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How to Crop a PDF

    If you receive a PDF file, it is sometimes necessary to cut it. The PDF can be cropped quickly if you use powerful editing tools for PDF, such as Adobe Acrobat, but many users also seek other options for various motives. You may wish to trim the PDF using free or other online software.

    How can I crop PDF with Acrobat, And which pdf editor offers the ideal option in place of Adobe Acrobat? In this post, I will present three different tools you could utilize and guide you through cropping PDFs using them. Continue reading for the ins and outs.

    Adobe Acrobat is one of the most well-known PDF software available. It has editing features that permit users to alter text, pages, objects, and even the text itself. Thus, it is easy to edit the PDF within Acrobat. In the initial section of this post this article, we’ll demonstrate how to cut PDFs in Acrobat. In the next area, we guide the method of cropping PDF without Acrobat.

    Why is it necessary to crop PDFs?

    Cropping of pages in PDF helps to make the document more consistent. This is crucial when pages vary in length or size. The consistency across the record will make it look professional and more readable. Also, you can crop the digital document to appear more compact on printing paper.

    Cropping is a function that lets you remove certain parts of documents because PDFs secure formatting and text in the same place, which makes them invulnerable to change. The ability to crop a PDF is essential when you are trying to draw focus to one particular aspect or content in the document. They can access the required information faster by reviewing only some of the paper.

    How to crop PDFs using UPDF

    The process of cropping a PDF file can be an arduous process, which can make you modify the content in ways that you did not anticipate. The best way to cut PDFs into the methods you want is to use a program that simplifies the process, allowing users to change the document quickly and without harming other parts of the file.

    Only one program with all the functions required to crop the PDF swiftly and effortlessly. This tool is UPDF, available for Windows and Mac. It is a simple-to-use PDF editor employed to make and edit PDF files in any way you can imagine, even cropping the PDF.

    Here are a few of the benefits of choosing UPDF instead of other options:

    It features a straightforward and attractive user interface that makes all the editor’s functions accessible, and the parts are simple to use.

    The program can modify the document’s pictures or text and links.

    Additionally, it allows you to alter the layout, crop, divide or rotate your document. You can also extract or replace data and add pages to PDF files.

    Here are the steps to follow on how to crop PDF using UPDF:

    Step 1. Open a PDF and Click the “Crop Pages” Icon

    Then drag your PDF document to UPDF. Drag your PDF document into the UPDF interface. Click”Crop Pages” from the left toolbar “Crop Pages” icon from the toolbar left.

    Step 2. Settings for Cropping PDF Files

    Then you will be able to look over the various tools available to crop pages of PDF. With your mouse, you can alter the size of the page to crop.

    Alternately, select the “Option” grey icon to open other alternatives.

    crop pdf featuring crop pages

    You can then set the margin control and the size of the cropped pages to your requirements. There is the option of enabling constrained proportions. And if you have to make use of it, be sure to turn it on.

    Step 3. How Do I Crop Pages in PDF

    When you’ve finished the settings, after which you can hit after you have completed the settings, click on the “Crop” button on the upper right-hand side to crop the page currently in view. If you’d like to apply the changes to all pages, hit the “Apply Changes” button in the upper left corner. Choose the pages you wish to use the changes to and switch the toggle. The settings will be applied to the pages you have selected.

    How to Disable Auto-Adjust Layout

    If the Crop Pages tool fails to function as planned, You may have to turn off the Auto-adjustment layout feature.

    Important note: When this article was released, Auto-adjust layout was not accessible to most Adobe Acrobat users, so you might not find this option on your preferred Dialog Box.

    Click the Edit menu (PC users can see Figure 16) or the Acrobat menu (Mac users refer to Figure 17).

    Choose preferences by selecting the menu drop-down.

    Choose Edit Content in the dialog box for preferences.

    Uncheck the Enable Auto-adjustment layout option by default.

    Click OK.

    Save your PDF before restarting Adobe Acrobat to activate the modification.

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