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how to automatically delete junk mail on iphone

    Gmail is Google’s robust and free mail client, which many people depend on for their daily and emergency communications requirements. One of the great advantages of Gmail is that, as an internet-based program, Google can continuously roll out new features and enhance the app’s functionality. This means that the app can improve and become more efficient as existing features are improved, and new features are added. For instance, in the early days of Gmail, it did not offer the user many options regarding the deletion of multiple emails. All deletions had to be completed manually since there were no options for sorting emails or marking them as they weren’t visible on the primary page of an archive.

    Thankfully, this is not the case anymore and in the present day, cleaning out your inbox with Gmail is easy. It is still necessary to attend to certain folders on your own, but most of your inbox gets kept in check and cleaned up through Gmail. In this post, I’ll demonstrate the most effective methods to handle large amounts of mail and how to eliminate every junk mail.

    Why Delete Junk Mails?

    Junk or unrequested mail builds over time in Your Gmail account and could eat up space. It also increases the threat of cyber-security threats. Hackers utilize junk emails to access sensitive data and install malware on the device. Keep your email inbox tidy and get back storage space by automating the deletion of junk or spam mail.

    If you are experiencing issues with email and notice that it isn’t synching well, your mailbox is likely containing an abundance of messages. A larger mailbox usually results in a lack of capacity on your server. For instance, you can get 15GB of storage space in Google Drive, but when it gets overloaded with email and other files, it starts to show storage errors.

    Why am I Receiving Spam Emails?

    You may be being sent Spam emails because you have signed up for any advertising or money laundering firm or your email address was obtained from spammy websites that distributed emails to promote their products. In either case, you are receiving emails from spammers, and now you need solutions to stop receiving these emails shortly. We will show you how to eliminate spam messages in Gmail.

    How do I clear my junk mail?

    There are a variety of ways to eliminate your junk mail. One option is to open your email settings and remove the checkbox that states “display images in emails.” That will prevent your email from downloading images automatically. Images are commonly employed in spam messages to see if the email was opened.

    How To Get Rid Of Spam Emails On Gmail Using Filters

    Filters are a beneficial feature and are the best option to be relied on to block spam messages. The benefit is that any message that meets the search criteria is automatically deleted without having to do any manual work. You don’t need to go through the spam folder often, as removing such emails is an unnecessary time-waster. If you’re looking for a way to remove spam automatically from Gmail by using filters, here’s an easy step-by-step procedure using your browser.

    1. Log into Google mail with your favorite Internet browser and select the gear symbol at the upper right corner of the email listing to launch Settings. Choose “See the entire settings.”
    2. Choose “Filter and Blocked Addresses” to access the filter’s settings. After that, select “Create an entirely new filter.”
    3. When the window pops up, which appears in the pop-up window, in the pop-up window that appears, type “in spam” into the space that appears near “Has these words.” After that, select “Create Filter” to create the spam filter.
    4. The next window will ask you what rules of junk mail filtering you would like to apply to the unwanted junk mail identified through the filters. Choose “Delete the message” and “Also apply a filter to X similar conversations” to assign the delete feature to junk mail. After that, select “Create filters” to create a filter for email.

    All emails not needed in the spam folder will be removed automatically without wasting your time.

    How to Block Emails on iPhone Mail

    The iPhone has an integrated Mail application. The Mail app has a feature that allows you to delete unwanted mail from your junk mail folder. If you’re using an Apple iCloud email account, the app sends any future mail that comes from the same source directly into the junk folder, so it is unnecessary to go through the messages. This feature isn’t working similarly to other accounts for email that you’ve set up to run within your Mail account, as the accounts adhere to the rules of their email service provider. It is possible to move the items to the trash folder. However, it doesn’t automatically block the email at a later time, like is the case with iCloud. To stop iCloud junk emails on the iPhone, you need to open a junk mail in your Mail application and select”Flag” and then the “Flag” icon. Click “Move to Junk” to move the email to the junk folder.

    Can I get rid of all junk mail in one go?

    There’s no way to remove all junk mail at one time. However, there are methods to limit the quantity of junk mail you receive. One option is to utilize the spam filter to remove spam messages from your email inbox. You can also opt out of mailing lists if you do not wish to receive emails from them.

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