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How to Check iCloud Activation Lock Status

    I was not surprised when Apple took down the iCloud Activation Lock Status page in January 2017. This was in security to stop the exploitation of that stolen serial number.

    This web-based tool makes it easy to check out the iCloud Activation Lock status. The theory is that hackers will utilize this website tool to restart damaged iPhones. It is possible to enter the iPhone’s IMI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) into the iCloud Activation Lock website to alter the serial number stored on the device and then get around the Activation Lock.

    Buyers and owners can look out for potential buyers or check out iPhone Activation Lock status online. Let’s figure out the process!

    Information about Apple’s Activation Lock Checker

    Apple removed a website tool which allowed users to track the state of the deterrent to theft Activation Lock option. The link on the iCloud Activation Lock webpage is no longer active, and the help document describing Activation Lock no longer refers to this tool. However, the company revealed that purchasers seeking a used iOS device can continue to examine the Activation Lock condition by serial number or IMEI on Apple’s Support site.

    Apple probably shut off its iCloud Activation Lock web tool for security reasons to prevent attacks based on stolen serial numbers.

    iCloud-activated lock allows anyone to verify whether a previously owned iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch was stolen. Certain people have been reported to make use of the program to reactivate a device that was bricked. Hackers typically input the device’s IMEI via the now-defunct iCloud Activation Lock webpage to identify the serial number before changing the serial number saved on the device, allowing it to bypass Activation Lock.

    Visit the Apple support page.

    There is a way to continue verifying the device’s Lock Activation status by visiting Apple Support pages. Take these steps:

    Go to on any browser to access the Apple Support pages.

    Select your iPhone from the selection of the available devices.

    Choose a category to initiate the request. Then, you can select something similar to “Battery” and select one specific issue like “Buttons not working”.

    Click on “Send in for Repair”.

    Input your device’s serial number (or IMEI number to verify the status of iCloud Lock activation.

    When Activation Lock is enabled on the device, and you enable it, you will get a message that reads, “Sorry, we can’t create a repair while Find My iPhone is active.”

    Check iCloud Activation Lock Status Online.

    Check the status of your iOS device. Activation Lock status online if you’d like. Apple Activation check allows users to verify the activation status for every iOS device by using the phone’s IMI number. It is enough to ask your seller to provide their iOS gadget’s IMEI number. It can be seen on the reverse of the iOS device’s box. If you cannot open the box in the first place, you can follow these steps.

    1. Click on”Settings” “Settings” menu from your phone’s home screen.

    2. Choose”General” as the “General” option.

    3. Click “About”, and you need to scroll until you see your device’s IMEI number.

    4. If you own the IMI number for the iOS device, you will need to go to the iCloud secure page in the browser of your PC.

    5. Then, you must input the iOS gadget’s IMEI number into the box.

    6. You will then have to enter your verification number.

    7. Click “Continue” and then the “Continue” button. You can quickly check the lock of iCloud using an IMEI.

    How to Check Find My iPhone

    Apple was once the option of a separate page that let users view the state of cloud storage on their iPhone. However, Apple has taken it off this service. You don’t have to worry about it because you can use third-party verification tools to verify your iPhone’s FMI or iCloud status.

    Three ways to check the Find My iPhone feature. You can use three methods to access the Find My iPhone feature.

    Check Find My iPhone in Settings

    The most straightforward way to determine whether Find My iPhone (FMI) is activated is via the settings. But this is only effective if you can log in on your iPhone without inputting the password. Here is the procedure to verify FMI in the settings menu:

    Step 1. Launch the Settings application on your iPhone.

    Step 2. Click your name and then open the settings of your iPhone.

    Step 3. The user should be able to determine if you can see if the FMI feature is switched ON or off.

    Step 4. Offline Finds can aid you in locating your iPhone even if it’s not connected to the Internet.

    Verify the status of iCloud’s activation lock on the Internet.

    A few websites permit you to verify the activation lock’s status using the iPhone’s serial number or the IMEI.

    1. To begin, you must find the serial number or IMEI.

    2. Go to this site:, paste the iPhone’s IMEI or serial number into the input box, and click Check.

    3. Once you have confirmed that you are not a bot After confirming that you are not a robot, after confirming that you are not a robot, you will receive an iPhone’s activation status. FMI is the status that you will receive. FMI indicates the current situation in which the lock is activated.

    You can visit iFreeiCloud to determine if your phone’s lock is active by using its serial number or the IMEI.

    How to Use Unlocker to Check iCloud Activation Status

    There are many ways to check your activation status. You can make use of unlocker to determine iCloud activated status. The service provides unlocking and activation locks services. It also examines the IMEI or serial number of your iPhone. Follow the instructions in the following paragraphs:

    Notification: Unauthorized iCloud bypassing software is typically linked to criminal practices and illegal conduct. Locking a locked device with iCloud without the owner’s consent is unlawful and in violation of Apple’s conditions of service.

    1. Start your iPhone or laptop browser, and go to the locker site.

    2. Scroll to the bottom and click Check iCloud.

    3. Click in the box and type in the iPhone’s IMEI number (or serial number Then check the box.

    That’s all there is to all there is to it! It’s that easy! Will have all the info that you require.

    Can Apple get past the Activation Lock?

    Apple can unlock the iOS device on your behalf in certain situations. It is necessary to show that you are the person who owns the device by giving proof of ownership.

    If the device belongs to an individual who died, you will require a court ruling which states that it was transferred to you. Then, you can ask for help via Apple Support to remove the Activation Lock.

    How long will it take Apple to open the Activation Lock?

    After you raise the issue, it will take 3-7 days to get Apple Support to unlock the Activation Lock.

    Parting Words

    Verifying whether an Activation Lock status on an iPhone has become more complicated in the last few years due to the Apple official website’s demise. But there are other ways to verify that the gadget you’re considering buying is unlocked. Activation Locked.

    When you combine that with tools from third parties such as IMEI24 or iFreeiCloud, There’s nothing to worry about while you search for your perfect phone.

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