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How To Change Scenery In Clash Of Clans For Free

    Even though it does not provide the player with any benefits, it is possible to change the look that you see in the Home Village in Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans has released a variety of scenes over time. This is how to select the one you enjoy most.

    The most significant aspect of your village that you can enjoy in Clash of Clans is the Town Hall, your defenses, or your building, as well as various other buildings. But, buying decorations is equally well-liked by those who like to build an attractive and sturdy town at the same time.

    The shop in the game offers an array of decorative products, and among the most recent items added to the list were sceneries. The layouts replacing the outer reaches of your village There are a variety of themes which you can pick from.

    Beginner’s Guide on How to Change the Clash of Clans

    An Introduction to How to Modify your Scenery … After you’ve confirmed that you’ve Scenery, head through your village to discover the Town Hall. There, click to open the Town Hall, and it will offer you four options …

    If you are sure of the existence of Scenery, You then go through your village to discover the Town Hall. There, select the Town Hall, and it will provide you with four choices: the info, magic items, upgrade, and changing Scenery. Clicking on”change scenery” will take you to the Town Hall. The “change scenery” option will bring you to the scenes …

    What are the different landscapes in Clash of Clans?

    This is a guideline on how you can locate and get various types of landscapes in Clash of Clans:

    Classic landscapes

    The first is the classic landscape, which is entirely free but sometimes seasonal.

    Classic Scenery (Default)

    The standard Scenery is beautiful Scenery, with mountains and lush greenery as the backdrop. This is the first setting of the village you build. This is the default scene you see when you start playing.

    Classic Autumn Scenery

    The Scenery brings an autumnal motif to the village by letting golden autumn leaves fall out of the trees. This creates a feeling of a cozy and warm environment. The free Scenery can be used in conjunction with the season (Autumn).

    Classic winter landscape

    The landscape changes your city into a winter wonderland with snowy trees as well as snowy landscapes. The free landscape is also specific to the season (winter).

    How to change landscapes in Clash of Clans for free

    If you have been playing Clash of Clans for a long time, you’ve exhausted your base on the same scene when you play. It’s not necessary to do that anymore since you now have the possibility of changing the appearance of your base. The process of decorating your COC base is easy. In order to do this, follow these steps:

    • Go to the town Hall, which is usually in the heart of your town. Just click on the link.
    • Click on the Change Scenery option.
    • Select the Change Scenery option.

    The menu option will be displayed, showing all background options available.

    • Take a look at the Scenery and then click Select to select the picture that you like the most.
    • Hit the confirmation button and select the desired Scenery for your village.

    But what does it mean if there’s no scene that you like within Town Hall? Town Hall? In order to help you locate and choose your preferred Scenery, We have created an overview of the possibilities available.

    How to Unlocked Sceneries

    Four distinct kinds of Scenery can be unlocked within Clash of Clans. Below is a description of each

    Classic Scenery: This landscape includes various houses, trees, and plants. It is the most common Scenery in your village. It is perfect for players looking to create an old-fashioned look for their community.

    Jungle Scenery: The scene includes many exotic trees, plants, as well as flowers. This scene is excellent for people who would like to add some additional color to their villages.

    Magical Scenery: The magical landscape is comprised of beautiful trees, plants, and other decorations. This is the perfect Scenery for those who wish to give their community the feeling of a magical and mystical place.

    Special Offers: From time to time, Clash of Clans will give players exceptional Scenery to buy. Famous films or other events typically inspire the scenes and are an ideal way to display your loyalty to a particular brand.

    How do you unlock Jungle Scenery?

    Clash of Clans: How to unlock Jungle Scenery It’s purely cosmetic and doesn’t affect the actual game. It is possible to change the village’s scene by pressing on the Town Hall. Town Hall and then …

    It is possible to change the village’s Scenery by pressing the Town Hall and then tapping the “Change Scenery” button. The majority of Sceneries within Clash of Clans are only accessible for purchase from the game’s in-game store and during a specific duration.

    COC Village update:

    Home village from Clash of Clans has always been the same classic setting over many years. With no changes, it was the only village-specific Scenery. With the Summertime Update 2020 in Clash of Clans, another village setting was added alongside other improvements. The Scenery was, however, not required, as the players had to pay a fee to buy the new scene in the shops. However, the fan base of the new game increased due to the fact that it was a novel concept from Supercell. The new scene is an enhancement to the overall appearance of the town.

    Even though it was very well-liked however, many players needed to learn how to modify the village’s appearance during Clash of Clans.

    Final Thoughts

    That’s it for Clash of Clans’s Scenery and what you can do to modify it in your COC. This guide will help you to show off your brand-new environment to acquaintances. Can you share your COC scene with us? To get more details and news regarding your most loved strategy game, keep an eye out here.


    Are there any scenes from an old event?

    The old sceneries for events usually are not sold after the event has ended. 

    Do sceneries expire after a certain period?

    Once you have purchased an image, it’s there for the rest of your life. You are able to change back and forth between various scenes at any time you’d like.

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