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How to Bypass iCloud Activation with IMEI Free

    If you’re using an iPhone device, some situations are more frustrating than being blocked from your phone due to an activation lock for iCloud. Activation locks for iCloud are extremely disappointing for many reasons. Still, some methods can overcome them, especially if you’ve misplaced your iCloud credentials or purchased a second-hand device but need help accessing your login information.

    Another possibility for unlocking the security of your iPhone gadget is to test the iPhone IMEI iCloud open for a cost-free method. Does the procedure allow users to bypass the Activation of iCloud using IMEI without cost? This morning, we’ll review one of many iPhone ways to avoid Activation, using the iPhone IMEI and comparing the results and whether it’s the best option for unlocking issues.

    What exactly is an IMEI Number?

    The IMEI number is a 15-digit identifier that is unique and distinguishes one device from another. An International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is present in all mobile devices, regardless of type or brand. It is a crucial element in the sense that it can be used to unlock locked mobile phones and find phones that are lost while also closing the mobile device that has been taken.

    How to Avoid IMEI Bypass

    For starters to begin first, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a specific serial number allocated to each mobile device.

    You’ll have to know the device’s IMEI number before we discuss unlocking your device without paying anything.

    In the past, International Mobile Equipment Identity, abbreviated IMEI, is a 15-digit code used to identify every mobile device. An individual device’s identifier will be a unique number. So, every device is equipped with the same IMEI, and the device’s code cannot be altered.

    Due to its utility for locating lost gadgets, accessing locked phones, and helping to prevent the use by unauthorized persons of stolen devices, It is an essential option for smartphones of today.

    As it’s unique, iCloud’s activation page could be rerouted using the iPhone’s IMEI.

    How to find the IMEI number on the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

    Once we have a clear understanding of the meaning of the IMEI number means. It’s important we know what IMEI activation locks function in determining it, where to look for the number, and how to utilize it to unlock iCloud. In this article, we offer you three ways to assist in identifying the correct number.

    Method 1: Get IMEI Number in Information on Information

    Your device’s About area has all the data you wish to collect. The IMEI number is listed in the About section. Therefore, before learning to use IMEI free for iCloud Activation using the IMEI number, you must find the right number.

    In the Settings app, tap “General” in the Settings app “General” selection. When the General menu opens, click “About,” and you can find the IMEI number.

    Method 2: Use Dial Code *#06#*

    Another option is dialing a phone number. The dial number is *#06#* using your iPhone. The number of IMEI codes will show on your screen. If your iPhone is inactive, it will show the “i” icon to the bottom right of the screen. When you tap it, an IMEI number will show in the display.

    Method 3: Verify using iTunes

    You can also utilize iTunes to locate the IMEI code of your iPhone. This time, we will use the IMEI iCloud Unlock service on the computer, making it simple for you to use.

    Open iTunes and then connect to your iPhone to it. When iTunes recognizes the device, click on the General tab and then click the Summary tab to view the information. You’ll get the IMEI number below the device’s name or model, generally listed beneath the device’s size.

    Get around iCloud Activation by using IMEI Free.

    It is easy to bypass iCloud activation locks using IMI-free products available in the marketplace. The tools can be simple to utilize regarding IMEI iCloud unlock. All you have to do is input the IMEI number on your device. The remainder will be handled through the program itself. Here are two tools to consider using to eliminate iCloud using IMEI. We will look at the methods to bypass iCloud Activation by IMEI for free in one step.

    Option 1. To bypass iCloud Activation by using IMEI for free via iFinder 2020

    It is possible to use iFinder 2020 to iCloud IMEI unlock for free. You only have to update your device with the most recent version, fix the battery, and open the iPhone and numerous other functions connected to your device. Before you can use this application, install it on your computer. After that, follow these directions to disable iCloud Activation using a Free IMEI.

    1. Step 1. Launch the program and sign in with the user ID and your password (if you’ve used data backup servers, the customer ID and password are included in the download software).

    2. Choose the Unlock iCloud option. Enter the iPhone model’s IMEI number or serial number and your operating system. Select the Start button.

    3. Select The Unlock Now option and hold for five minutes or more.

    4. iFinder 2020 will give you an Apple ID and password to unlock the device.

    How do I get the iCloud Activation bypass software using IMEI Free?

    It is possible to download the software Bypass iCloud Activation with the iMei Free tool in various ways. Via Mega or Mediafire; however, if you prefer to do it easily without a survey, you must connect to one of the online dedicated servers. This will ensure a speedy download of the application, but it depends on your internet connection.

    To prevent issues with the downloading process, it’s recommended to specify the operating system running on your system. In this way, you can access the installation file of the Windows, Linux, or Mac application, depending on the computer you use.

    Access keys are essential to remove the lock from iCloud using iMei; however, this key and the program are available for free.

    Contact the previous Owner to delete the device from iCloud.

    If the former Owner has not been in contact with you, but you do have their contact details and contact information, you may ask them to uninstall the device they purchased from iCloud. It is possible to do this at a distance using these steps:

    Step 1: Log in to the iCloud site using your Apple ID and passcode.

    Step 2: Click the “Find My” button and choose the device in the “All Devices” menu.

    Step 3: Under the list of options available, select “Erase Device” and follow the steps for erasing the settings and data on the device.

    Step 4. Select “Remove the Account”. After that, you’ll be able to set up your device. You can carry on using the device as usual.

    To bypass iCloud’s Activation Lock, you must have a password using the DNS

    Another way to get around the iCloud activation lock is to use DNS. This method is free and tricks your device into believing that it’s not locked by connecting your device to the internet by using a unique DNS. Once you have bypassed the iCloud Activation Lock, you have access to your device over WiFi but not have access to all features and apps. You can follow the steps below to get started.

    Step 1: Launch the app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Select your country, language, and.

    Step 2: Once you’ve completed the steps, you’ll be taken to the WiFi Settings screen. If you cannot find an “i” icon behind your WiFi network, click the HOME button to choose “More WiFi Settings.”

    iCloud DNS bypass

    Step 3: Ensure you are sure your iPhone isn’t connected to any network. If it’s always connecting to the network automatically, you need to click the “i” logo and select “Forget This Network.”

    4. To customize the DNS details, Click the “I “i” icon. You can select one or more of the IP addresses listed below:

    US/North America:



    Other regions:

    Step 5: Tap the icon on the left side of the screen. Then, choose the WiFi network you can access and input the WiFi password. Then, the iPhone will be able to jump to the next screen; however, you need to stop by clicking on the “Back” icon.

    Step 6. The lock on iCloud is removed, and you can select the mobile applications, music, videos, cameras, and any other feature you wish to use.

    DoulCi iCloud

    DoulCi iCloud is an additional free iCloud activation bypass tool. It’s simple to use, and you can open access to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in just 20 minutes.

    It can be used on Mac, Windows, and additionally Linux.

    The tutorial is detailed on their website. You can easily go through them.

    The program is compatible with the full iOS versions and every iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch model.

    Unlock iCloud Remover

    Foneazy Unlockit iCloud Remover provides a perfect way to unlock your device from many difficult circumstances, including getting stuck within the iCloud Activation Lock or being connected to an earlier owner who cannot access the service or is locked out. The powerful iCloud remover uses the dependable checkm8 vulnerability and demands the user to execute a jailbreak before Activation. It also simplifies the process by using checkra1n and ensuring an effortless unlocking process.

    With the Unlockit iCloud Remover tool, bypass Activation Lock and lock To Owner locks on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, running from iOS 12 through iOS 16.6. It is necessary to jailbreak your iDevice and put it into DFU mode to remove iCloud.

    Gadget Broad

    Gadget Wide is also a highly suggested tool for removing the activation lock. It’s used worldwide and has a comprehensive online manual that helps users unlock iCloud quickly.

    The software is free; you can use it with no restrictions. Limitations or advertisements.

    Gadget Wide runs fast, and everybody can utilize it any time they’d like.

    The greatest thing is that the software can be utilized with any device, from iPhone 4 to iPhone X on the platform, starting from iOS 7 up to iOS 11.

    Do you know of a way to unblock the iPhone Activation Lock?

    There is. A few online platforms offer no-cost unlocking solutions to iPhones or iPads. However, these free services could not be the safest and most secure as they can scam you out of money or provide inadequate unlocking solutions. In addition, some may cause your device to become a brick.

    How do I eliminate iCloud Activation Lock online without using a computer?

    YES, you can. If you can remember the details of your Apple username and password, you can turn off Find My iPhone remotely from any other device. You must launch your Find My app on another iPhone or iPad and log in using the Apple account and passcode. After that, you need to tap the device to disable the Find My iPhone feature, go to the bottom of the screen, locate the device you want to erase, and then tap it. After that, Tap Remove This Device and select Remove.


    Use these techniques to see whether you can overcome your iCloud unlocking lock. Alternatively, you could call your device’s user and request permission to open the lock on iCloud. If you’ve got all the documents for transfer, you could contact an Apple Store and ask them to allow you access to the iCloud lock of the device. If you find this post useful, please share it with your friends and like our Facebook page. Please keep checking our site for more tips and tutorials.

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