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How To Change Username On Spotify

    Spotify stays the most famous streaming tune service in the world, notwithstanding current efforts via the use of Apple, Amazon, and YouTube Music. With nearly half one thousand million energetic customers, a commonplace request is a manner to change your “username.”

    Before we start, we want to remedy a commonplace false impression: a Spotify username isn’t always similar to your profile name (additionally called a display name). In truth, the two are one-of-a-kind. Your username is the eternal name utilized by Spotify to come to be aware of you; at the same time, your profile call is your public handling name that wonderful customers see.

    Note that your username cannot be modified, and you don’t need it to log in to Spotify; alternatively, you can use your email, cellular smartphone range, or social logins like Facebook or Apple.

    How to change Spotify username

    Spotify Support says usernames can not be modified as quickly as created. Usernames are the simplest used to find out the purchaser on Spotify. 

    You can change how your name appears on your Profile and, ultimately, on your fans. This is called the show call or nickname on Spotify.

    Why is my Spotify username random?

    Spotify usernames may be generated from the server, and you can find out your account through the tool’s software. This changed into finished to enhance the person’s enjoyment. The following statement is what they wrote on their FAQ page:

    “As we look to enhance the general Spotify enjoy, we’re now automatically generating usernames, consequently the random numbers and letters. You don’t need to recollect this to log in. You can log in with just your password and the email address associated with your account. During part of up, you may personalize your account with the useful resource of creating a profile call displayed within the app. There are no limitations to a profile name, so you can pick out any you need :).”

    Connect Spotify with Facebook

    When you connect your Spotify account to Facebook, your Facebook name replaces your current-day username. You can both connect a current Spotify account with a Facebook account or, without delay, be part of Spotify the use of Facebook. Here’s how:

    Connecting Existing Accounts with Facebook

    On Desktop

    • Open the Spotify app, go to the top right nook, click the drop-down arrow next to your profile image, and call.
    • Select settings from the drop-down menu.
    • Under the ‘Social’ placement, click on Connect to Facebook.
    • Enter your login information and click on ‘Login.’
    • After logging in, your username will trade for your Facebook name.
    • How to trade the show call on cellular and tablet
    • Tap on Home at the lowest of the display.
    • At the pinnacle right, tap on the Settings icon.
    • Select View profile.
    • Under your modern username/show name, there’s an option to Edit Profile – tap it.
    • Edit your display name for your liking. Here, you can add or trade your profile image too.

    Hit Save to shop your show name.


    Your username represents you on Spotify. Therefore, you need to be capable of managing the manner it appears and reads! With the above steps, you may understand how to trade your Spotify username for something you need in just a few minutes.

    Do you understand every other procedure for changing a Spotify username? Let us realize inside the feedback!

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