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How To Fix Optimized Battery Charging Not Working

    Apple has introduced a new feature known as optimized battery charging to iPhones. The idea is to keep your battery running longer and lessen the risk of damage. If you’re experiencing issues using this feature for it on your Apple device, do not fret! This post will offer an informative guideline to help you fix this issue.

    What To Do If You Are Not The Optimized Battery Charging Works

    If you’re unsure of the functionality of this feature for your device, look up your Battery Level graph available in Settings under Battery.

    Using the green lightning theme, the graph shows how long your iPhone connects to the charger. Each bar corresponds to one hour. If you notice that the charging is stopped at around 80 per cent before it gets to 100 per cent, it is a sign that the feature functions. If your iPhone can charge directly until 100 per cent, it’s a sign that the battery charge isn’t optimized to work.

    The fact is that optimized battery charging has been designed to function during the night. This is usually not the case when you charge your iPhone in the day since it presumes you’ll need the battery set the fastest way possible.

    Why is my Optimized Charging Not Working?

    The iPhone 13 has enabled optimized battery charging. However, it could have accidentally switched off. It also requires a constant charging pattern to allow and work effectively.

    Another option is the location service settings. Optimized battery charging will require specific permissions and include:

    • General services for location
    • Permissions for customization of the System
    • Significant locations access
    • Lastly, the iPhone may require a restart or system update to ensure this feature works.

    What can be done to optimize charging on iPhone 13?

    Check out this list of suggested suggestions, from easy to laborious. If nothing unusual happens, going on, any of these is sure to fix the problem.

    Make sure you’ve got the feature On. Although your iPhone 13 is most likely equipped with the optimized charging option, ensure the feature is on. Select the Settings menu > Battery, Battery Health and Optimized Charging. Check that it is turned green.

    The feature should be turned off and then turned on. The most tried and true fix for malfunctioning functions is to allow them to reset themselves by switching them off and turning them back on. Go to Settings > Battery Optimization of Battery Charging. Move the toggle between green and grey. Then turn it back on again and see if this can help.

    Turn on location services. Select Settings > Privacy > Location Services, then ensure the toggle is in place. The enhanced charging tool will not function unless you enable location services in general and also the above rights:

    • System Services > Customization of System
    • System Services > Significant Locations

    Start Your iPhone 13. The process often solves problems in the process of clearing memory and cache. Ensure that you’ve switched on the battery charger that is optimized or deactivated, activated the feature, and that the necessary location permissions are in place.

    Update iOS. It’s an excellent opportunity to ensure that your device is not due for an update. Check settings > general > software update.

    Make sure you have a routine for charging. Battery charging optimized for optimal performance works only if you keep the same schedule. This includes charging your battery every night or on the same day throughout the day. This tool is only available in your home or at those Apple refers to as significant places you frequent. This means that the option may not be effective when travelling or when changing your life schedule.

    Allow the feature to develop. The battery charging feature that is optimized utilizes machine learning to analyze the performance of your battery. You require more than a few days to know your charging habits.

    Factory reset the iPhone 13. If you’re having no success with these steps, reset your phone to its default settings and start over with a fresh start. Select Settings > General > Transfer Reset iPhone, erase All settings and content and Follow the steps.

    Beware: As the settings say, this will erase all your content. Be sure to back up your data.

    You can contact Apple Support. Suppose you’ve been waiting for an extended period, and the settings are in order. In that case, it’s a good idea to contact Apple regarding what might be causing issues with optimal battery charging for the iPhone 13.

    Around 80% limit with iPhone 15 models

    For iPhone 15 models, you can choose between Optimized charging, 80% limit and none.

    If you select the 80% limit, the iPhone can charge around 80 per cent, and it will stop charging. When the battery’s charge drops below 75 per cent, it will continue until the battery’s level of charge reaches around 80 per cent.

    If you enable the 80% Limit, the iPhone might charge at times until 100 per cent to keep precise estimates of the battery charge state.


    Does the Optimized Battery charging feature slows my iPhone’s charging rate?

    You likely see a decreased charge speed after you turn on Optimized Battery charging. Once the battery is near an 80% charge, the rate will slow down and begin again just before you get up. In the beginning, the first 80 per cent of charging, the iPhone can continue to charge as usual.

    Does Optimized Battery Charging work if I’m on the road and my schedule changes?

    If your routine alters and your routine changes, the program adjusts. Adjusting to the routine may be longer if you’re on the road or have a schedule that changes dramatically.

    How can I switch off Optimized Chargers for batteries during an upcoming charge session?

    It’s possible to disable it temporarily. For a temporary switch-off, go to the iPhone Settings app Batteries > Battery Health and Charging > turn off the Optimized Battery Charging feature and turn it off until tomorrow. This feature will turn off and then switch back on the following day.

    Does enabling optimized battery charging mean that my iPhone remains internet-connected?

    To utilize this option, there is no requirement to connect to the internet constantly. However, iPhones will require connecting to the internet frequently to update how you bill them.

    I’ve replaced my iPhone’s battery by using the original Apple battery. However, the Optimized Battery Charging has remained inactive. Why is this happening?

    An unapproved or non-Apple supplier replacement of a battery can alter the Optimized Charge feature even when using the Original Apple battery. The easiest way to get the replacement battery is through an authorized supplier.


    The optimization of batteries is among Apple’s most significant battery functions. Analyzing your habits with charging and adapting your iPhone’s charging accordingly is a remarkable function. As batteries age, they will get more when their function is not working correctly.

    Use the solutions mentioned above to ensure the feature works again. Follow these tips for the optimal battery efficiency experience on your iPhone. Keep your device juiced up!

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