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How To Automatically Translate Whatsapp Messages

    WhatsApp is an application that has a global reach, which makes it possible to cross a language barrier while communicating with your buddies.

    Even though WhatsApp does not have an officially available translation feature within the app, some methods have been proven to work for users to automatically translate messages without spending too much time with the subject.

    The most efficient method of translation of the contents of a WhatsApp message is to use Gboard. When you download Gboard on the Play Store, You can utilize it to translate messages quickly and easily. A more straightforward method of translating WhatsApp messages is with Google Translate.

    Suppose you are talking to a person when you do not speak a language that is common to both of you and might not be able to understand the other. As described in this article, you should learn the most efficient methods of transcribing WhatsApp messages without spending a long time.

    Does WhatsApp automatically translate texts?

    Unlike other apps, WhatsApp does not have an automatic translation function.

    That means WhatsApp doesn’t automatically translate text messages or chats stored in the app.

    It is necessary to utilize external translation tools or services if you receive messages in a language you need to become more familiar with since WhatsApp cannot automatically translate that message.

    How do you translate messages from WhatsApp? Utilizing the Google Translate App?

    Using a translation application like Google Translate is the most fundamental method of translating the contents of your WhatsApp messages. It could be better when you have many chat messages or other conversations you need to translate. It’s because it is necessary to duplicate every message into the application, which could be problematic.

    But you can utilize it to translate a couple of messages at times. This is how.

    Step 1: Download The Google Translate app from the Play Store or App Store. There is an alternative to using another translation application that you prefer.

    Step 2. Open the WhatsApp chat that contains the message you wish to translate. The message should be copied to translate.

    Step 3: Launch Step 3: Open the Google Translate app on your smartphone. Pick the language in which the copied text is written, and then select the language you wish to translate the text into.

    Step 4: Then copy the texted text in the box. Then, you will see your translated text in the language you chose.

    Repeat the procedure to translate all messages that you’d like to translate.

    How can I Automatically Translate WhatsApp Messages?

    Although WhatsApp has no built-in automatic translation feature, there are several ways to translate messages automatically. This article will go over every method below, one at a time.

    Quick Response

    For automatic translation of WhatsApp messages, go through these instructions:

    • Start the Gboard application, and choose ENABLE in the Settings.
    • The Gboard toggle is turned on within the Settings for the Keyboard.
    • Start WhatsApp and open the chat that you wish to access.
    • Press the Google Translate icon on the Keyboard and select a language.
    • Enter the text you want to translate to translate it into the text box instantly.


    Gboard, an app that is widely that is widely used, effectively converts WhatsApp messages for Android. Take these steps for information on how to auto-translate messages via this app.

    • Download the Gboard application on the Google Play Store. Play Store.
    • Start the Gboard application and then tap ENABLE in the Settings.
    • After that, switch off the switch for Gboard from the list of Keyboards and the standard menu.
    • Click OK in the pop-up menu to confirm the operation.
    • Launch the WhatsApp application and open the chat you want to join.
    • Click on the Google Translate icon from the upper right corner of your Keyboard.
    • Then, choose the language you would like to translate.
    • Enter the desired text you wish to translate. The text will then be translated into the desired language and appear in the text box.

    Utilize Live Translate on Google Pixel to translate WhatsApp Chat.

    Google offers the Live Translate feature that translates everything on the screen. It can even translate your WhatsApp conversations to the Google Pixel phone. How to utilize it:

    • Set Live Translate as a Settings > System > Live Translation feature.
    • Reconnect to the WhatsApp chat you’d like to translate once enabled.
    • A pill that has been translated will be displayed at the top side of your screen.
    • Click the pill to translate to the screen instantly.

    The most significant benefit of this option is that it appears only if it finds foreign content on the screen. It can be frustrating, and if you consider yourself one of them, follow our next tip.

    Features that are advanced of WhatsApp Translator

    WhatsApp Translator provides several advanced features that are helpful in specific scenarios. Here are a few examples of the features that you may consider helpful:

    • Translate messages that were already received: If you’d like to translate an email that has been already delivered, you may accomplish this simply by selecting the message you want to translate and clicking on the “Translate” option that appears. This can be particularly useful when you must understand the significance of a message delivered in a language you do not understand.
    • Download offline translation packages. Suppose you’re planning to travel to a place that doesn’t have a native language. In that case, it is possible to download offline translation packs to ensure that you can utilize WhatsApp Translator even if you do not have internet access. To download an offline translation pack, log into WhatsApp’s “Translation” settings, select”Download,” and then select the “Download offline translation package” option.
    • Utilize the shortcut for translation: If you are constantly making translations of messages, then you can use the shortcut to translate messages quickly without the need to change the “Translation” setting. To utilize the shortcut, press and hold your “Send” button, then choose”Translate” “Translate” option.

    Common troubleshooting issues

    However, even with good intentions, difficulties may arise while using WhatsApp Translator. There are many typical issues that you may face and the best way to fix them.

    Incorrect translations: If you’re getting translations that must be more precise, it could be due to several reasons. The likely reason is that the message was initially written confusingly for the machine to comprehend. If this is the case, you can formulate the text more clearly and observe if this can help. Another option is that the language used for translation must be correctly set. To correct this issue, go to the “Translation” settings in the chat and verify that the appropriate language has been selected.

    Trouble selecting the correct Language: If you’re having difficulties selecting the correct languages under the “Translation” Settings, It may be because of a bug in the application. To fix this issue, attempt closing and then reopening the application or restarting your device. If you are still having issues, you can try installing WhatsApp.

    It’s unavailable in all languages: WhatsApp Translator currently supports various languages, but some languages must be available. Utilizing an alternative translation application or service is necessary when you want to translate messages to an unsupported language.


    If you’d like to keep the latest news with your buddies on WhatsApp, the language barrier should not pose a problem.

    It is possible to use several apps that translate messages into any language. If you are looking for automatic translation software for WhatsApp, This guide presents two trustworthy instruments.

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