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How To Fix iPhone X Stuck On Red Battery Icon When Charging

    The iPhone stuck with a red display issue isn’t unusual and usually happens when the iPhone battery isn’t enough or is significantly less. Many iPhone users complained of such issues when trying to restart their phones. When your iPhone gets stuck in the red charging display and won’t power up the screen, it’s an obvious sign that the battery is dead and must be replaced or repaired. This article is worth reading if you want to know what you can do to eliminate this annoying problem. Below are some techniques to troubleshoot when you’re struggling to get your iPhone free of the screen with red lights, in which the battery is low, and connects to the display of power or the charging screen. Stay with us and be able to comprehend these techniques for troubleshooting.

    Why Stuck on Charging Screen iPhone

    Apple needs help explaining why their products keep getting intermittently dead iPhone charging screens. Although we can’t get a clear answer, Tenorshare tech here will give a couple of possible causes to help those of you.

    • Overcharging the iPhone
    • Many background applications are running
    • Out-dates Software
    • The battery is low and doesn’t allow the iPhone to operate normally.

    How do I Fix an iPhone stuck on the charging screen following an updating

    There are many solutions to repair the issue with an iPhone stuck on a red or black charging screen. These are only a few of the more common options;

    Use a Hair Dryer to Heat the iPhone Battery.

    One of the simplest methods to fix a stuck iPhone charging screen is using a hair dryer.

    Here’s how you can proceed.

    • Remove the iPhone from the cable for charging.
    • Set the iPhone on the floor.
    • A hairdryer can heat the right-hand side of your iPhone, where the battery sits for approximately 2 minutes.
    • Connect your iPhone using a charging cable.
    • In the next step, check to see if the iPhone’s screen is charging when it is dead. If so, congratulations to you! If you still need to, you must persevere to test alternative methods.

    Place the iPhone in Recovery Mode, and then exit.

    For me to solve the problem, my iPhone has stopped working on the charging screen. Try to resolve the issue using Recovery mode.

    • Connect to your iPhone with iTunes.
    • Use a few buttons for approximately 10 seconds. (Check this image because the buttons differ in the iPhone model.)

    Once you have successfully entered the Connect with iTunes screen,

    Your iPhone will be in Recovery Mode following iTunes restore.

    It is important to note that a freeware called ReiBoot will put your iPhone in recovery mode by pressing no buttons or by using iTunes.

    Repair Operating System, but without data loss (Software Problem)

    But, in most instances, the Recovery mode will not help you with an iPhone stuck at the charging screen issues. If this happens, restoring your phone to correct the problem is necessary. It is possible to choose iTunes and ReiBoot. In this case, it is strongly recommended that iTunes be selected because it can erase all the data. It is better to offer ReiBoot an opportunity to test. The entire repair procedure is quick and can prevent data loss in Standard Mode. In the following section, I’ll explain the steps to utilize ReiBoot to solve the charging problems of the iPhone.

    Be aware that ReiBoot can only help repair software issues. If the problem is with hardware similar to a battery issue, ReiBoot can’t solve this.

    Connect to your iPhone using ReiBoot, choose “Start” on the main menu, and press the ‘Standard Repair.

    You’ll need to download the firmware before repairing. Hit the “Download” button to move to the next.

    Begin the repair process when the firmware is in place. When done, your iPhone will restart automatically and resume normal operations.

    Replace the iPhone Battery(Hardware Issue)

    Suppose the methods mentioned above weren’t enough for you; the option of completely replacing the battery is also available. You can also repair it on your own, this may be intimidating initially, but by using the correct tools, it is easy to remove the screws and then replace the battery. Also, you will require the plastic prying tool, a Philips screwdriver 00, and a suction cup. If you have these tools in your possession and your possession, watch the following video to change your battery.

    If you need help with what to do, You can get help through the Apple Store.


    It can be a real pain if you have an iPhone stuck in the battery’s red screen. However, you can solve the problem fast using these methods.

    It is best to fix your iOS system, preferably without losing data. That’s why Wondershare Dr.Fone is an excellent solution, and you should take it on an uninvolved test to experience it at work.

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