Here’s how you can conceal messages in text on your iPhone.

    Remove notifications from Specific Apps on the iPhone Lock Screen.

    All that’s required to block notifications from Messages or another app on the Lock Screen of your iPhone is to open Settings > Notifications, scroll down and select the app that you wish to block Lock Screen Notifications.

    Messages App Notifications Settings Option on iPhone

    On the next page, you can uncheck the Lock Screen option under the “ALERTS” section by pressing it.

    Once you have done this, you’ll not see notifications from this specific App showing up on the display of your iPhone that is not locked. iPhone.

    Ways to Inactivate Message Visibility on the Lock Screen

    There are two methods to accomplish this. One is to block messages from appearing when your phone’s lock screen is on. In addition, you can disable the previews of your notifications when your phone is in lock screen mode.

    Let’s examine how to accomplish these tasks one step at a time.

    Disabling Messages Appearances in Lock Screen Mode

    The process of removing messages from the lock screen mode is pretty simple.

    Here’s how to turn off messages from appearing on the lock screen. Lock Screen mode:

    Open your iPhone’s “Settings” or “Settings” application.

    Choose “Notifications” in addition to other options.

    Click on “Messages.” Then scroll down until the very end on the screen.

    You should now find “View on the Lock Screen.” Click on it and then change it to “Off.”

    Then, you will see a variety of alert types. You must turn off each one, i.e., select “None” in all instances.

    After you’ve switched off, various types of alerts are suggested. You’ve completed the deactivation of the lock screen on iMessage successfully. Now you’re less concerned about strangers who might poke their nostrils.

    Disable Lock Screen Message Notification

    Another way to block messages from the iPhone display is to switch off notifications. In iOS, it is done using the steps in the following paragraphs.

    Step 1: Unlock your mobile and tap “Settings” and “Settings icons.”

    Step 2: From your home screen, Go through the “Notifications Center” “Notifications Center.”

    3: After you have opened the “Messages Alerts section,” tap “allow notifications” to block all kinds of notifications. When the green icon turns white, the message notification won’t appear on the mobile screen.

    Turning Off Notifications for Messages

    It is also possible to go to a greater extent and turn notifications to messages off entirely, and there will be neither an alert nor a preview. Be cautious with this option since it may result in you missing important announcements and suffer severe consequences in the future. Follow these steps to turn the notification for all messages off:

    Click on “Settings” and then “Settings” App.

    Go the “Notifications” and select “Messages.”

    Find the “Show on the Lock Screen” option, and then turn off the lock screen by tapping it.

    You can also deactivate that small, red badge that appears on the “Messages” icon, which indicates the number of messages not read by pressing the “Badges” option “Badges” alternative.

    If you wish to turn off altogether all notifications from”Messages,” click on the “Messages” application, tap on the “Allow Notifications” option at the top of the page and turn it off.

    Can you alter the message bubbles on the iPhone?

    Hold and tap on your row of applications that is below the keyboard. While touching the screen, move the cursor to the left until you see the app Color Text Bubble. Select this app, and a selection of bubble styles will be displayed. You can select one of the pre-set styles and styles or tap on the Type Custom message to make it personal.

    Are you able to hide messages without having to delete them?

    What can you do to block SMS messages on Android by archiving them? Archiving SMS messages in your messenger app will allow you to hide messages from SMS without the need to erase the messages. This feature is available in nearly all Android messaging apps and is accessible via pressing long on a contact.

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