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How to change folder icon mac?

    The storage of your files is crucial, and so are the tools you employ to keep them in order. While naming your files so you can easily locate the item you’re looking for is the primary process, a visual approach to identifying what you need will improve your efficiency. Making the folder’s icon an image is a great way to find what you’re looking for in a single glance.
    The color of those folders could be an additional alternative. The icons for folders help distinguish from the directory’s content, and using a different color can help categorize the folder according to type, such as movies, music, photographs, etc. If you combine them, the possibilities are endless.

    It is a straightforward action you can perform using your Mac to alter the appearance that appears on your Folder icon. Instead of seeing the same blue icons for your folders, You can choose one of your favorites to transform it into your folder’s icon. This makes it much easier to distinguish your folders from one another. Learn how to begin customizing your folder icons.

    How do I Change Folder Icon in the Mac to a Picture

    If you create a brand fresh folder on your Mac, the folder will be automatically displayed as displayed with a blue icon for the file folder. When your computer is cluttered with general file folders, It could take an extended time to locate the correct file. This can be frustrating, particularly if you’re trying to get things done in an urgent situation.

    There are several methods to alter the icon of your folder for your Mac. It is possible to utilize a photo as the icon for your folder. It could be any photo you like, whether you downloaded it from your web browser or captured it using your camera.

    To change the icon for the folder on the Mac to pictures, Follow the steps below:

    Navigate to the Finder and find the image you would like to use for your icon of the folder.

    Double-click on the photo to open it within the Preview application.
    Use the Command + A keys to select the image.

    Once you’ve got the icon colored the way you like, you only need to copy the icon and paste it into the folder’s details window.

    Select Edit, select All, Select Edit, Copy and then Copy on the menu. You may also use the selection tool in Preview to sketch the icon. Then select Edit and Copy.
    Return to the Get Info window you opened to view the folder. Click the icon on the left-hand side for it to be highlighted. After that, copy this new image by selecting Edit > Paste on the menu bar or with the shortcut keyboard Command + V.

    Where can I Find Other Folder Icons?

    Suppose you’re looking to customize folder icons that can change the appearance of your Mac Look at This set includes a broad range of icons in a variety of styles. There are also icons that look like Tesla vehicles and Xbox controls. This is a great option if you need to make your files distinctive.

    Another excellent option is They provide unique icons that emphasize drawing styles. Additionally, you can get colored circles to arrange your folders according to color. They are a great option when you’re looking for various icons.


    With this simple trick, you can begin to organize the folders on your Mac to make it easier to identify the right folder in the event you’re searching for something.

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