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How To Delete Wallpaper On iphone

    If you’re trying to figure out how to erase wallpapers from iPhone and iPad, don’t worry about it. There’s been an increase lately in people looking for ways to do this. Why? It’s simply because Apple changed the wallpapers completely when they released iOS 16 (at the very least, according to my and I’m sure a lot of others’ opinions).
    In iOS 16.3, Apple modified how wallpapers are made and edited to improve functionality by incorporating Focus Modes and widgets. The wallpapers you create now come in pairs; you have to edit them as pairs, and then you can assign them to focus modes.

    However, the drawback of this system is that it could be more straightforward and transparent -an essential flaw for all modern-day phones. One of my biggest complaints concerning this latest software is that it’s easy to remove wallpapers. It’s a must. However, it’s even more so because the new system causes many false or duplicate wallpapers.

    Things You Should Know

    • You can unlock your device by pressing the lock screen for a long time.
    • Tap the wallpaper you wish to erase, then press the trash icon.
    • Create a wallpaper using the tap “+” or edit the one you already have using “Customize.”

    How do you delete wallpapers on iPhone?

    Swipe up from the edge or Dynamic Island downwards on the home screen to access your Lock Screen.

    Press the screen for a long time.

    Move your wallpaper up, and you will see a trash can in red.

    Tap the trash can in red.

    Tap on Delete This Wallpaper.

    It’s over! The wallpaper that you don’t like is gone. You can pick the one you like better.

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