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How To Download Old Instagram Stories Of Others

    The stories you see on Instagram are right at the top of the feed. They are open to be viewed at any time within 24 hours. This slideshow is short and plays material for everyone or only friends, depending on your profile’s privacy settings. It’s a great way to get your friends involved in the experience. After the 24-hour duration limit, stories are deleted.

    Imagine a friend of yours has told you about an Instagram Story that you should check out; however, the Story has been deleted. What is the best way to see the Instagram Story after it expires?

    The simple response is no. It’s not possible to see someone’s older Instagram Stories unless they saved the post in a Highlight.

    The reason why you should take a look at old Instagram posts from other users?

    There are numerous reasons that it is a good idea to save old Instagram posts from other people. A common scenario is the moment you stumble upon some interesting or educational content that you would like to store for later use or to share with friends. This could be a recipe or exercise routine or even a traveling tip you’d like to remember later.

    By downloading older Instagram stories from other people, you build your own collection of relevant and interesting stories. It’s a fantastic option to create a collection of content that can be accessed by you can go back to any time you require to. Instead of going through your Instagram feed or browsing through your profiles in search of this particular post, it is possible to easily open it up offline using your downloaded downloads.

    In addition, downloading the old Instagram posts of family as well as loved ones allows users to create an archive on their computers of memorable occasions. The pace of life is fast, and it’s easy to lose out on important announcements or milestones that are shared via social media. In saving the stories of your loved ones in a digital format, you can keep those moments and revisit these moments in the near future. It doesn’t matter if it’s a surprise birthday party, a graduation party, or even a trip that you’ll never forget. The fact that you can save those memories on your smartphone can provide delight and emotion.

    Furthermore, downloading the old Instagram accounts of famous people and celebrities can prove useful for research. If you’re studying a certain area or following a person’s Story and journey, saving their posts offline can help users examine their stories as well as take notes and gain knowledge. This allows you to study the strategies of their followers, gain from their experience as well, and keep up-to-date with current fashions in your area of expertise.

    In the end, downloading older Instagram posts of other users can provide a useful way to stay on top of significant announcements, special offers, or special promotions that are only available for a limited time. Brands and businesses often post important information via their Instagram stories, such as giveaways, discounts, and event invites. If you save these tales in your account, you can revisit them in the future and make use of the opportunities they provide.

    How to View & Download Old Instagram Stories Of Others

    It is a fact we are aware that Instagram stories are restricted in their time. It is possible to view them as many times as you’d like during the time frame of 24 hours. Once the Story ends, it is transferred to the archives. After that, unfortunately, not much can be accomplished. At the moment of writing this report, Instagram is unable to offer an easy way to prevent someone from losing their tale.

    What can you do to bring back those fond memories? There is a solution, but it will only work when they’ve included your desired Story in the Highlights. Here’s how you can try:

    • Navigate to Instagram and click on the profile of your friends whose old posts you’d like to download.
    • Under the section Highlights, under the bio of their profile, click the Highlight that is appropriate and then search for the article to download.

    • In the event that you think it is an image, You can simply take a screenshot. If you think it is a video, then you can capture it on screen with the screen recorder built into Windows or other third-party apps for screen recording.

    How to Find Your Old Instagram Stories

    You can quickly find older Instagram Stories in stories archives. The steps below will help you:

    • Go to Instagram and then go onto the profile page.
    • Touch the icon with three horizontal bars in the upper-right corner, and choose Archive from the privacy and settings menu.
    • If you see that it is your default Posts archive option on the top, then tap it and then select Stories archive.

    On this page, you can look through all of your old stories. It is possible to download them. Can even save these stories. Click on the 3-D (More) icon in the lower right-hand corner, and choose to save the photo and Save the Video.

    In addition, if you wish to view someone’s previous Instagram posts, the most effective method is to ask them to follow these directions to download the stories and then send them to you.

    How To View Old Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing

    It can be extremely embarrassing for somebody to learn out that you’ve been lurking in the privacy of their Instagram profile and stories. You may try to figure out ways to look through the old Instagram Stories without them knowing.

    The good news is that the two strategies we’ve mentioned earlier will give no notice about the old Stories. If you’re searching for a way to access the old Stories on Instagram without contacting them, this trick is cake.

    In the event that you access the Story of someone else, Highlight the person you’re viewing. It isn’t able to verify the posts you’ve viewed. This is due to the fact that Instagram removed its list of people who have viewed the Story for at least 24 days.

    If you don’t go through their Highlights a lot, you will not have any idea. In the waiting room for someone to upload their own Story in a Highlight can keep you in the dark when you watch their Stories.

    Instagram does not send you notifications when you take screenshots or screen record active Stories. This only occurs when you screen-record photos or videos in text messages. You’re also free to keep another’s Story in your phone without having to worry about what they might find out.

    How do I view Instagram stories that have been posted after 24 hours?

    Instagram Stories last for up to 24 hours. In this period, the user can look through the stories numerous times. However, if you wish to read the stories for the next 24 hours, you must save the stories to your phone and download them on your phone.

    You can download the Instagram story on this site, that’s third-party, and save it to your phone. Once you have downloaded the Story, you can view it multiple times as often as you can since it is already downloaded to your phone.

    How to See Hidden Stories on Instagram

    To view hidden Instagram stories Instagram To see hidden Instagram stories, you can make use of an Instagram story viewer. GreatFon is a no-cost Instagram story viewer that lets you see other people’s Instagram stories and not even know they exist. It allows you to view their posts, reels, and other stories. Can as well view their posts reels, posts, and even the posts that are tagged.

    How to find secret Instagram Stories.

    • Visit the GreatFon website. Input your Instagram profile Name in the search box. Then select to search.
    • Choose the appropriate profile among the profile Results.
    • Click on Show xxx Stories, and GreatFon will start the stories for you.

    Final Words

    In the end, to summarize, there is no way you can discover old posts on Instagram except if they have been saved as a highlight by users. If you are fortunate enough to be able to access it, you can look through the old Instagram stories without registering by clicking on Highlights; in the event that you do not, then the Story has disappeared following the completion of the 24-hour period.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I view the same Story several times?

    Absolutely! If it’s within the 24-hour period, you can go through the Story in as many instances as you wish. Instagram informs the creator you’ve watched their video. However, it does not tell them the number of instances you’ve been able to watch it. If you keep watching their Story repeatedly, you’ll notice the views numbers increase. You may be the only one that has seen the Story. This is an indication that you’ve watched their Story regularly.

    Can I re-publish an old Instagram Story?


    If you’ve got a favorite Story that you like, you can reuse it by going to your Archive folder in the manner described in the previous paragraph and then clicking on the Story you’d like to post.

    • In the left-hand corner, tap on the three vertical dots in order to navigate to the sub-menu.
    • Then, tap on Repost.
    • Follow the instructions, and the Story will be shared in the feeds of other users for the next 24 hours.
    • If you’d like to repost an individual’s Story, You can make that happen, too. All you have to do is click on the airplane symbol on paper and then share.

    If you don’t see the possibility, then it’s due to the fact that another user has private accounts. If you have a private account, it means that you aren’t able to publish your information for others to access.

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