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How To Delete Messages On Pinterest

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    Have you ever wanted to remove messages from Pinterest? Do you wish to delete Pinterest messages on both sides?

    If you’ve been on Pinterest for a considerable period of time, you may be aware that there’s no method to erase messages posted on Pinterest. But there is a way to block chats on Pinterest.

    So, the messages may be hidden from your inbox; however, they are still accessible on the server and to those who receive them.

    This tutorial will help you understand the various ways to remove messages from Pinterest for Android and iPhone and discuss whether blocking someone’s account using Pinterest erases messages or doesn’t.

    Do You Have A Way to Remove A Message?

    The steps above work if you wish to remove the entire thread of messages from Pinterest and include all messages someone has left you.

    Is there an alternative to delete only one post instead of erasing the entire thread?

    The answer, unfortunately, is not yes. No matter the motive, Pinterest removed the feature a while ago.

    This choice has left a lot of users, including myself. The truth is that Pinterest is a website with little social interaction apart from groups and pins. The messaging feature is also being used sparingly, so there needs to be interaction.

    It’s reasonable to think that Pinterest might want to include functions, not remove the features.

    However, we have to bear the results. There’s no way to erase individual messages, only whole message threads.

    Remove Messages from Pinterest Old Versions

    If you are using the old version of Pinterest, You can erase the text from Pinterest by following the steps below.

    • You can use Android, iPhone, or iPad.
    • Open the Pinterest app from your smartphone.
    • Open the section Messages.
    • Choose and then begin the conversation you wish to erase.
    • Click the menu icon with three dots on the upper-right side of your screen.
    • Click the Delete option.


    • Open the Pinterest application and go to the messaging section.
    • Tap and hold the message you wish to remove briefly.
    • Click on the option to delete.
    • The discussion will be ended in a moment.

    Use Windows or Mac

    This applies to the current version of the browser, too.

    • Go to using any browser on your PC.
    • Sign in with the account you have created on Pinterest. Pinterest account.
    • Open your email mailbox and choose the messages you want to erase.
    • Ensure you click the X symbol in the upper right.
    • The message you sent is deleted from your email inbox.

    How can I hide the Pinterest messages for Android as well as iPhone?

    If you’re an avid Pinterest user who wants to remove messages from your account with the assistance of Android, iPhone, and iPad, you must adhere to these instructions.

    • The first step is to open the Pinterest application on your smartphone.
    • You will then have to access the messages section or message notifications.
    • Select the conversation you wish to end and start an exchange
    • Then, you need to choose three dots at the top right corner.
    • Once you’ve done that, it’s time to select Hide Conversation

    The message will then be erased from your account. Remember that messages can only be deleted from your mailbox. They are there in the mailbox of the individual you were communicating with.

    Can you deactivate a message sent to Pinterest?

    This can happen whenever you log onto Pinterest, share a photo, or message an unintentionally contacted person. Also, you may send private pictures or videos to someone without thinking about it. Everyone has experienced the issue.

    On Instagram, you will find it quite simple to unsubscribe from an email before the recipient can read the content. You only have to hold the message for several minutes, and the option to delete it appears in the lower right. That’s it! If the user was not present on the platform when you sent the message, there’s nothing they can do to recover the deleted message.

    But Pinterest cannot send messages directly. It is impossible to unblock messages that are directed to the Pinterest account. It’s good to know that it’s possible to hide the news from anyone who receives it or who sent it and report the conversation or block that person.

    You can do three things to stop your reader from seeing the messages you didn’t plan to communicate. If none of these work and you cannot resolve the issue, contact the Pinterest help desk. This should only be done if there is a problem, and it is essential to delete the conversations to ensure security. Pinterest could help in deleting chats.


    Pinterest isn’t equipped with the option of deleting messages. Instead, they let the user remove or hide the discussion.

    The steps in this article are how to remove messages from Pinterest. Whether you’re using the internet, Android, or iPhone, you can hide your conversation whenever you wish.

    Pinterest does not permit you to erase your post permanently as other social media platforms do, So it’s evident that you’ll need to follow these Pinterest suggestions.

    Yes, you can call Pinterest support to permanently delete your post in case of any severe difficulties with messages posted on the platform.

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