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how to connect ps5 controller to iphone

    How can you link to connect your PS5 controller with your iPhone? We’ve got you covered!

    Apple Arcade can be the most effective way to get into gaming on Apple devices. However, there’s no reason why you have to restrict your gaming experience to basic gamepads or touchscreen control methods. Instead, join your PS5 DualSense and your DualShock 4 controller to any compatible iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac device to maximize enjoyment from the time you play.

    It’s not the case that every Apple Arcade game is compatible with a controller. However, many still need to, and it is possible to use the gamepad with the support. To determine if the Apple game is compatible with controllers, it is simply to check for the logo of the controller next to the words “Controller Supported.”

    How do I disconnect the PS5 controller to either an iPhone or iPad?

    To unplug your PS5 controller from an iPhone to disconnect it, follow the steps below:

    Switch on Options > Bluetooth to connect your gadget.
    Look up the model of the controller within the listing of Bluetooth devices.
    Press the More Info icon.
    Make sure to choose To forget this device.

    How to Connect the PS5 DualSense Edge Controller to Apple TV

    Launch the Settings app on Apple TV and select Remotes and Devices. Bluetooth.
    If you’re using a DualSense Edge controller, simultaneously press and hold the Share button (next to the D-Pad, which has three lines radiating towards the upper) and the PS button (between the thumbsticks). Please keep them in place for at least three seconds or until you notice the light bar blinking blue.
    When you connect your Apple TV, Select your DualSense Controller to pair it and confirm via a tvOS notification.

    Are you able to connect a PS5 controller with PS4?

    There is a way to connect a PS4 controller to the PS5. However, there are certain limitations. In particular, you can’t enjoy PlayStation 5 games with a PlayStation 4 controller. In contrast, a PS4 console will not recognize the PS5 controller.

    What is the best way to connect to a PS5 controller with a computer?

    You can connect a PS5 controller with the help of a PC or Mac via Bluetooth or using a USB cable. If you plug the controller into your PC, it will automatically recognize the device. If you want to pair it with Bluetooth, press the PS or Share buttons until the lights begin flashing and put it into pairing mode.

    Do I have the ability to join my PS5 controller to an iOS device?

    You can attach the PS5 controller to any iOS device, including iPhone or iPad. The method described in this article outlines step-by-step instructions on how to do this.


    Following the instructions in this post, follow these steps to join the PS5 controller via your iPhone and begin playing the games you love with an excellent controller. However, some mobile games will not work with PS5 controllers. Check to see if the matches you wish to play are compatible with the PS5 controller before attempting to connect to it.

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