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How to get more followers on TikTok? Some tips for video makers

    Tiktok is a relatively new youth network that is constantly growing and developing. The platform has thousands of active users and this figure is increasing every day. The site gained particular popularity with the appearance of bloggers, entrepreneurs and major brands on the site. They all realized that other social networks are no longer so effective for promoting modern content. 

    At the same time, TikTok  algorithms cannot but please, users have the opportunity to get the first hundreds of subscribers without spending money on promotion. Of course, not everyone gets it and someone has to spend money to buy tiktok followers. Those who entered the platform first had more advantages than those users who decided to promote the profile now. But this is not a reason to put this idea in the back drawer and wait for a new network to appear so that it would be easier to attract an audience.

    In this article, we will tell you what methods were used by the now famous makers and why it is important to design an account beautifully.

    What should be done first?

    Imagine that you shot several videos and one of them got into the recommendations, the user paid attention to you and decided to go to the page. The first thing he should see is an interesting nickname, a brief but clear and informative description, a bright avatar, your branded top clips and links to other social networks. If this is not the case or you have not completed your profile yet, we advise you to do it immediately. No one will be interested in you if you show that you are an interesting person and your blog has a concept. Therefore, take care to give a potential subscriber information about yourself and try to hook him with a visually pleasing design. Come up with a style and design for the clips so that they are recognizable and viewers associate such processing with your content.

    Choose your niche and start creating clips. It’s trite, but the basis for rapid promotion on TikTok is high-quality content. Videos can be entertaining, educational, humorous or useful. It doesn’t matter what format you choose for yourself. The main thing is to focus on quality and not quantity. Many successful makers say that they made a mistake when they started posting 7-10 videos a day in an attempt to get into the top. They were unable to achieve success because it is impossible to create a large number of high-quality clips per day.

    Ways of promotion.

    Bloggers who already had an active audience on other social networks used them and transferred traffic to TikTok. If you belong to such influencers, you can tell readers that you have started an account and will regularly publish interesting content. At the first stage, it will help to gain a certain number of followers and it will be easier to use other organic methods of promotion.

    Participation in popular challenges can help you promote your profile. Many of these activities are arranged by TikTok himself and promote a video with a special hashtag in the recommendation. Videos from the challenges are located in the “interesting” tab, and users often view this page to discover new authors and evaluate their creativity.

    If you are socially active and are not afraid to write to other authors with offers of cooperation, use this chance. It is suitable for those authors who have already received recognition on the web. Few people will want to create a collaboration with unvisited users, so it is important to show activity in the profile. The number of likes, comments and subscribers will determine whether they want to conduct a joint project with you.

    These methods are absolutely free and do not require financial expenses, but there is one disadvantage in using them – it will take time for people to pay attention to you. If you want a quick and guaranteed result, you can use the chance to buy tiktok followers cheap. A solid number of followers will help you in the subsequent organic promotion of your account. You will easily arrange a collaboration with a blogger and potential viewers will not ask questions why you have a small audience.

    There is no universal formula for how to get more followers. Each author is unique, and not all of the methods presented can work for you. But in order to understand which way of promotion is suitable for your page, you need to experiment and combine methods with each other. Step by step you will increase the coverage and at the same time get more viewers. Good luck!

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