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how to get hardwood in stardew valley

    Luckily, as extra updates came to Stardew Valley, more strategies for obtaining Hardwood were added. This has included more excellent recipes calling for this beneficial, valuable resource, making it even extra critical for gamers to build up simultaneously.

    While positive techniques of obtaining Hardwood do not require any Axe upgrades, game enthusiasts are encouraged to improve their axe as much as they might. One of the incredible techniques of obtaining Hardwood daily requires at least a Steel Axe, which is the most encouraging improvement.

    Updated February 14th, 2022, with the resource of Russ Boswell: There are quite a few beneficial materials in Stardew Valley; however, game enthusiasts will want to understand which to get Hardwood as rapidly as feasible. While it does not remember a wide variety of masses inside the earliest additives of the sport, Hardwood in Stardew Valley becomes one of the most valuable gadgets gamers can get their arms on.

    It can grow warp totems, unique gear, and several other matters. To help gamers find out wherein to get Hardwood in Stardew Valley, the following manual has been up to date to display where it is and what it’s used for.

    What is Hardwood?

    Like its call indicates, Hardwood is a sturdier version of the regular Wood you get on every occasion you chop off timber in Stardew Valley. The primary distinction is that Hardwood is used to craft positive gadgets and upgrades that regular Wood can’t cowl. It is a valuable, helpful resource and would help in having a steady supply.

    Where Can Hardwood Be Found In Stardew Valley?

    Hardwood in Stardew Valley is an exact type of timber because it flaunts superior splendor and energy, making it quite beneficial for recreation. Hardwood can be used to craft buildings or tailored garb, which is frequently an essential element in a few recipes.

    Hardwood in Stardew Valley is any such property that gamers will regularly discover themselves quickly on – and at very briefly observe as nicely because it’s essential quite early on in the sport. Not best is it critical for large mid-recreation tasks, collectively with upgrading houses and building stables. Still, it’s additionally critical while crafting farm devices and plenty extra.

    Players can also discover themselves amassing bizarre quantities of Hardwood right here and there from the very beginning. It can be tempting to promote Hardwood at the early degrees while you discover it at the same time as cleaning up your farm – however, don’t sell it; maintain it for a later degree as you’re going to want a ton.

    How to Obtain Hardwood in Stardew Valley

    You also can get Hardwood with the beneficial aid of searching inside the Secret Woods. Six Large stumps spawn each day in the Secret Woods. Cutting them down allows you to get 12 Hardwood. Hello, global warming. The Secret Woods is a vital region you can regularly visit in Stardew Valley. It allows you to get vast quantities of Hardwood and discover books at the same time as digging around with a pickaxe.

    The Secret Woods also includes a mysterious statue that offers you a Stardrop permitting your character to degree up and grow most electricity through 34. You should but beware of the slimes in the place. You can beat them if you have a capable weapon and growth your fight XP. The Secret Woods have a Travelling Cart that can promote you a “Rare Seed,” which you may plant.

    If a player has the Forest Map, they may be capable of getting an extra sixteen Hardwood. This is a gift on their farm using cutting eight tree stumps which also respawn daily.
    Another manner of attaining the equal is to get it as loot after breaking open barrels and boxes in the Mines.
    In the Lumberjack profession, regular wooden drop hardwood at times.
    Alternatively, Robin can gift you 25 Hardwood at the Feast of the Winter Star.
    When the Woodskip Fish Pond reaches a population of 6, it could produce five Hardwoods.

    Get Hardwood from a perk within the lumberjack career.

    This one will be nice for those of you who are becoming quite some distance in the game. Once you hit degree 10 in foraging, you were given the selection to pick a profession. One of those is the lumberjack perk. This provides you with a threat every time you cut down a tree to acquire Hardwood. If you’re slicing down timber, there is a superb chance you may collect a lot of Hardwood with this perk; however, be aware. If you pick out this profession, you can choose the one that helps you get two forage devices at the same time as you select one. So choose appropriately.


    Hardwood is implemented in several introductions and crafting duties at some stage in Stardew Valley, making it one of the sport’s most important belongings. However, it can be hard to discover due to its scarcity. As you go along with the glide via the game, you’ll find out which you need timbers increasingly for the increasingly complicated devices you’ll be crafting. Please examine the steps noted above to find out the Hardwood.

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