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how to change instagram icon

    It’s been ten years since the emergence of the most well-known site for social networking, Instagram. While celebrating its 10th birthday, Instagram turns ten years old and has added various new features, including a hidden menu. This new feature lets users alter their Instagram App icon on their Android or iPhones. It’s easy to locate and then activate the feature.

    You’ll be able to alter your App’s icon from your Google Play Store if you are running the built version on your Android device and version 162.0 built installed on your iOS device.

    The article I’m writing will talk about changing the Instagram Icon, whether you use an Android or an iPhone.

    In a brief time, Instagram even allowed its users to alter the icon in the App’s settings. However, that’s the past.

    It would help if you thought of other ways to modify the icon.

    It’s a good thing that it’s relatively simple.

    Let’s examine how.

    How do you change the Instagram icon on your App?

    If you’re looking to alter the look of your Instagram application, There are several possible ways to do it.

    Another option is downloading an updated icon through an App Store or another site. This is the most straightforward method to alter the hero. However, it will only give you a bit of control over what your final image will appear like.

    Another method to alter the icon is using a Photoshop template or any other graphic design software to design your own personalized icon. This allows you to have greater control of the image’s appearance. However, it is more laborious than just downloading a new hero.

    If you’d like to alter the Instagram icon on your App but do not want to go through the hassle of designing your hero, you could use the iOS shortcut to create an entirely new icon. This method does not require any design expertise and will take only some minutes to complete.

    How to Change Your App Icons on iPhone or iPad

    Launch the Shortcuts application and click on the Plus (+) in the upper-right corner.

    Under Next Action Suggestions, select Open App.

    If you do not see Open App but don’t see the Open App option, you will find it by pressing Add Action and then typing Open App in the search bar.

    Tap App and scroll to the bottom, and choose Instagram.

    Tap the three dots on the right-hand side of the screen.

    Tap Add to Home Screen.

    In the HOME screen, under NAME and ICON, Tap the icon for an image to select an image to be the icon.

    Select Take Photo, choose Photo or choose File to add your Photo.

    On the New Shortcut field, type Instagram (or any other name).

    In the upper-right-hand corner, tap Add.

    To remove the original app icon from your home screen, click and hold it, then select the Remove app option. Then, could you remove it from your Home Screen?

    How to Change the Instagram Icon on Android

    Using a third-party program such as ‘X Icon Changer or ‘Shortcuts’ can assist in changing the icons for the apps it can understand. It does not alter the appearance of your phone, but it will do what it’s supposed to do.

    On Android

    1. Download X Icon Converter and start the App.
    2. Scroll down and click an Instagram button.
    3. Choose any default icon in the library, upload your own image, or change the icon using another application already on your mobile.
    4. You can also alter the icon’s name and press OK.

    Once you do that, the shortcut icon will appear on your main screen. You’ll need to block the original App to keep from having the same App with two icons. The new icon will open Instagram identically, so you don’t have to consider concealing the application.

    Can you change IG App Icon from Settings?

    In October 2020, Instagram allowed users to alter their icons on Instagram in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their App. To change the heroes, it was necessary to go to your settings, then scroll down the page to reveal a hidden option. The feature has been removed today, and you cannot utilize it anymore.

    Also, you can only alter the IG icon for the App from the settings in 2021. The only alternative is to use the Siri Shortcut application to create a brand-new action for your phone that displays your preferred logo.

    All About Instagram

    The United States created Instagram in October of the year 2010. It was a mobile-friendly social media platform where users could share videos and photos.

    Instagram’s creators, Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, saw how the App was growing and created the App available in an Android Version of Instagram that was released in April of 2012.

    Because it is compatible with different Operating systems, the program became well-known. It reached a stage where downloads topped 1 million in just one day.

    The Facebook-owned platform is among the most widely used and popular social media applications available.

    Its features include uploading and sharing photos, and videos, text messaging, liking and commenting, and story filters. It was a big success! Its influence was felt like wildfire.

    What About How to Change the Highlight Icon on Instagram?

    Learning how to alter your Stories Highlight icon on Instagram is an excellent option if you’re searching for ways to enhance the appearance of your profile! It’s straightforward! Here are the fundamental steps.

    • Download the Canva app and look for to find the “Instagram Story” option.
    • Select the background color and change it according to what you would like.
    • Select”+” or the “+” button at the bottom of the right-hand corner, and choose “Graphics.”
    • Please select the image you want to be the icon for and then modify it.
    • If you’re satisfied you’re happy, save your new Highlight icon to your phone.
    • For the Highlight cover, you must first use it as a Highlight cover and upload it as a brand new Story.
    • Select to select the “Highlight” option at the end and add the article to your Highlight album that you’ll use.
    • Visit your Highlights. Select the appropriate album, then change your Highlight icon to that you designed with Canva.

    How Many Icons Can You Choose For Your New Instagram Look?

    There are 13 distinct Instagram app icons you can choose to customize the look of your brand-new Instagram app, which includes the one you are currently using. It’s the Classic and the Classic 2 revived by Instagram between 2010 and 2011. There is also an original Instagram app, which was launched in 2010. was introduced in 2010. The remaining apps comprise Sunrise, Twilight, Aurora, Gold, Price, and many more.

    The Instagram app is believed to have created an entirely new profession for influencers. The latest feature that lets you change the Instagram icon in the App It is a significant acknowledgment of the Instagram app’s cultural significance. You can change the icon at any time. You can return and alter the Instagram icon in the App since this feature remains accessible in Instagram’s Instagram app. One thing to remember is that changing your Instagram app doesn’t alter the overall Instagram design.


    As you’ve seen, there is a general method to change the Instagram icon, both on Android and iOS. However, the procedure for Instagram icon modification is likely to fail since Instagram has removed this feature from their accounts in different countries. Try it, but be satisfied when it is present on your account.

    Instead, consider additional aspects in the design you have created for your Instagram account that is more appealing to your target audience. Additionally, you can utilize Aischedul to assist in this direction.

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