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how to get ascendant shards

    Ascendant shards can be among the most sought-after material found in Destiny 2. Find out where to locate these game-changing objects to masterwork your exotics!

    Some players may have been lucky enough to stumble upon ascendant Shards on the open, which are the most sought-after materials for Destiny 2. Players must buy the shards to buy Exotics at the top of the mountain or masterwork their armor. Whatever the player’s current goals, it’s never too early to begin hoarding Ascendant Shards.

    There are several options to gather fragments. The players can buy them from the well-loved banshee 44, but the oh-so-familiar Tower. Or, in the case that you’re more likely to take pleasure in fighting other Guardians and can complete an unbeatable run in The Trials of Osiris will reward shards and high-end loot. No matter the player’s style, there’s a way of getting bits suitable for any playstyle during The Season of the Chosen.


    Destiny 2 ascendant shards are essential, as we have mentioned, to the game’s final. This is because they are required if you wish to purchase exotic weapons or equipment. Other materials include Exotic Ciphers and glimmer; the ascent shard is essential for buying unusual guns and gear from vaults.

    But this isn’t its sole purpose since Destiny 2 ascendant shards are needed to upgrade your specific tools and equipment to master level. Additionally, you’ll require many Destiny 2 legendary shards and enhancer cores, so stock up on them before attempting to master your equipment.

    Ascendant Shards are derived from a variety of sources.

    The easiest way to secure you an ascendant Shard is to go to the Gunsmith inside the Tower. The Shards are sold at the cost of 10 enhancement Prisms and hundred random Planetary materials (like that Dusklight Shard shown here), and the 50,000 Glimmer. What is the reason these Shards appear so expensive, you may ask? Because it’s not your intention to keep a stash of Shards. In reality, you’re able only to have ten at any time.

    There’s another option, however, if you’re determined to work hard. This will grant you an Ascendant Shard utterly free of cost.

    There are a variety of ways to obtain Ascendant Shards within Destiny 2

    1.) Banshee-44, Ada-1Ada-1, and Banshee

    Banshee, along with Ada in the Tower, is the two towers that deal Ascendant Shards in exchange for 10 Enhancement Prisms as well as 100 random materials every week and 50 000 Glimmers. Although it’s costly compared to other options and strategies, players can purchase many shards at a time instead of running an evening fall grandmaster.

    2.) Activity vendorsZavala Drifter and Shaxx

    Another method of obtaining Ascendant Shards is through the activity vendors located at the Tower. There are four activities vendors within Destiny 2 named Zavala, Drifter, Shaxx, and Saint-14. The ascend shards can only be taken from these vendors after attaining Reputation rank 16.

    3.) NightfallsThe corrupted Nightfall (Image via Bungie)

    Grandmaster Nightfalls are the fastest and most efficient method to get ascendant Shards within Destiny 2. The upgrade materials in the endgame start dropping from the Master difficulty to the Grandmaster difficulty. Naturally, the rate of drop of these shards varies from rare to common at each difficulty level.

    The Best Method to farm Ascendant Shard Destiny 2

    Grandmaster Nightfalls is believed to be the most efficient method of farming ascendant shards for Destiny 2. Each time players clear the Platinum Grandmaster Nightfalls, they are sure to receive one Ascendant Shard and have the possibility of a second. It is possible to get rid of the Grandmaster Nightfalls ground with a solid team in around 15 minutes. Using this approach, they’ll be able to collect approximately four Ascendant Shards every hour.

    Although it’s pretty low compared to other substances, it’s still an acceptable rate in Ascendant Shards. We highly suggest that you wait until that double-loot weekend. The Destiny 2’s notification pop-up wall will alert you to anyone in the Upcoming Double weeks of loot.

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