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how to connect multiple jbl speakers

    JBL speakers make a good investment in your home entertainment. Did you realize that JBL speakers can wirelessly be connected to over 100 using Bluetooth?

    JBL’s brand name has been around for many years. No matter how big the speaker is, they always produce exceptional sound.

    Connect+, the company’s companion app for speakers, is also available. It allows you to connect multiple speakers to amplify your listening experience. Please read the following for more information on which JBL speakers this feature is available. In this article, we’ll list all JBL speaker models with the Connect+ function.

    Here are some quick steps to connect multiple JBL Speakers:

    Which JBL speakers are compatible?

    Here are a few things to remember before connecting multiple JBL speakers. First, you must ensure that your speakers will work with different models. You will also need to update the Connect+, Connect and PartyBoost functions so they can connect simultaneously.

    JBL speakers offer Connect functions, including Flip 3, Charge 3 Pulse 2, or Clip 2.

    JBL Speakers include Flip 4, Xtreme 2, Xtreme 3, Charge 4, Boombox, and Pulse 3.

    Flip 5 and Pulse 4 JBL speakers provide PartyBoost functions.

    If your JBL model is not included in the above list, likely, you cannot connect multiple speakers simultaneously.


    The JBL connection function is easy and can be used for many reasons.

    For instance, you might want different speakers placed in different rooms to allow you to play the same track from each. It could be that you’re camping with friends or want the music to be louder.

    Why you want to connect JBL speakers (or more) doesn’t matter. It’s simple. These instructions will help you:

    Pairing mode should be used for at least one speaker
    Connect the speaker to your device
    To connect the JBL speaker with other JBL speakers, tap on the JBL Connect icon. This symbol will be displayed when you press the connect button.
    Push the Connect button on your second speaker to complete the connection.
    As you can see, connecting two JBL speakers takes very little effort. Repeat the process for connecting additional speakers.

    Bluetooth Speakers: The Advantages

    While connecting two JBL speakers might not seem complicated, doing so can be time-consuming. These are just a few of the reasons you will find this setup beneficial:

    • Renters prone to moving a lot will require a portable sound system.
    • A home theater is not the ideal setup for you if you have limited space. A small but powerful speaker can deliver the same quality without taking up too much space.
    • Portable speakers are great for quick setups.
    • You may need more than one speaker if you require stereo or surround sound quality.
    • A pair of JBL speakers will give you better sound quality than one. But, to fully enjoy this feature, you will need to purchase a high-quality portable speaker. Poor sound quality will make it difficult to enjoy the full sound experience. Therefore, syncing two low-quality speakers with each other can lead to more noise than good sound. Learn more about connecting JBL speakers

    How do I disconnect one JBL Speaker from several connected ones?

    To disengage one of the JBL speaker connections from the others, you will need to click on either the “PartyBoost” (or “Connect+”) button. This will disable the feature as well as disconnect the speaker.

    If that fails, you may always turn off the speaker so it will stop talking.

    How do I disconnect the speakers from my computer?

    However, to disconnect one or several JBL speakers from any other JBL speakers in multi-pairing without interruption, you need to press either the power button to turn the speaker off or the disconnect key to unpair it.

    How to Connect JBL Speakers and a Laptop

    It’s almost the same as connecting your JBL speakers and phone to your computer. Search for the Bluetooth option in the toolbar on your laptop. Once it is found, you can turn it on.

    Now activate the JBL pairing mode, as described above. Now select JBL speakers from the laptop’s available devices, and connect them.

    Once the connection is established, your Bluetooth speakers should announce that they have paired. To ensure everything is working properly, play music right after connection.

    What if one JBL speaker is not among the other four?

    Connect + feature. Do I have to be able to connect them all?

    If one or more speakers are missing, you can use JBL Connect + to link them together. The feature will allow the speakers to be connected while the others will not.


    Because you don’t need technical knowledge to connect multiple JBL speakers simultaneously, it is simple to connect them. You can enjoy a better listening experience and music in just five easy steps.

    JBL’s Connect+ function and Connect are great for those with multiple JBL speaker systems who want to maximize their potential. Remember that speakers must be using the same communication protocol to connect.

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