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How To Change Mobile Number in Emirates id

    This guide will assist you to guide you through how to complete the UAE Emirates ID phone number change procedure.
    Have you recently changed your mobile number within the UAE? If yes, you’re in the right spot!

    While changing your telephone number on your Emirates ID could seem unnecessary, it is beneficial to use the Emirates ID to sign up for an online service or to use any of the government’s brilliant services.

    Most of the time, this involves using a single-time password (OTP) that will be delivered to the number linked to your Emirates ID.

    To book your Covid-19 vaccination in Dubai, You’ll need to establish your MRN number and then confirm the OTP code. In other words, you won’t be able to make an appointment for a DHA vaccination without this!

    Dubai The UAE utilising an Emirates ID to register for an online service, you could require a two-step verification that includes a unique password (OTP) sent to your mobile number registered with you.

    If your mobile number has changed or you want to change the mobile number registered by your Emirates ID for any other reason, how do you do this?

    Gulf News raised the query to an official from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA). As a result, ICA has provided a link for the online service available to an Emirates ID owner.

    How To Change The Mobile number in Emirates ID

    To avoid this from happening, you should make sure you have your number connected to the Emirates ID. The ICA provides Smart Services online, where you’ll be able to do this without contacting the Federal Authority. We’ll give the complete step-by-step process that will allow you to change your mobile number linked to the Emirates ID.

    Step 1: You need to go to the website of ICA STEP 1: VISIT THE WEBSITE OF ICA.
    Then, click on the link below, which will lead you to the ICA Smart Services website page. Complete the form according to the instructions.

    ICA Smart Services

    Enter your current country of residence that is listed on the Emirates ID.
    Once you’ve entered your country of birth, the template will request your Document No.

    Your UAE Visa file number is located on your visa for a resident directly above the passport number.
    Residents living in Dubai must choose the three Sections Numbers to input the file number of their choice.

    Residents of other emirates are required to keep those four-section numbers.

    How can I Change My Mobile Number without cost?

    If you’re a friend and want to learn what you can do to update your phone number to an Emirates ID without paying the cost, you can find out here.

    To complete this job, you must visit the authority for licensing in Abu Dhabi Police or wherever there is a relevant agency. Then, you will be able to inform them to change your mobile number. The official will not charge a cost to change your mobile number on the records. This is the method to update your mobile number on the emirates ID for free, and it is 100% effective.


    Emirates ID holders are asked to renew their identity cards within 30 calendar days from the expiration date. After that, the fine that is AED 20 per calendar day can be assessed (up to an amount limit of AED one thousand).

    Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) will send you an email or SMS requesting that you renew the validity of your Emirates ID. You must submit the renewal form in person to an approved typing centre or on FAIC’s website. FAIC website. We have a guide on renewing the validity of your Emirates ID to get more information about the procedure.

    How do you alter your current Emirates ID mobile phone number ICA Customer Happiness Centers?
    If you’d like to finish the procedure in person, you can go to any of the ICA’s Customer Service Centres located throughout the UAE. Bring a copy of your passport, UAE resident visa, and your current Emirates ID.

    There is also the possibility to pay an administrative fee at the centre.

    For more information and assistance, visit the following websites.

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