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how to crop a screenshot on mac

    Are you a new Mac computer user? Are you looking to understand the basics of editing and taking snapshots with your Mac?

    While a screenshot may appear as a standard feature in computers, it has a lot of potential uses. Despite their simplicity, screenshots are not regulated is a good thing, particularly when it comes to social media.

    Whatever your reason for using pictures, you should master the art of using them effectively. If you’ve shifted to a Windows computer, you’ll learn to edit your screenshots on a Mac.

    Keep reading to show you how to take and edit your screenshots on your Mac.

    How can I crop a screen to create a segment on Mac?

    There are many methods to crop screenshots on Macs. Mac. You can use the Preview application to choose and crop out a specific portion of the image or use the Command + Shift + 4 shortcut to capture a screenshot of a particular area.

    How can I crop an image?

    You can crop your screenshot when you open the file within your software for editing photos and then choose the tool for cropping. Use the cursor to select the part of the screenshot you want to keep and then release. The features that aren’t needed will be cut out.

    How can I edit an image that has been cropped?

    A cropped screenshot can be helpful if you wish to concentrate on a particular portion of the picture. To edit a cropped image, take the screenshot and open it in an image editor, such as Photoshop and GIMP. After that, you can employ editors to modify the painting according to your requirements.

    How can you use Preview to crop Screenshots on Mac?

    The Preview application allows viewing a simple display of image files such as JPG or PNG, a variety of documents, as well as editing PDFs. The app comes with various edit and markup tools, such as the ability to crop.

    If you’ve taken a photo or received one that cannot be opened within a photo editing application or program, you can utilize Preview to cut the image.

    The screenshot you want to cut within Preview and then click on the”Show Markup” Toolbar button. (On the Mac operating Big Sur, it’s the button with the symbol of the pencil, while in other macOS versions, it’s the icon for the toolbox).

    Drag and click on the image to make an area, then click and drag on the blue dots. You can shrink it as you’d like.

    Then, click Tools > Crop to crop the screenshot.

    How to take a cropped Screenshot on a Mac using Shortcuts

    If you find that taking a photo of the entire screen and then cropping it can be difficult, Mac also offers you various shortcuts for cutting the image during the capture process. The most famous sequence, “shift + command + 4,” can capture only a tiny portion of the Mac screen, meaning that you don’t need another application to crop your screen, provided you choose the correct aspect ratio. This could be an excellent method to capture the image cropped from your Mac.

    How to crop a screenshot on Mac Mac using Shortcuts:

    Step 1. Use”shift + command + 4 “shift + command + 4” key combination on your keyboard.

    Step 2. When you see your mouse move into a crosshair, push it until you select the area you’d like to record.

    Step 3. After that, you must let your mouse go to take the image that has been cropped.

    Step 4. The edited screenshot will be saved directly to your device. You can click the thumbnail of the image to edit it further.

    The fastest method to crop an image on Mac

    Follow these steps for a guide to cropping your screenshot on a Mac by using Preview.

    Step 1: Open the markup toolbar of Preview.

    Open the image you wish to display in Preview, and then click the Show Markup Toolbar on the upper panel. The image can be resized with the click of the blue dots.

    Step 2 Process of Cropping.

    Also, drag on the screenshot to create cropping options. Then, go to Tools and select the Crop tab from the context menu. The image is successfully cropped.

    How can I crop a picture in Mac After saving?

    If you’re using the Mac, it is possible to use your Mac’s Command + Shift + 4 keyboard shortcut to take a snapshot of a portion of your screen. Once you’ve captured and cropped the image, you can edit it with the cropping tool you see on the net.


    This article discussed how to crop a screen on Mac and provided four options. It is possible to capture the entire screen, cut the image, and trim the screen in conjunction with the charging process. Of all these options, one of the best is taking an edited screenshot using EaseUS RecExperts, a powerful and all-in-one recorder that will be used on Windows or Mac.

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