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How to Change Language on WhatsApp

    WhatsApp allows its users to change the application’s language. It allows users to connect to the app using the language they feel familiar with. This will enable users to make WhatsApp an extremely versatile messaging app.

    When you change the language in the application, individuals of different cultures and backgrounds can talk via text messages or calls via video or audio. This post will explain how to change the WhatsApp language using steps in a matter of minutes.

    How do I change the language settings?

    There are many reasons to alter the language settings of the GB version of WhatsApp. First, it lets you access the app in a language you’re more familiar with or feel comfortable with.

    It can make navigating the application and understanding its functions significantly easier. Also, changing the language options is an enjoyable way to experience the app and learn about new features that might not be accessible in your native setting.

    Modify the WhatsApp to the language of Android.

    Follow the steps below to alter your language settings within WhatsApp for Android.


    The specific names of options and settings could differ depending on the particular model and version of the System.

    Step 1: Go to your settings using the icon for gears. Then go to “System”.

    Step 2: Click “Languages & input” from the “Languages & input” menu at the top.

    You can alter the WhatsApp language by going to the Android settings under “Languages & input.”

    Step 3. If several languages have already been added and you want to add a new one, drag the language you wish to place 1. If you’d like to include more languages, click “Add a language.”

    Step 4: The Android language will automatically change after selecting more languages or dragging existing languages to your preferred system language. WhatsApp can also alter the display language by itself.

    Step 5: If you want to alter the screen keyboard’s layout, click “On-screen keyboard” under “Language & input” and then select the design you want.

    How do I change the language within WhatsApp using my iPhone?

    To iPhone users, switching the language used in the app is done by changing the language settings on the phone because WhatsApp for iPhone doesn’t have individual language settings inside the application. What you must complete:

    1. Open the Setting Option

    Then, launch”Settings,” then open the “Setting” application on your iPhone

    2. Select General

    After that, scroll down and select “General,” which is the specific settings for your device.

    3. Click on the Language and Region

    Then, locate the link “Language and Region.”

    4. Go to the iPhone Language

    After that, click next, select the “iPhone Language” option, and select the language you would like WhatsApp to display. Select the desired language, then allow the devices to install the new languages.

    Why is My WhatsApp in a Different Language Without Changing?

    If you haven’t explicitly changed WhatsApp’s language or the phone’s language has been switched to a different language, then the app will alter the interface similar to your phone’s settings.

    Following the steps in this article, you will understand how to switch to different WhatsApp languages. Stay tuned to TechCult for more of these exciting tutorials on technology.

    How do I change the default keyboard for the iPhone?

    Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboard. Set up a new keyboard and allow full access. Open any app, and the keyboard will show on the screen. Hold and touch to activate the Globe icon. Choose the keyboard you want from the drop-down menu.

    What can I do to return to the language of typing?

    Use the steps described earlier to switch the language. After that, choose the initial typed language from the drop-down list. It is important to note that you will not be required to enter the language you initially used to add since it has already been included. It is suitable to change back to the language of your choice.


    In summary, Rize, WhatsApp is changing your phone’s language settings.

    To use the iPhone, go to Settings > General. Head to Settings > General > Language and Region iPhone Language for iPhone users.

    Android users need to go into the Settings menu and then System. There, you can select Languages > input, then Languages.

    For KaiOS users, go to the Settings menu, then Personalization and Language. Then, follow the steps to choose your preferred language and confirm the change.

    If you follow these steps, you can modify the language settings within WhatsApp to provide a more customized experience.

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